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Date: 4 Feb 2016
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Pendoring stays in the Cape
Pendoring stays in the Cape

Following its successful sojourn in the Cape last year, the Pendoring Advertising Awards will again hold its gala awards ceremony in the Mother City.

11 Feb 2013 08:59

Statistics SA and Global Access taking hands - Global Access
Statistics SA and Global Access taking hands

Statistics South Africa, or Stats SA, is the National Statistical Service of South Africa. Its goal is producing timeously, accurate and official demographic, economic and social censuses and surveys. To date, Statistics South Africa has produced three censuses; 1996, 2001 and 2011.

Issued by Global Access 10 Feb 2013 11:47

OgilvyOne launches in SA
OgilvyOne launches in SA

One of the world leaders in direct and digital marketing, OgilvyOne launched in South Africa last week. Distinguished by its thought leadership and expertise in the data and analytics arena, it was voted the number one global customer engagement company in 2012 by the business researcher Forrester.

8 Feb 2013 07:20

Chemory Gunko
Does your digital marketing collateral pass the mobile test?

If you have anything to do with digital marketing, you'll know the powerful impact mobile devices have had on the media.

By Chemory Gunko 8 Feb 2013 05:36

Tami Sussman
Mobility is driving advertising

It is widely acknowledged in the ICT industry that Africa has the second fastest growing mobile market globally. Quite understandably there has been an increase in interest in mobile advertising and the ability to leverage off this high growth and expected demand.

By Tami Sussman 8 Feb 2013 05:16

SANParks increases filming, photography rates
SANParks increases filming, photography rates

The South African National Parks (SANParks) has announced its revised filming and photography rates for 2013, with an average of 10% across the board for all filming and photographic shoots taking place in national parks. The increases are effective immediately in all of its 19 national parks.

8 Feb 2013 07:59

Veli Dlamini
Giving your brand the "cool factor" in 2013 (part I)

There have been many articles written about why brands should engage with the youth on social networks. My article however, aims to establish how brands can capitalise on the culture youth deem as being "cool". I will also touch on the strategies that can help brands leverage this culture to gain the "Cool Factor".

By Veli Dlamini 7 Feb 2013 05:40

Eve Williams
Content innovation - the customer comes first

LONDON, UK / CAPE TOWN, SA: There's often a temptation with content marketing to think about the next big innovation or technology without actually thinking about what it could mean for the customer. It's vital that content is always relevant and empowering to customers regardless of the technology used.

By Eve Williams 7 Feb 2013 06:20

Google enhances AdWords
Google enhances AdWords

MOUNTAIN, VIEW, US: Today Google is upgrading AdWords, by rolling out enhanced campaigns. The company says this is a first step to help you more simply and smartly manage your ad campaigns in today's multi-device world.

7 Feb 2013 05:19

Black & White 'A catwalk' for NIVEA Invisible - FCB Africa
Black & White 'A catwalk' for NIVEA Invisible

NIVEA Invisible for Black & White, the deodorant from Beiersdorf South Africa that keeps black clothes black and white clothes white for longer, rewrote a chapter in its marketing handbook when it took to the catwalk late last year in a bid to boost already high levels of awareness and trial for the product.

Issued by FCB Africa 6 Feb 2013 09:28

Lebo Mukansi
Understanding brands 101

There is a plethora of definitions around what brands are. Here's a simple argument. In olden days, farmers would mark their cattle for identification of their animals. But this mark was not purely used as a physical mark of identification; it also communicated the ownership as well as the quality of the animal. The brand is not just a physical marker, it implies more than what is visible. If the above is still marketing's a simpler version.

By Lebo Mukansi 6 Feb 2013 06:02

Pernod Ricard selects International Business Game winners
Pernod Ricard selects International Business Game winners

Late last week, Pernod Ricard South Africa announced the winners of the International Business Game, a competition targeted at final year and post-grad students.

6 Feb 2013 10:25

New chairperson at DMMA
New chairperson at DMMA

The Digital Media and Marketing Association (DMMA) has announced that Jarred Cinman, MD and one of the founders of Native, will assume the role of chairperson for the DMMA for 2013.

6 Feb 2013 10:04

Capitec and gamification
Capitec and gamification

Gamification is essentially the concept of applying game-design methodologies to non-game scenarios to make them more interactive, engaging and fun. The use of game mechanics like points, badges, leader boards and avatars help improve motivation and learning in more formal type situations.

By Mark Schefermann 5 Feb 2013 07:03

Tatenda Chiweshe
So, you know Gauteng townships?

When people say "That's unfortunate but somebody's got to do it" I have spent the last two months being that 'somebody'. While you were enjoying the holidays, Media Trace was out in the Gauteng townships finding out who is saying what, where, when, how, who often, and about what in the outdoor space.

By Tatenda Chiweshe 5 Feb 2013 08:32

Daryn Smith
Maximum return on Valentine's marketing strategies

One of the first seasonal marketing opportunities of the year is Valentine's Day, and as people around the world look into each other's eyes and express their enduring love, astute marketers have a perpetual annual opportunity to generate revenue for their brands.

