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Joining hands in fighting HIV, TB and STIs

A R3.6m contribution towards providing health screening to mining communities emphasises the power of partnerships in making the NSP 2017-2022 for HIV, TB and STIs a reality...

1 hour ago

SA needs to rethink its healthcare model

In South Africa, the healthcare expenditure as part of GDP is 8.5%, which is lower than the WHO's global average of 9.95%...

5 hours ago

UCT awarded grant to map human cells

UCT has been awarded a grant for the work of Professor Musa Mhlanga in the Chan Zuckerberg Human Cell Atlas initiative...

1 day ago

All the Accenture Innovation Awards winners!

Accenture and partners - Transunion and The Da Vinci Institute - have announced winners of the Innovation Index 2017...

2 days ago

The traditional vegetable and sweet potato research that's revolutionising the way we build food and nutrition security in Africa

Various agricultural research institutions in Africa are currently carrying out research on orphan crops mainly to improve yields and controlling and lowering disease tolerance....

By Millie Phiri, Sonia Naidoo, Nadia Ibraimo 1 day ago

Diet genocide? 'No, Noakes!'

Controversial scientist and Bantingchampion Tim Noakes is at the centre of a new storm after tweeting that the traditional food pyramid was tantamount to genocide...

By Katharine Child 2 days ago

#LifeEsidimeni: Former Gauteng health MEC Mahlangu visited deadly Cullinan NGOs

A social worker from one of the three Cullinan care facilities responsible for the deaths of at least 25 mental health patients says their lives could have been saved..

By Nelisiwe Msomi & Laura Lopez Gonzalez 2 days ago

Kids are getting fatter

In the last forty years, the number of obese children and adolescents (aged five to 19 years) worldwide has increased tenfold...

3 days ago

Costs push moms into unhealthy food options

The food industry and the government must implement "drastic measures" to curb the rising cost of healthy food, say local nutritionists...

By Dave Chambers 3 days ago

Is your probiotic gluten-free?

As more information about the benefits of probiotic use is becoming increasingly available, Professor Leon Dicks, head of the probiotic and antimicrobial peptide laboratory in the Department of Microbiology at Stellenbosch University, stresses the importance of choosing a probiotic that is gluten-free...

Issued by Cipla 2 days ago

Shyft crowned MTN Business App of the Year

At the 2017 MTN Business App of the Year Awards, which took place on Thursday, 12 October 2017, Shyft was named the overall winner...

13 Oct 2017

Cape Town takes the prize as South Africa's healthiest city

Durbanites eat the least sugar and salt while Cape Town and Johannesburg residents are better at stocking up on fruit and vegetables...

13 Oct 2017

Organisations join forces, launches roadmap to combat zoonotic TB

"Preventing and controlling bovine TB at its animal source is crucial to avoid its transmission to humans, improve food safety and protect the livelihood of many rural communities."

13 Oct 2017

Study: Minimal standards of palliative care needed

The first worldwide estimates of serious, health-related suffering and the resultant need for palliative care and pain relief...

13 Oct 2017

Team up against breast cancer

Amongst cancers affecting females, breast cancer still reduces life expectancy when diagnosed. However, if diagnosed early, it is treatable and survival rates are very good...

Issued by Cipla 13 Oct 2017

#EntrepreneurMonth: Improving HIV/Aids detection rates

The current method of HIV/ Aids detection has a 50% false positive detection rate...

12 Oct 2017

Avian flu may spread via aerosol and droplets

Researchers have identified both airborne infectious droplets and aerosols of avian flu using lab-simulated processing of chickens...

12 Oct 2017

National Nutrition Week: Rethink your drink - choose water!

Clean and clear, refreshing and invigorating, we know instinctively that water is good for us. Yet, many of us have lost touch with water...

Issued by Association for Dietetics in South Africa 12 Oct 2017

Two experimental Ebola vaccines show promise

MIAMI - Two experimental vaccines against the Ebola virus have shown promise...

12 Oct 2017

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The fight against antimicrobial resistance depends on good agricultural practices

To ensure that antimicrobials are used responsibly and in ways that do not threaten public health and food production, a stronger global effort including larger investments and improved surveillance measures are needed, according to FAO Deputy Director-General, Maria Helena Semedo. Semedo was speaking at a United Nations General Assembly side event on antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

26 Sep 2017

Global genetic study involving different populations sheds light on glaucoma

Glaucoma is a group of diseases that damage the eye's optic nerve and results in vision loss and irreversible blindness in some people. The diseases usually occur on their own but when they are caused by other conditions they are known as secondary glaucoma.

By Susan Williams, Michèle Ramsay 4 Sep 2017

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