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The UK pharma industry in a post-Brexit world

Pharmaceutical companies are concerned about the post-Brexit impact on the UK healthcare industry...

2 days ago

New MRI increases productivity at Rondebosch Medical Centre

Morton & Partners continues to expand its patient-centered clinical services at Rondebosch Medical Centre with the installation of its new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine...

1 day ago

Private lab tests in Uganda are costly. But price doesn't equal quality

Laboratory tests are the backbone of clinical care. They are used to screen patients, to diagnose diseases and to manage conditions ranging from anaemia and diabetes to HIV and malaria...

By Timothy Amukele 3 days ago

Health and safety: the recipe for a better logistics industry

Did you know that South Africa has some of the worst road-safety statistics in the world?[i] Accidents hit the economy hard when vehicles have to be repaired or replaced and often goods in transit are destroyed or delayed...

By Morné Stoltz 16 May 2018

Rands and sense: Why the National Health Insurance may lead to better health budgets

About 200m from where I work in Rosebank, Johannesburg, there is a private clinic housing a general practitioner, a team of specialised surgeons, a rehabilitation centre, and state-of-the-art imaging and radiology technology...

By Natasha Salant 16 May 2018

Roundtable proposes a unified, globalised approach to food safety

Unsafe food containing harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites or chemical substances, causes more than 200 diseases worldwide, according to the World Health Organisation...

16 May 2018

When sorry seems to be the hardest word

When things go wrong, appropriate communication with a patient and their relatives is a skill perfected over time. ..

By Donald Dinnie 3 days ago

Immortality: Science fiction or science fact?

Researchers have recently taken high-quality images of the illusive telomerase, the protective 'caps' you find on the end of eukaryotic chromosomes...

Issued by Media Insider 15 May 2018

Kenya's iHub launches Health Meets Tech Application Challenge

Kenyan incubator iHub will hold the Health Meets Tech Application Challenge in June, aimed at creating a platform for health workers to interact with developers from the tech ecosystem to develop innovative e-health solutions...

By Tom Jackson 15 May 2018

Ebola outbreak in DRC: Are we better prepared this time?

It is almost certain that we won't see a repeat of the 2014-16 West African epidemic that claimed 11,000 lives, but healthcare experts need to act swiftly, nonetheless...

By Connor Bamford 14 May 2018

Osteopathy can be used to treat mental health issues related to back pain - new study

Osteopathic manipulative therapy is a drug-free medical approach which uses touch-based massage, manipulation of soft tissue and joints, and spine mobilisation procedures, to diagnose and treat pain related conditions...

By Darren J. Edwards 14 May 2018

High-tech solutions to improve patient care in Africa

Healthcare is getting more high-tech - from electronic medical records and patient self-tracking to informatics and minimally invasive procedures - and nurses are at the forefront of using these innovative solutions to improve patient care in Africa...

11 May 2018

DRC and its neighbours mobilise resources to tackle Ebola outbreak

At least 17 people have died in an outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease in the north-west of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in the town of Bikoro. Ebola is endemic to the country. But the number of deaths in a short period is cause for concern...

By Chikwe Ihekweazu 11 May 2018

Scientists design a novel formula that repels and kills mosquitoes

A significant portion of malaria infections in Africa may be due to people being exposed to mosquito vectors outdoors. This means that current control methods need to be updated to include methods or strategies that protect people all the time and not only when they are inside their homes...

By Walter Focke, Mthokozisi Sibanda & Taneshka Kruger 10 May 2018

Youth urged to create digital solutions to help tackle HIV and Aids

As disruptive technologies continue to emerge in Rwanda and across the African market in general, young innovators have been challenged to create digital innovations that can help tackle health epidemics such as HIV and Aids...

By Athan Tashobya 10 May 2018

We've come up with a TB test that's cheaper, quicker and more accurate

Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease that kills more people due to a bacterial infection than any other disease in the world.

By Bavesh Kana 9 May 2018

Merck Foundation continues training oncologists in Africa to combat emerging cancer crisis

"In 2018, We will continue to enrol more candidates and engage other countries on this programme as we firmly believe this is a vital component of improving the quality and accessibility of cancer care in Africa."

9 May 2018

Making food safety a priority

Understanding the basic principles of food microbiology and safety is vital to preventing contamination of food products and subsequent illness in consumers...

Issued by Enterprises University of Pretoria 9 May 2018

Aspen's new facility to create more jobs

Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies has launched Aspen's R1bn high containment facility that will create over 500 jobs...

8 May 2018

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