Ann Nurock

Africa Partner at Relationship Audits and Management
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


A former CEO of Grey South Africa and President/CEO of Grey Canada, Ann Nurock is now the Africa Partner of Relationship Audits and Management, a global consultancy specialising in the measurement, risk mitigation and optimisation of B2B relationships. Contact details: | Twitter @Annnurock
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#CannesLions2017: The rise of real-time updates with Shazam

Music featured strongly at Cannes Lions 2017. I chatted to Josh Partridge, director for EMEA, LatAm and Canada at Shazam, live in Cannes...

By Ann Nurock 23 Jun 2017

#CannesLions2017: Striving for real brand purpose

A subject very close to my heart is that of purpose-driven brands. One just has to look at companies like Unilever to know that ‘purpose leads to purchase'. However, finding a real brand purpose is not easy...

By Ann Nurock 21 Jun 2017

#CannesLions2017: Mandi Fine on awarding work that truly changes people's lives

I chatted to Mandi Fine, CEO of F/NE and juror for the Cannes Lions Pharma Lions as part of Lions Health, live in Cannes, France...

By Ann Nurock 19 Jun 2017

#OneShow2017: Dream come true for SA's Young Ones Portfolio winners

It was a really exciting night for South Africa at The One Show Young Ones Awards, where for the first time ever, South Africa took home three awards...

By Ann Nurock 10 May 2017

#OneShow2017: Kevin Swanepoel on forming a global community for creative individuals

I chatted to Kevin Swanepoel, CEO of the One Club, ahead of One Show Creative Week, live in New York...

By Ann Nurock 10 May 2017

#OneShow2017: Michael Farmer on fixing the problems in ad agencies

I chatted to Michael Farmer of Farmer & Co, author of the bestseller Madison Avenue Manslaughter and numerous articles on the state of the advertising industry, at the One Club's One Show Educators' Summit, part of their Creative Week...

By Ann Nurock 9 May 2017

#OneShow2017: Ross Chowles on keeping students' attention

I chatted to Ross Chowles, our own South African born and bred ex-creative director of The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town, now an advertising lecturer at Michigan State University, at the One Club's One Show Educators' Summit as part of their Creative Week...

By Ann Nurock 9 May 2017

#DesignIndaba2017: Nedbank inspires clients to see money differently

I had the pleasure of attending Nedbank's official launch of its new brand repositioning during the first day of Design Indaba. The bank's new tagline challenges clients and society to ‘see money differently'. And this it does...

By Ann Nurock 2 Mar 2017

#Loeries2016: The power of partnerships in brand building

I spent some time with Bridget Harpur, brand manager of brand marketing for Volkswagen SA during Loeries® Creative Week™ Durban to discuss the importance of trust and partnerships in building great brands...

By Ann Nurock 24 Aug 2016

#Loeries2016: Ntshingila inducted into the Creative Hall of Fame

Nunu Ntshingila, head of Facebook Africa, has just notched up another success on her career belt, with the announcement at the Loerie Awards that she's being inducted into the Creative Hall of Fame...

By Ann Nurock 21 Aug 2016

#CannesLions2016: Celebrating creativity in business

Ann Nurock spoke with Standard Bank Group's senior manager of brand creative Greig Jerling about the importance and effectiveness of creativity in more than just marketing and branding but also in business as a whole...

By Ann Nurock 29 Jun 2016

#CannesLions2016: The importance of properly packaging award entries

Live from the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, Ann Nurock spoke with Marc Taback, CEO of Initiative Media, about his experience in judging work entered into the Media Lions category and the importance of properly packaging your media award entries so that they resonate with the judges, who often view hundreds of piece of work in a day...

By Ann Nurock 28 Jun 2016

#CannesLions2016: The importance of agency culture

Live from the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, Ann Nurock spoke with FCB Worldwide CEO Carter Murray, about the group's showing at this year's awards. He focused on culture particularly and pointed out that it's much more than a byproduct or a corporate word...

By Ann Nurock 27 Jun 2016

#CannesLions2016: From underdogs to game-changers

When David Droga, possibly the most creatively awarded person in the world takes to the stage, people listen. When accompanied by Kevin Plank, founder and CEO of his client Under Armour at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, people positively flocked to hear their story...

By Ann Nurock 24 Jun 2016

"Why you don't need an innovation department to foster innovation."

If ever there was a title for a talk that didn't live up to its name it was this one by 72andSunny...

By Ann Nurock 23 Jun 2016

#CannesLions2016: Creative collaboration in the mobile world

Ann Nurock at Cannes spoke with Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook VP of Europe, Middle East and Africa, about the need for creative collaboration, especially in the mobile world...

By Ann Nurock 22 Jun 2016

#CannesLions2016: Airbnb's 'connected disruption' model

Brian Chesky cofounder and CEO of Airbnb, kicked off his keynote presentation at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity with the following rather staggering quote: "Tonight in Cannes, 5,100 people are staying at Airbnb and 1.3million people are staying in an Airbnb somewhere in the world..."

By Ann Nurock 21 Jun 2016

#CannesLions2016: Badger and Winters - Women are not objects

In 2011 Madonna Badger, a successful advertising executive lost her three daughters and mother in an Xmas house fire. "I lost everything, but thankfully I did not lose my mind." She says seven years later...

By Ann Nurock 20 Jun 2016

#CannesLions2016: Redefining promotions

Eoin Welsh, chief creative officer at Havas, was part of the Promotion & Activations jury at Cannes Lions 2016. He spoke with Ann Nurock about the quality of work and how South African agencies can improve in this area...

By Ann Nurock 20 Jun 2016

[One Show 2016] TBWA's top tactics

I met with Chris Garbutt, global creative president of TBWA, to talk about the success of TBWA SA at the One Show Awards held in New York City last week..

By Ann Nurock 20 May 2016

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