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#Loeries2017: All the Effective Creativity finalists!

Finalists have been announced in the Loeries' Effective Creativity category, sponsored by Woolworths...

14 hours ago

#Loeries2017: A deep dive into YouTube and video advertising (masterclass)

An interview with Lorraine Landon, head of agencies at Google South Africa to find out what one could expect to learn from the Google masterclasses on ‘YouTube: all you need to know for campaign success' and ‘video advertising: what works best when'...

By Jessica Tennant 17 hours ago

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Currie Cup Clips re-ignites fan interest in tournament of legends

As the Currie Cup competes against an array of rugby tournaments for fan attention, a novel new campaign highlights the lighter side of rugby and has been driving renewed interest in the players and the tournament...

Issued by Brand inc 1 day ago

#Loeries2017: Why small agencies fail (masterclass)

An interview with Allon Raiz, founder and CEO of Raizcorp to find out what one could expect to learn from his masterclass on ‘Why small agencies fail'...

By Jessica Tennant 16 hours ago

#Loeries2017: All the TV, film, video and radio communication finalists!

Finalists have been announced in the Loeries' TV, film, video and radio communication categories. The TV, film and video communication category is sponsored by DStv while radio communication is sponsored by Gagasi FM...

4 hours ago

Loeries2017: Building the new creative economy at the speed of thought (masterclass)

An interview with Fort CEO Shukri Toefy to find out what one could expect to learn from his masterclass on ‘Building at the speed of thought: the new creative economy', where he'll be sharing insights into trends and the changing value chain of the new creative economy...

By Jessica Tennant 13 hours ago

#Loeries2017: All the Live Events, Activations, Sponsorships, PR and Media Communication finalists!

Finalists have been announced in the Loeries' Live Events, Activations, Sponsorships, PR and Media Communication categories...

4 hours ago

#Loeries2017: How to be future-fit for cyber challenges (masterclass)

An interview with Johanna McDowell, founder and CEO of IAS on what one will learn from her masterclass on the changing agency/client relationship...

By Jessica Tennant 16 hours ago

#Loeries2017: All the Media Innovation finalists!

Finalists have been announced in the Loeries' Media Innovation category...

4 hours ago

Journalists openly protested against changes to editorial policy

The SABC 8 followed in the footsteps of former public protector Thuli Madonsela on Tuesday when they received an award for bravery.

By Aron Hyman 10 hours ago

#CEMAfrica2017: "Be an experience business or be out of business" - Adobe

CEM Africa attendees were presented with a choice of workshops to attend throughout the two-day summit. Here's why I'm glad I went with the session by James McDonald, solution consultant at Adobe, on how to be an experience-driven business...

By Leigh Andrews 16 hours ago

#Loeries2017: The Business of Comedy (masterclass)

An interview with Donovan Goliath, founder of entertainment company Goliath and Goliath and two years running Loeries Creative Voice, to find out what one could expect to learn from his masterclass, about running a creative business and turning comedic ideas into monetary gains...

By Jessica Tennant 13 hours ago

FCB Cape Town creates dramatic new #SafelyHome commercial

Safely Home, the Western Cape Government's Department of Transport & Public Works' road safety campaign, has released a new hard-hitting TV commercial created by FCB Cape Town and Egg Films...

Issued by FCB Africa 14 hours ago

Publicis Machine creates Stones Pool Table BOT - a clever idea and brilliant business solution

For too long, advertising agencies have been stuck in an advertising silo, working as a supplier on what can be a long, complicated, and costly chain. Briefs are handed over, ideas are exchanged, advertising campaigns are produced...

Issued by Publicis Machine 14 hours ago

Magic828AM - A powerhouse before it hits two years old!

Coming up for its second birthday in October, Magic828am is an advertiser's delight! This station has become a giant. A force. The station to pay close attention to if ever a new station wanted to learn how to thrive...

Issued by The Media Connection 14 hours ago

Exponential, Amnet, Hitch Digital, PHD, Vizeum, race for The Iris House Children's Hospice

Exponential South Africa recently hosted its inaugural Exponential Amazing Race - a challenging event to raise money for children's hospice The Iris House...

Issued by Exponential 14 hours ago

Vote of no confidence - secret ballot voting booths

The ballot boxes used in the secret voting for the motion of no confidence in Parliament last week were designed and made by Resource Design...

Issued by Resource Design 15 hours ago

DigitLab, representing digital innovation at the Loeries

Digitlab's work with SA CAN in creating the TrackBox Emergency Response App has earned them a finalist spot in the Loeries' Digital and Interactive Communication category...

Issued by DigitLab 13 hours ago

Grey Group acquires major stake in Hug Digital

Grey Group has acquired a majority stake in Hug Digital, a leading independent regional digital marketing agency based in the Middle East...

Issued by Grey 14 hours ago

Strictly business, but personal

In the movie The Godfather, Michael Corleone, as played by Al Pacino utters the immortal line to his on-screen brother, “It's not personal, Sonny, it's strictly business.”

By Wynand Smit 11 hours ago

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Cadburys Martian's abducting ATM screens across South Africa

Cadbury's (Mondelez) Martian campaign has landed in South Africa in the last few weeks and it's everywhere, but it's an ‘out-of-this-world' platform that's targeting consumers right at the point of purchase...

Issued by Guerrilla IMC 3 days ago

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Africa news

#CEMAfrica2017: Your employees are always on - now TRUST THEM

Chantel Botha of BrandLove shares why you need to trust your employees to run with their own ideas of the best possible customer experience they can offer at the first day of CEM Africa 2017.

By Leigh Andrews 17 hours ago

Malawi's begins commercial push

Malawian online recruitment startup has moved into a commercial push phase...

By Gabriella Mulligan 19 hours ago

Putting control back in the hands of content creators

Public Vine's cloud-based software gives creators and broadcasters their own platform to promote their content...

19 hours ago

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Women in Marketing Awards open to South African candidates

South African women in marketing can enter the international Women in Marketing Awards, which has identified a global need to celebrate women in marketing, advertising and communications. Deadline for award entry submissions is midnight Monday, 18 September 2017.

1 day ago

The final frontier of the independent agency

The success of South African agencies in Cannes recently is a reflection of the big talent in the country. Taking this talent and the size of the agencies into account and adding the knowledge and professionalism of South African agencies, it would be logical for the country to be a hub for the rest of the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

By Danette Breitenbach 3 days ago

Boost your brand through rapid response

How quickly and effectively marketers respond and adapt to ongoing consumer feedback is the new determinant of brand performance according to a new survey report, released by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council.

3 days ago

The many hats of the successful inventor

The basis of many a great business is a great invention. New product ideas are fairly easy to conceive, but it takes something else to bring it to market. That's why it's so hard to be a successful inventor. It's not just one job.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 11 Aug 2017

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