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MediFin announces its Top Loyalty Doctors for 2017

MediFin Financial Services, a pioneer in the medical finance industry, has awarded their Most Loyal Partners. The awards recognise business partners that display great customer service, strategic alliance, and top affiliate behaviour...

Issued by Medifin Financial Services 6 hours ago

Call for applicants for Digital Health Cape Town's accelerator programme

Designed to foster local ehealth innovation, Digital Health Cape Town (DHCT) has opened applications for its accelerator programme...

13 hours ago

Hospitals groups' chokehold is stifling affordable private healthcare

The big private hospital groups are restraining the growth and development of independent day hospitals by using their resources and muscle...

1 day ago

KZN head of health scapegoated in health system collapse

The head of health in KZN has been suspended by the province's premier, who cites the collapse of the health system in the province as the reason...

1 day ago

The downside of the digital era: Poor lifestyle and stress induced diseases

The so-called fourth industrial has reshaped the way we work and live, but the digital era is also taking a toll on our health...

2 days ago

NHI could mean uncomfortable trade-offs, Davis Tax Committee warns

The government's current proposals for National Health Insurance (NHI) are unlikely to be sustainable unless there is sustained economic growth...

By Tamar Kahn 2 days ago

Lancet pilots paperless patient intake app

Lancet Laboratories has successfully completed pilot testing of the medical form-filling app, LogBox, to introduce paperless patient intake...

3 days ago

Securing a place for South Africa's next generation of doctors

We are launching new medical schools but will we have places for their new graduates?

By Farah Jawitz 3 days ago

Thousands of children benefit from GSK, Just Footprints Foundation partnership

Global healthcare company GSK's longstanding commitment to its partnership with local non-profit organisation The Just Footprints Foundation has resulted in 3662 children having benefited so far by attending camps hosted in different venues in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape...

3 days ago

Diabetes treatment goals still suboptimal

Statistics from the International Diabetes Federation's 2015 update show that the total number of people with diabetes in Africa is expected to increase by 20 million in 2040, bringing the total to 34.2 million diabetic patients on the continent...

Issued by AstraZeneca 3 days ago

Women and diabetes in the spotlight this November

Globally, diabetes is the ninth leading cause of death in women, resulting in 2.1 million deaths each year. Currently, more than 199 million women are living with diabetes...

Issued by Association for Dietetics in South Africa 3 days ago

Modernised community clinic provides improved eye health services

A renovated clinic will assist in the reduction of the cataract backlog at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital...

13 Nov 2017

#AntibioticAwareness: Misuse threatens antimicrobial effectiveness

We are heading for a post-antibiotic era, in which common infections and minor injuries will become untreatable, according World Health Organisation (WHO)...

13 Nov 2017

IUDs lower risk of getting cervical cancer

Women who get intrauterine devices fitted appear to face a dramatically lower risk of getting cervical cancer...

10 Nov 2017

The 'sportification' of natural products

Consumers are tapping into this trend and the South African sports nutrition market is expected to be worth R812.9 million by 2021...

10 Nov 2017

Mitochondrial networks manipulation could aid longevity

New research from Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health indicates that mitochondrial networks manipulation inside cells may increase lifespan and promote health...

10 Nov 2017

#AfricaCom: Rural healthcare and digitalisation

Given the proliferation of mobile devices in Africa, it makes sense that digital tools would alleviate many of the healthcare issues in the out-of-the-way places...

By Nicci Botha 9 Nov 2017

Health honcho does duck

The suspended head of Gauteng Health, who said he would fall on his sword for his role in the Esidimeni tragedy, is now trying his best to avoid testifying at arbitration hearings into the deaths of at least 118 mentally ill patients.

By Katharine Child 9 Nov 2017

SU summit to focus on snake oil and pseudoscience

Snake oil salesmen, charlatans and con-artists have long been known to prey on vulnerable people with health problems...

8 Nov 2017

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New graduate registered nurses find it hard to get their first job

Becoming a registered nurse is difficult but this is just the first step of the struggle that is going to come. Although there is a clear demand for RNs, according to the American Association Of Colleges Of Nursing, this does not mean that the demand is present everywhere. Getting the very first job is difficult. This is why the following tips will be really helpful.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 2 days ago

Huge medical advertising and marketing mistakes too many doctors make

Whenever talking about medical advertising and marketing, the big problems rely on creating an ethical campaign and getting the desired results. This may seem to be really simple, but different mistakes appear because a campaign in this industry needs to be approached from other angles than those we are used to. Let's discuss some common mistakes that appear because of various beliefs that doctors have since that often causes the biggest problems when promoting a clinic or an office.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 23 Oct 2017

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