Mark Schefermann

Strategic Director at Base2
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


My knowledge and enthusiasm for the digital world enables me to think creatively and challenge briefs. My passion is strategy and showing how digital can open new opportunities for clients. Well conceived digital strategies and campaigns will push brands ever forward in the consciousness of their audiences and lead to long lasting adoption, advocacy and allow them to forge individual relationships with their audiences.
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Mark Schefermann
[Marketing & Media] My passion is Strategy, specifically in the digital space, I love technology & gadgets and anything that pushes the traditional marketing boundaries!
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[SXSW Interactive 2014] Creativity. Inspiration. Innovation

AUSTIN, US: Austin Kleon is the author of two influential and best-selling books: "Steal Like An Artist" and "Newspaper Blackout". His third book, "Show Your Work!", was published in March 2014. He was one of the keynote speakers at SXSW Interactive 2014.

By Mark Schefermann 4 Apr 2014

[SXSW Interactive 2014] SXSW highlights - Gary Vaynerchuk

Originally, Gary Vaynerchuk wasn't on the schedule for SXSW 2014, so when I saw that he was the keynote speaker on the first day, I made sure that this was one talk I didn't miss.

By Mark Schefermann 1 Apr 2014

[SXSW Interactive 2014] A constant state of #FOMO

Before coming to SXSW I asked some friends that had been before to give me some tips and advice.

By Mark Schefermann 31 Mar 2014

[SXSW Interactive 2014] Must have apps

As you can imagine, SXSW Interactive attracts "digital natives" from all over the world that essentially wouldn't be able to survive without their mobile apps. Here is my list of top apps for SXSW Interactive 2014...

By Mark Schefermann 7 Mar 2014

[SXSW Interactive 2014] South by Southwest and back

South by Southwest Interactive is one of the largest digital festivals in the world. Anyone who is in the advertising or digital industry should definitely have this event on their bucket list. This is the 21st festival and it takes place from 7-11 March in Austin, Texas. (video)

By Mark Schefermann 5 Mar 2014

Marketing explained by a pink pony

Lately there seems to be a lot of campaigns that haven't managed to get the basics right of marketing. Here is a beautiful case study that sums up those basics that should be implemented for any campaign. (video)

By Mark Schefermann 24 Jul 2013

Springpad, the ultimate research tool?

Don't you just hate that feeling when you can't find that article that you read online a couple of weeks ago or find the link to that awesome digital case study you want to reference. Thanks to Springpad I never have this issue.

By Mark Schefermann 12 Jul 2013

Web design for humans

When it comes to web design, many brands like to believe that they have a very user-centric approach and that they place their consumer's every need at the centre of everything. Sadly, this is very seldom the case.

By Mark Schefermann 26 Jun 2013

Conversion tracking, it just makes sense

Let me start by creating a little scenario that will explain the value of conversion tracking and why every brand should be using it for digital media campaigns. (video)

By Mark Schefermann 21 Jun 2013

2013 and still chasing "Likes"

A sad reality is that in 2013 there are still brands wanting to set Facebook "Likes" as their main objective. The question is not how many "Likes" you have but rather what you do with them and whether they come from relevant "fans" - ultimately brand advocates. (video)

By Mark Schefermann 12 Jun 2013

Listen, learn and "out-care"

Social media provides consumers with a voice, no matter where they are located or who they are - they can now have an opinion and be heard by brands and others that might be listening. (video)

By Mark Schefermann 5 Jun 2013

Capitec and gamification

Gamification is essentially the concept of applying game-design methodologies to non-game scenarios to make them more interactive, engaging and fun. The use of game mechanics like points, badges, leader boards and avatars help improve motivation and learning in more formal type situations.

By Mark Schefermann 5 Feb 2013

The future of mobile voice

What does it meant to live in a digital world? Well, I guess the reality is that our lives are becoming more and more connected. I often wonder how we ever survived without technology, the internet and social media. How did people organise things, how did they share memories and how did they remember people's birthdays and anniversaries?

By Mark Schefermann 26 Jan 2013

Some views on the FNB 'You Can Help' campaign

It all started on 9 January 2013, when FNB created an event on Facebook titled "You Can Help" with not much more information than that. From this initial stage they started seeding the URL and at this point there was only a landing page with the functionality to provide your cellphone number to get a reminder for the live broadcast on 17 January 2013.

By Mark Schefermann 25 Jan 2013

Digital phobia: The fear of new media

At the beginning of the year I attended a strategy workshop. One of the concepts we were taken through was the theory behind why people often don't like trying new things, specifically when it comes to marketing.

By Mark Schefermann 2 Nov 2012

To 'P' or not to 'P"... The new "Ps" of marketing

After studying a B Com Marketing Management at the University of Pretoria for two years, all the lecturers seemed to drill into us were the "4 Ps of Marketing". It appeared that that was all there was to marketing. Later on they started to teach us about the extra "3 Ps" namely "People", "Process" and "Physical Evidence".

By Mark Schefermann 22 Aug 2012

A look at augmented reality (AR)

Before you proceed to read this post, I would highly recommend you download at least one of the apps below. These are the current AR industry leaders.

By Mark Schefermann 17 Jul 2012

Pinterest 101

Today I realised that there are still people in South Africa who haven't heard about Pinterest and have no idea what it's all about. Based on this insight I have compiled this Prezi that is in essence a Pinterest 101. Even though you might think Pinterest has no relevance to your brand or business I would like to challenge this.

By Mark Schefermann 2 Jul 2012

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