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Episode 192: Zero Negative Energy launch with Adidas.
This week we chatted to Brett Burgess, BU Head Training Division at adidas South Africa, about the launch of the Adidas Athletics category and specifically the Z.N.E (zero negative energy) hoodie which was the focus piece of the category’s first range.
20 Oct 2016 13:42
Episode 191: Fortinet discuss online security and the internet of things.
This week we chat to Paul Williams, Country Manager for Fortinet, the number 1 online hardware and software security vendor in Africa. We take a closer look at the rise of cyber security, what companies, IT managers and individuals need to know and where the threats line.
13 Oct 2016 14:12
Episode 37: Influencer Marketing with Lisa Partington
Lisa Partington, Social Media Brand Manager @ Coca-Cola Customer Interaction Centre, joins us on the show to us about how social media influencers can be used to create marketing value for brands.
5 Oct 2016 10:58
Episode 190: Ready to get your team moving with Uber for Business?
This week we chatted to Busi Sizani, Uber for Business Program Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa. We take a closer look at Uber for Business, a ride management platform built for companies big and small. One app for safe, reliable, and easy to expense rides globally.
30 Sep 2016 08:35
Episode 189: Mike Wronski chats the top 5 Social Media platforms in SA.
This week we chatted to Mike Wronski (@mikewronski), Director of Digital Flow, straight from presenting some of his research findings at the Social Medial Landscape Briefing 2016 in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Mike will be discussed the top 5 platforms, how the research results and the latest announcements will impact brand social media planning for FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube....
22 Sep 2016 10:40
Episode 36: The Creative’s Dilemma with Rory Macrobert
In this controversial episode, we talk about the distinction that exists between creative advertising and effective advertising, and what agencies need to do to balance out the pressures of client demands and creative egos. Our conversation explores the challenge of maintaining an artist’s mindset in an environment where clients are expecting advertising that delivers meaningful results, and what can be done to drive a balanced perspective in agencies. We discuss the initiatives that Rory has introduced into Aqua in order to achieve this mindset. An exciting and revealing podcast....
21 Sep 2016 14:20
Episode 188: Shannon Makrill, Co-founder of getTOD.
This week we take a closer at the newly launched getTOD (@getTODSA), a free-to- download mobile application that allows users to connect with tradespeople to meet their particular needs, using location based tracking and reliable supplier availability in real time.
15 Sep 2016 10:28
Episode 187: Richard Beddow, CEO of ClickFX discusses personal Forex transfers.
This we take a closer at the newly launched online personal forex transfer service, ClickFX. One of South Africa’s largest Forex intermediaries ForexPeople, has introduced ClickFX to offer South Africans a simple and cost effective way to transfer Forex online. We were joined by Richard Beddow, Chief Executive Officer of ClickFX to find out more.
8 Sep 2016 13:24
Episode 35: Between Two Worlds with Mpho Maseko
We talk to Mpho Maseko, Chief Marketing Officer at Wunderman South Africa, about the worlds of broadcast marketing and digital/CRM are intersecting to create more meaningful opportunities for brand storytelling. We explore the ways in which brand owners and agencies can come together to meet the needs of changing consumers while evolving their capability to tell authentic stories.
7 Sep 2016 09:44
Episode 186: PR chat with Marcus Brewster and the new on-demand PR service.
This week we take a closer at the current state of Public Relations in south Africa and we have a look at the recently launched marcusbrewster on-demand PR service. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, marcusbrewster is South Africa’s leading public relations agency and is now flipping the PR industry on its head with a new on-demand PR service.
26 Aug 2016 11:36
Episode 185: Online retail with the CTO of Emerce Commerce.
On this weeks episode of BizTakeouts, The Marketing & Media radio show, we take a closer at the current state of ecommerce in south Africa and we have a look at Emerce Commerce (@EmerceCommerce), a leading business-to- business partner in delivering world-class ecommerce solutions for the South African retail and ecommerce industry.
18 Aug 2016 10:03
Episode 184: Oresti Patricios chats about research around The Social Media Landscape briefing 2016
This week we take a closer look at the Social Media Landscape Briefing 2016 – The Definitive annual research briefings about the big platforms relevant to SA by the authorities Arthur Goldstuck and Michal Wronski, by far the biggest social media briefings of the year.
11 Aug 2016 11:00
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