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Illegal traders to profit from excise tax increase - tobacco alliance

"Ridiculous" is how the South Africa Tobacco Transformation Alliance has described the 8% increase in the excise charged on tobacco products...

25 Feb 2021

Agriculture on positive growth trajectory, key to economic recovery

In the National Budget Review for 2021, it was revealed that government's recovery plan focuses on raising the economy's long-term growth rate by supporting...

By Unathi Mhlatyana 25 Feb 2021

3 ways the Budget Speech impacts healthcare in SA

From a healthcare perspective, this year's Budget Speech is significant in three key ways...

By Ahmed Banderker 25 Feb 2021

#BudgetSpeech2021: Tax relief, further fiscal consolidation welcomed

Apart from the commitment made to the urgent rollout of the vaccination programme, of comfort to debt-burdened consumers is the announcement...

By Dr Andrew Golding 25 Feb 2021

Above-inflation increase to excise tax troubles SA alcohol industry

Excise tax will be increased by 8%, which will exceed the targeted excise duties for wine, beer and spirits set by Treasury itself, at 11%, 23% and 36% respectively...

25 Feb 2021

#BudgetSpeech2021: Mboweni delivers a few glimmers of optimism, but there are risks

Judging by the reaction of the markets and an initial strengthening of the rand, finance minister Tito Mboweni's budget went down well...

25 Feb 2021

Positive budget welcome news for homeowners and consumers

Finance minister Tito Mboweni presented a "positive budget" under challenging circumstances, perhaps the most challenging over the last 27 years...

By Samuel Seeff 24 Feb 2021

#BudgetSpeech2021: Education to remain a priority in 2021

While education continues to be a priority, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni has announced that government will in the next three years trim expenditure in the learning and culture function...

24 Feb 2021

Excise duties shoot up

Government will increase the excise duties on alcohol and tobacco products by 8%...

24 Feb 2021

The basis of South Africa's annual budgets needs an overhaul. Here's why, and how

Governments in most developing countries use medium-term expenditure frameworks as fiscal policy instruments to match the imperatives of policy, planning and budgeting over the medium-term horizon...

By Matthew Kofi Ocran 23 Feb 2021

#BudgetSpeech2021: Moment for contemplation, followed by a leap of faith

Names of places in South Africa are fascinating. My favourite is a place in the Northern Cape called Stilstaan-en-Afspring. I have never been there but I have often wondered how it got its name...

By Nazrien Kader 23 Feb 2021

#BudgetSpeech2021: South Africa's economic rebound expected to trim budget deficits

South Africa's consolidated fiscal deficit is expected to narrow this year because of an economic rebound, although the long-term trend of higher debt remains unchanged due to Covid-19 and pre-existing spending...

By Vuyani Ndaba 22 Feb 2021

#BudgetSpeech2021: No wealth tax, but more enforcement

Further steps to ensure tax enforcement and collection are more likely to be the message in the upcoming Budget Speech than the introduction of a wealth tax.

18 Feb 2021

#Budget2021: Relief should be prioritised, but where will the funds come from?

Following a year of pandemic and lockdowns, South African employees and companies are looking ahead to the annual Budget Speech on 24 February with a sense of foreboding...

15 Feb 2021

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