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[Times Press Ad Challenge] Forcefield is strike proof
Strike season has been looming which can cause serious damages to both the economy and structures. Forcefield glass suggests using their product for protection.
28 Aug 2013 12:00
[Times Press Ad Challenge] Avoid Etolling with Trek Bicycles
E Tolling is making headlines in JHB Trek bicycles suggest you rather take for for a ride.
28 Aug 2013 11:50
[Times Press Ad Challenge] Vodacom's Red Planet
The Mars Expedition made headlines as the rover took a stunning billion pixel photo of the red planet. Vodacom made this ad depicting earth as red planet.
27 Aug 2013 11:41
[Times Press Ad Challenge] Better results with Band Aid
Dirt World Cup took place in June. With Band Aid you will get better results.
27 Aug 2013 11:39
[Times Press Ad Challenge] Get up get better with Band Aid
The 3rd SA Woman reached the summit of Mount Everest in May. Band Aid shows that using their product can get you better and able to carry on.
26 Aug 2013 12:03
[Times Press Ad Challenge] Arrive alive with Mozzie cabs
With talk about the alcohol ad ban making news Mozzie cabs suggest you use their service to get home safely on nights out.
26 Aug 2013 12:00
[Times Press Ad Challenge] Draw your future
Violence against children in society is always a hot topic in newspapers. This pro active charity advert was made to highlight the fight against violence and exposure to children in society.
23 Aug 2013 11:25
[Times Press Ad Challenge] Nutcase Helmets for Zuma
The Rand plummeted to record lows and Zuma denied being responsible. Nutcase Helmets created this clever ad to promote their product.
23 Aug 2013 11:23
[Times Press Ad Challenge] IWISA congrats The Kasier Chiefs
The Kasier Chiefs where congratulated on their win by IWISA Super Maize.
22 Aug 2013 11:13
[Times Press Ad Challenge] Masterlock to keep Gupta secrets
The Gupta lavish wedding ceremony high profile name dropping incident and the controversial Waterkloof Airport landing made news headlines. Masterlock proposed the Gupta s use their product next time to keep their secrets safe.
22 Aug 2013 11:11
[Times Press Ad Challenge] Masterlock cover SAFA
SAFA has been rocked by scandals involving match fixing reported instances of maladministration and mismanagement. Masterlock suggested SAFA use their product to keep their secrets safe.
21 Aug 2013 10:41
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