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Sugar tax and its bitter economic aftertaste

The tax on sugary beverages is expected to commence on 1 April 2018. Is it really a measure to promote a healthier lifestyle among South Africans, or is it a ruse to add more money to state coffers?

By Joon Chong and Wesley Grimm 2 days ago

#BestofBiz 2017: Healthcare

Discover the most read content on Bizcommunity's Healthcare site over the past year below...

2 days ago

Report paints a positive picture of health service

South Africans are unlikely to face crippling healthcare bills and have fairly good access to services, suggesting the country is well on the path to providing universal health coverage...

2 days ago

Listeriosis outbreak: What you need to know

Although the food-borne disease, Listeriosis is a serious and sometimes deadly disease, as the 37 fatalities (and over 550 lab-confirmed cases) across the country attest, there are some simple hygiene precautions you can take to help you avoid infection...

13 Dec 2017

Own space on the biggest multi-industry B2B news site in Africa?

Location, location, location - a real estate term used to describe the benefits of a property investment is as relevant in the online media space...

Issued by 3 days ago

Health official organised hitmen to kill Soweto hospital CEO

An official of the Gauteng department of health has been convicted of conspiring to commit murder, Health MEC Gwen Ramokgopa said.

By Penwell Dlamini 3 days ago

Quack, quack: When consumer protection is all noise and no action

On paper the South African legal system provides ample protection for consumers regarding false claims about so-called health products. But in reality, the truth is very different...

11 Dec 2017

Stay healthy on holiday

The majority of us are not as good when it comes to checking whether we have cover for medical emergencies while away, especially when travelling outside of South Africa...

Issued by Bonitas 11 Dec 2017

New treatment of multiple brain tumours

Life Healthcare's new treatment option for multiple brain tumours precisely shapes the radiation beam to the pattern of the patient's cancer...

8 Dec 2017

Latest accreditations of hospitals and clinics from the Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa

A COHSASA accreditation award means the healthcare organisations have entered a rigorous quality improvement programme and have been assessed against, and comply with, standards recognised by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua)...

Issued by COHSASA 8 Dec 2017

#WorldPatientSafetyDay: Playing an active role in treatment

Gone are the days when patients blindly accepted medical professionals' decisions about their care without participating in the process...

8 Dec 2017

10 reasons why medical malpractice is threatening SA healthcare

According to an Econex survey commissioned by the Hospital Association of South Africa (Hasa) in 2015, there were just 60 doctors per 100,000 people in 2013; whereas the world average is 152...

7 Dec 2017

Australia takes GSK, Novartis to court over 'misleading' claims

Drug giants GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis are being taken to court by Australia's consumer watchdog over "false or misleading" claims in the marketing of pain relief products...

7 Dec 2017

Leaps of faith: From cougars to climate change

The rise of the internet and the proliferation of alternative sources of information are potential contributors to a slow-but-steady cultural erosion of public trust in both science and the people who report on it...

6 Dec 2017

Genetic tool that can doom a species under UN review

PARIS - For some, a new cutting-edge technology called gene drive is the silver bullet able to wipe out invasive species decimating island wildlife, and eradicate the malaria-bearing mosquitos...

6 Dec 2017

How to become an medico-legal expert witness

There have been a succession of cases before South African courts lately where expert medical testimony has played a pivotal role...

5 Dec 2017

Netcare employs bots in war against superbugs

To counter the threat of antimicrobial resistance, Netcare is teaming up with robots that seek and destroy viruses and bacteria within minutes...

5 Dec 2017

East African pharmaceutical market set to boom

As East African governments and healthcare providers battle with the burden of diseases, the role of the pharmaceutical market becomes more important...

4 Dec 2017

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Controversial pelvic mesh implants banned in Australia

SYDNEY - Australia has banned the use of pelvic mesh implants citing potential risks to patients, months after a major class action was launched against global healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson over alleged side effects.

1 Dec 2017

Netcare to restructure UK business

Netcare planned to restructure its UK business after buying out minority shareholders, CEO Richard Friedland said on Monday after the private hospital network reported that it had written down the value of its operation in the UK by R5.6bn amid tough trading conditions.

22 Nov 2017

New graduate registered nurses find it hard to get their first job

Becoming a registered nurse is difficult but this is just the first step of the struggle that is going to come. Although there is a clear demand for RNs, according to the American Association Of Colleges Of Nursing, this does not mean that the demand is present everywhere. Getting the very first job is difficult. This is why the following tips will be really helpful.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 15 Nov 2017

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