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Episode 48: Podcasting with Dan Herman and Esther McGeer
Following on our very exciting Bookmark award, a Silver pixel in the category Streaming Services, Dan and Esther discuss the development of the podcast, the journey so far and lessons learned along the way. We also say a happy farewell and ‘thanks for all the fish’ to Dan Herman in this Episode of the Brave Ideas Podcast.
16 May 2017 11:20
Episode 47: Music Marketing in the Digital World with Jake Rubinstein
Our digital world has changed the ‘music’ landscape. Right now there is a lot more music available to audiences than ever before because of digital platforms such as streaming sites and digital audio consumption channels.
5 Apr 2017 13:31
Episode 46: Change Management with Taryn Cohn
Change is hard but change is constant, especially in this #agencylife. Change management is about taking an organisation from one state to another.
22 Mar 2017 14:51
Episode 45: Mass Marketing with Nomsa Ntuli
There are clear distinctions between the global definition of ‘millennials’ and what African millennials can be defined as.
20 Mar 2017 13:39
Episode 44: Predictive Gambling with Yongama Nxiweni
In this episode, Yongama Nxiweni, Conversation Analyst @ Aqua, educates us about how to leverage social listening and research to provide a critical advantage in sports gambling.
22 Feb 2017 10:04
Originality Doesn’t Exist Anymore with Georgia Walsh
Artists and designers battle with the idea that they think that they own their ideas, but that their ideas are mostly references of other ideas so can they really own anything? Often originality of design, and the creativity of artists, is contested by other artists and corporations, delegitimising ideas and feeding people unoriginal outcomes. In this episode we discuss whether originality is the key to success for creators (maybe it’s not) and what does originality even look like anymore?...
9 Feb 2017 09:10
Episode 42: Stop, Drop & Roll with Mike Oelschig
In this episode, we talk to Mike Oelschig, Head of Strategy @ Cerebra about the importance of crisis communication on social media. We explore different types of crises and the potential impact that they can have on brands. We further explore what we, as agencies, can do to mitigate this type of risk for our clients. An informative episode for those looking to better understand how to navigate a crisis.
25 Jan 2017 10:16
Wunderman Day Live 2016: Coming Together
On the 1st of December, we celebrated #wundermanday by inviting representatives from the different Wunderman Companies in South Africa (Aqua, Base2, Cerebra and Applogix) and discussing what it means to 'come together'.
11 Jan 2017 13:34
Episode 41: Looking Within with Batsirai Madzonga
Batsirai Madzonga, Associate Creative Director @ Aqua, talks to us about how it is critical for creatives to get inspiration from their local contexts. He shares with us how the African context has inspired creatives across multiple disciplines including fashion, design, art and marketing. An important and intelligent discussion.
30 Nov 2016 10:22
Episode 40: Content Royalty with Tara Marsh
We talk to Tara Marsh, Global Head of Content @ Wunderman and self-professed content queen, about all things content. A deeply informative conversation with a global leader in content marketing.
17 Nov 2016 08:54
Episode 39: Politics in the Digital Age with Matt Black
Matt Black, senior content strategist @ Aqua, comes on the show to talk about the evolution of political communication in the digital world. We look at the key examples of the US presidential election, Brexit and the political landscape in South Africa, with a view to identifying key lessons for marketers.
3 Nov 2016 09:56
Episode 192: Zero Negative Energy launch with Adidas.
This week we chatted to Brett Burgess, BU Head Training Division at adidas South Africa, about the launch of the Adidas Athletics category and specifically the Z.N.E (zero negative energy) hoodie which was the focus piece of the category’s first range.
20 Oct 2016 13:42
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