Response to HIV needs to change

HIV is the epidemic of our time, with up to 38.8-million people living with the disease worldwide in 2015-2016, and around two-million new cases diagnosed in 2015...

7 hours ago

Solving Africa's healthcare logistics problems with AI

Artifical Intelligence (AI), in the form of IBM Watson, is being used to aid decision making in public health supply chains in developing countries and improve patients' access to life-saving medicines...

3 days ago

Rising rice protein market benefits the pharmaceutical industry

The rice protein market has been positively impacted by the rising consumer awareness about the intake of nutrition-rich food ingredients. The FDA in the U.S. has already implemented several favourable regulations pertaining to a wide range of rice protein applications, which in turn has led toward its high acceptance among consumers in the rice protein market...

3 days ago

#Mandela100: Africa needs leaders who live and exude integrity

Africa's new generation of leaders could learn a thing or two about how to become great, but it takes much more to become an extraordinary leader like Nelson Mandela...

By Rudo Kwaramba-Kayombo 19 Jul 2018

#Mandela100: PinkDrive takes to the road in KZN

To celebrate the life of Madiba, PinkDrive, together with the Revolutionary Motorcycle Club, is carrying out mammograms, pap smears, prostate-specific antigen screening and health education...

19 Jul 2018

New treatment in the works for disfiguring skin disease, vitiligo

In many parts of the world there is great shame and stigma tied to vitiligo, an autoimmune disease of the skin that causes disfiguring white spots, which can appear anywhere on the body...

By John Harris 3 days ago

Survey: Medical aid members have more choice

In the battle for a slice of the private healthcare market, there has been significant growth in the number of medical schemes performing well across all sections of the medical aid spectrum...

18 Jul 2018

Mapping neglected tropical diseases

Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) are a group of communicable diseases that affect more than 1.5-billion people globally, 39% of whom live in Africa...

18 Jul 2018

Poor quality health services are holding back UHC

Inaccurate diagnosis, medication errors, inappropriate or unnecessary treatment, inadequate or unsafe clinical facilities or practices, or providers who lack training prevail in countries of all income levels...

17 Jul 2018

Prostate treatment byproduct could accelerate cancer cell growth

New research out of the United States points to a genetic anomaly in certain men with prostate cancer, which may impact their response to common drugs used to treat the disease...

17 Jul 2018

SA retail sales up by 3% year-on-year

Total South African retail sales for May 2018 grew by 3% year-on-year excluding the effects of inflation, compared to the 3.1% year-on-year growth recorded in May 2017...

16 Jul 2018

Genetic variation in progesterone receptor tied to prematurity risk

A key hormone receptor evolved quickly as our early humans migrated from Africa, producing localised gene changes that may affect modern women's risk of preterm birth...

By Erin Digitale 16 Jul 2018

Cracking the cold chain challenge is key to making vaccines ubiquitous

Over the years vaccines have prevented countless cases of disease and saved millions of lives...

16 Jul 2018

#Mandela100: Mobile HIV clinics hit the road

Shout-It-Now has designed a new community-based HIV screening and immediate ART initiation service that dovetails with the goals and services of the public health system in Gauteng...

13 Jul 2018

Why Cuban doctors in Kenya don't deserve the treatment they're getting

Cuban medical missions abroad are perhaps one of the most significant legacies of the 1959 Cuban Revolution...

By Rich Warner 13 Jul 2018

UCT develops two-hour TB meningitis diagnostic test

A new rapid test that is able to diagnose TB meningitis - a major cause of death in Southern Africa - within two hours is currently undergoing validation to enter the global market...

12 Jul 2018

Cipla Foundation - Sha'p Left wins Vision 2030 Healthcare Award

Cipla Foundation's initiative, Sha'p Left, won the certificate of excellence award in the healthcare category at the recent annual 2018 Vision 2030 awards ceremony...

Issued by Cipla 12 Jul 2018

We must ensure new food retail technologies are pathways - not barriers - to better health

Imagine a world where smart pantries sense when you are running out of your favourite food and order more of it, without you lifting a finger. Where intelligent robots roam your grocery store, ever at your service...

By Kathryn Backholer 11 Jul 2018

Corruption in the Nigerian health sector has many faces. How to fix it

Countries plagued by corruption can attest to the fact that, once it becomes entrenched, it can be found in all sectors of an economy. But in low and middle income countries the health sector is particularly vulnerable...

11 Jul 2018

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