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Adjustments Appropriation Bill sent to President for assent

The National Council of Provinces (NCOP) approved the Adjustments Appropriation Bill during its virtual sitting on Tuesday...

6 Aug 2020

What - a Budget in June?

On 26 February, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni, presented his National Budget to Parliament against a backdrop of weak economic growth, coupled with high unemployment, a sluggish economy and a looming credit ratings downgrade...

By Bernard Sacks 18 Jun 2020

Budget shows treasury is desperately short of ideas to fix South Africa's economic woes

At the core of this year's budget proposals from South Africa's national treasury is the admission that national debt is no longer expected to stabilise...

By Seán Mfundza Muller 28 Feb 2020

#Budget2020 highlights...

"Ex Africa Semper aliquid novi," winning requires hard work, focus, time, patience and resilience. Finance Minister Tito Mboweni delivered his National Budget Speech on 26 February 2020, leaving South African taxpayers pleased by the implementation of tax relief on personal income tax, but disappointing those who indulge in alcoholic beverages and heated tobacco products...

By Virusha Subban, Jana Botha, and Prenisha Govender 27 Feb 2020

#Budget2020: Billions allocated for improved education

Government expenditure on learning will in three years reach R434.2 billion, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni has revealed...

27 Feb 2020

#BudgetSpeech2020: Experts deliver their verdict

Finance Minister, Tito Mboweni's 2020 Budget Speech wasn't as dire as some commentators expected. In fact, it depicted a government that is reform-minded and ready to flex its muscles, which sparked an immediate celebration in the rand and bond markets...

27 Feb 2020

Mboweni's tough juggling act

A raft of tax increases and curtailing the public sector wage bill are just some of the interventions anticipated to be announced by Finance Minister Tito Mboweni when he delivers the 2020 Budget later on today...

26 Feb 2020

How should I tax thee? Let me count the ways

If Finance Minister Tito Mboweni announces significant changes to individual taxes during his Budget Speech on 26 February it could have wide-ranging implications for South Africa's heavily burdened tax base...

By Errol Meyer 24 Feb 2020

Of wishlists and tax incentives

Every year, when I start thinking about the annual Budget Speech, I wonder what is to come. Is this the year that the corporate tax rate will change? Maybe capital gains will finally be 100% taxable? Or something more low key, like an increase in the Securities Transfer Tax?

By Elizabeth Lombaard 24 Feb 2020

#BizFinFocus: Exploring alternative sources of state income

Times are tough for the South African economy and this is further negatively affecting state finances with a significant deficit of several billion rands every month...

By Christian Wiesener 12 Feb 2020

#BizFinFocus: More taxes needed, but there's little wiggle room

The minister of finance, National Treasury and the South African Revenue Services (Sars) are facing a challenging tax revenue environment...

By Patricia Williams 10 Feb 2020

#MTBPS2019: Little growth expected in mining sector

While mining is barely touched on, the Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) anticipates little to no growth in the sector...

31 Oct 2019

#MTBPS2019: Price of NHI goes up by R33bn

The National Health Insurance (NHI) rollout will require an extra R33bn annually from the 2025/26 financial year...

31 Oct 2019

#MTBPS2019: Outlook remains stormy, experts say

Although not unexpected, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni's Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) pulled no punches on the cold hard reality of South Africa's economic woes...

31 Oct 2019

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