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MD at Media Trace
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Tatenda Chiweshe is the CEO of Media Trace, a specialised outdoor media insights company operating across Africa. Contact Tatenda on +27 (0)74 839 7440 or email him on .
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Opportunities in the Zimbabwean OOH advertising environment

I have been visiting Harare over the past year and am always perplexed by the number of new outdoor advertising sites each time. Given that the economy is stagnant and...

By Tatenda Chiweshe 4 Sep 2014

Outdoor media measurement needs paradigm shift

During a recent appearance on Maggs on Media, I stated that the most important foundation for any outdoor media effectiveness is to look at the medium in terms of 'narrow-casting'. After a barrage of emails asking for an explanation, here is how I see it.

By Tatenda Chiweshe 31 Mar 2014

Rains lead to billboard theft

Heavy rains in Gauteng have exacerbated the theft of Soweto's billboards - they're durable and waterproof.

By Tatenda Chiweshe 17 Mar 2014

Rotating your billboards? Think twice!

So the media owner has sold you this seemingly great concept, where you get more reach for the same budget by moving your billboards from site to site every two weeks - nice!

By Tatenda Chiweshe 25 Sep 2013

Looking at OOH as narrow-casting

Outdoor media presents a whole different set of challenges in monitoring your return on investment, as campaigns can be classified as a group of 'narrow-cast' media, with each medium having unique delivery capabilities.

By Tatenda Chiweshe 14 Aug 2013

Gauteng Billboard Landscape Report - 2013

The Gauteng billboard market, the largest in South Africa, is estimated at R540m a year and has a stock level of approximately 3,000 faces.

By Tatenda Chiweshe 10 Jun 2013

Situational outdoor media drives sales

If so many products and services derive a material portion of sales because of their location, why then are they shying away from situational outdoor media?

By Tatenda Chiweshe 16 Apr 2013

The BRICS effect on Africa's OOH industry

While Out of Home Media South Africa (OHMSA) is talking about increasing OOH share of spend from about 4% to 10%, a parallel opportunity is lurking in the wings.

By Tatenda Chiweshe 5 Apr 2013

So, you know Gauteng townships?

When people say "That's unfortunate but somebody's got to do it" I have spent the last two months being that 'somebody'. While you were enjoying the holidays, Media Trace was out in the Gauteng townships finding out who is saying what, where, when, how, who often, and about what in the outdoor space.

By Tatenda Chiweshe 5 Feb 2013

'Politricks' on Joburg township billboards

The battle for township dwellers' political emotions is on. With an estimated 65% of "Johannesburgers" residing in its townships, it looks like political parties could maximise their outdoor media assets by switching from a philosophy of "being seen" to one of "having impact".

By Tatenda Chiweshe 29 Nov 2012

Financial return vs. marketing skill - billboards unpacked

We all know that big guys with big money tend to win bigger, it is no secret that the best way to reap big rewards from billboards in Africa is to start with a battalion of cash. That way you can subsume fledgling enterprises that have great assets but lack volumes to service big brand needs.

By Tatenda Chiweshe 19 Nov 2012

Botswana billboard buying season now open

Last week as I met with several major media buyers in Gaborone presenting Media Trace's Botswana Outsights Report for October 2012, it became clear that October and November is their critical planning and buying season for the next year.

By Tatenda Chiweshe 31 Oct 2012

Namibian billboards - being better

90% of success is just 'pitching up'. Be there and you will be relevant, right? Not in Namibia. The South Africans seem to have taken a rather arrogant view. "We dominate from our strategy and buying power" is how one agency put it. Understandably so; they can show client value without having to get outside of their comfort zones.

By Tatenda Chiweshe 31 Aug 2012

Johannesburg billboard landscape revealed - who is doing what?

Big brands in South Africa are obliged to place a large portion of their outdoor spend in Johannesburg. Although public statistics are scant, there is no doubt that the city is South Africa's most important in terms of population, GDP, consumer spend, international arrivals and almost every other economic indicator that would tickle a media/advertising professional's fancy.

By Tatenda Chiweshe 28 Aug 2012

Outdoor media no longer the stepchild in Africa

Radio, TV, print and digital are simple - they come to you. I can hear a campaign on radio, watch it on TV, read it on print media in the comfort of my own environment and then go to sleep knowing that my brand is in a good space. Why wouldn't I? I heard it four times on radio on my way to work, and only heard my competitor's once. I'm 'killing it' would be an obvious conclusion.

By Tatenda Chiweshe 24 Aug 2012

Outdoor media in Zimbabwe - The First Frontier!

At the risk of over-simplifying the science (and art) that culminates in media placement, one of the guiding principles is positioning around relevant content that is consumed by a predetermined volume of the target market.

By Tatenda Chiweshe 9 Jul 2012

Millions of people, many empty billboards

On a recent audit of billboards in Johannesburg townships (high density, predominantly low to middle income areas) it was surprising how many empty boards are held by dominant players in the market.

By Tatenda Chiweshe 13 Jun 2012

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