Topwatch links up with WatchBox

Topwatch has formed a partnership with WatchBox and the company is now 'Powered by WatchBox'. The luxury watch company now offers an expanded selection of inventory while leveraging the global WatchBox marketing, operations, technology, and buying capabilities to grow the enterprise in South Africa. 12 Jul 2018

Naartjie Kids signs Engage Brandcraft

Engage Brandcraft, a Cape Town-based branding agency focused on the origination and renovation of brands across logo creation, digital, packaging design and print, has been appointed by Naartjie Kids South Africa as their digital brand strategist. 23 May 2014

Wetherlys go full eCommerce with Realmdigital

Wetherlys furniture stores, of the Ellerines Group, have taken its online website fully eCommerce. 22 Nov 2013

Rocketseed wins DTI

Rocketseed South Africa has concluded an agreement to provide e-mail media and marketing solutions to the DTI. 21 Jun 2013

Foxy Tonic gains Easionline as a client

Foxy Tonic, digital marketing and SEO provider, has gained Easionline - an up and coming online retailer in South Africa - as a new client. 15 Jun 2012