By Daryn Smith 5 Feb 2013 05:25

New ad campaign highlights cellphone costs
New ad campaign highlights cellphone costs

A new advertising campaign from Cell C includes a challenge that forms the basis of its advertising and marketing campaign for the first quarter of 2013. (video)

5 Feb 2013 07:21

Gerhard Jacobs
Digital entrepreneurship, how ESP's can help

As the digital marketing sphere expands there are more and more opportunities for out-of-the-box thinkers to grow their online presence. Some of us consider ourselves creative while others might be great at content marketing; whatever your expertise chances are that you've come across some form of digital marketing.

By Gerhard Jacobs 5 Feb 2013 16:20

CMO Council: Mobile marketing's bright spots
CMO Council: Mobile marketing's bright spots

PALO ALTO, US: Unilever, SlimFast, Audi, and are among a growing number of brands embracing Mobile Relationship Marketing (MRM). All four are turning rich media engagement and relevant content into connected experiences that go from web to mobile.

5 Feb 2013 09:00

SA youth survey: TV ads entertaining, but not truthful
SA youth survey: TV ads entertaining, but not truthful

Young South Africans find television ads entertaining, but don't see them as necessarily showcasing products and brands honestly. This is the finding of a recent survey by consumer insights company Pondering Panda, which polled the opinion of 1924 respondents between 15 and 34, on the topic of advertising on television.

4 Feb 2013 10:26

New Club Med brand campaign in South Africa
New Club Med brand campaign in South Africa

Developed in collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi and the Duke Agency in France, Club Méditerranée (Club Med) has announced its new global brand campaign and signature tailored for the South African market - 'Where will your imagination take you?'

4 Feb 2013 08:54

Information exchange viewed by Competition Authorities as reason to ring fence

Commenting on the recent decision by the Competition Authorities in the merger involving Absa and the Private Label Store Card Portfolio of Edcon, Lerisha Naidu, senior association, competition practice, Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr, points out that the Commission views information exchange as potentially anti-competitive.

4 Feb 2013 10:00

Mike Taberner
Regularity and relevance breed loyalty

Regular communication is something every human being desires, this need is hard-coded into us and is something that we cannot do without. Relevant communication is equally import to us human beings - there is nothing worse than dealing with irrelevant communication. Brands that plan their communication strategy have an excellent opportunity to exploit these needs by ensuring regular and relevant communication.

By Mike Taberner 2 Feb 2013 11:00

Walter Pike
So where did FNB mess up?

Quite honestly I am not going to go down the road of criticising FNB for getting involved in either politics or religion with its "You Can Help" campaign. Although on that subject I have to point out that as a global megatrend there is a strong argument that says that corporates need to involve themselves with social issues. Ask Starbucks what it feels to be on the receiving end of not doing so.

By Walter Pike 1 Feb 2013 06:55

Chris Moerdyk
Light at the end of the Telkom tunnel?

Could it be that a glimmer of light has appeared at the end of the Telkom tunnel with the decision to cut its data tariffs? Certainly, this is good news for South African consumers who are still paying far over the relative odds for their internet access.

By Chris Moerdyk 1 Feb 2013 10:36

Sid Peimer
Client service: Five ways to get what you want

Taking a brief is a misnomer. That's as dangerous as taking candy from a stranger (in a long coat). You are sitting in front of the client because he/she wants something. And it's not a Loerie...

By Sid Peimer 1 Feb 2013 07:01

Michele Usher
Responsible marketing: How to make a positive impact

As a marketing manager, you are accountable for your company's marketing activities and budgets and the high level of decision making that comes with the role. Chief executives trust that you will take this responsibility seriously.

By Michele Usher 1 Feb 2013 04:06

[2013 trends] SA's youth trend-o-meter
[2013 trends] SA's youth trend-o-meter

Young South Africa is savvier than ever before. If you are looking for a smart and discerning prosumer, this group of kids, teens and young adults will give you more kicks than you've ever bargained for. They know just what they are looking for from any brand, and this makes them that much more satisfying to please. Here are a few trends to look out for in 2013.

By HDI Youth Marketeers Team 31 Jan 2013 11:30

[2013 trends] Africa's dynamic markets
[2013 trends] Africa's dynamic markets

The year 2013 for most brands, especially the ones coping with saturated markets in developed countries, will be a decisive one. Incorporating Africa into their corporate brand strategy, if they haven't done so, will be the better part of valour, so to speak.

By Obaika Consulting Team 31 Jan 2013 13:20

[2013 trends] Out-of-the-box branding
[2013 trends] Out-of-the-box branding

No, the concepts of "tribalism", "gamification" and "engagement" aren't a promo for the latest computer game, but are in fact the trends that will characterise the way companies and consumers interact in 2013. The branding industry is constantly developing and. while the following trends are evolutions rather than dynamic, short-term changes, we believe there are 10 areas that will define the brandscape over the next year.

By HKLM Exco Team 31 Jan 2013 12:33

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