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Episode 124: The IMC Conference Durban

Date: 27 Feb 2015
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Episode 123: Is Design on the 2015 business agenda with Life is Awesome.

Date: 23 Feb 2015
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Episode 122: The show not to miss: World Wide Web Foundation

Date: 13 Feb 2015
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Six of the best for Brand inc Sport - Brand inc
Six of the best for Brand inc Sport

Sport specialist advertising agency, Brand inc Sport, has secured an incredible number of short listings for the Virgin Active Sport Industry Awards in 2013, including the prestigious sports agency of the Year.

Issued by Brand inc 2 Nov 2012 10:19

Abey Mokgwatsane
The four ways data changes business forever

If anything is about to transform the way marketing works, it's that four-letter word: data. Technological advancements that have made it possible for any brand and business to have authentic, meaningful relationships with consumers makes data all the more powerful and relevant.

By Abey Mokgwatsane 2 Nov 2012 10:00

Marion Scher
Are press releases a thing of the past?

This is a question more and more people are asking me. What should we be looking at in this age of instant news and social media communication? Will tweets be the way to go?

By Marion Scher 2 Nov 2012 08:05

Rolf Akermann
Spot the strategy!

Is creativity clouding the issue...? When I studied at university and at IMM for a marketing manager course, etc it was always a task for students to define the target market and strategy that the brand was following of a particular campaign/commercial. At the risk of sounding like John Farquhar (whom I admire) I find creativity is clouding the issue.

By Rolf Akermann 2 Nov 2012 06:30

Banele Rewo
Five SA brands Charles Darwin would have loved

To add "innovation" in the company's mission and vision statement and not in the mind of the consumer should be a criminal offence. It is indisputable that there is an influx of new brands entering the market probably daily and new ideas are transforming the consumers in just as many days. Although this gives the consumer a universal view of the world, it is this global outlook that gives flat-footed brands a headache and innovative brands an edge. (video)

By Banele Rewo 2 Nov 2012 06:12

Brandbar creates new Medihelp TV commercial

Having just three weeks from brief to flighting meant a new TV commercial relied a lot on teamwork between Medihelp and Brandbar. With production house, Studio Republic, rising to the challenge of shooting and editing nine scenes in a week, the end result met the creative objectives seamlessly.

Issued by Brandbar 1 Nov 2012 12:18

In-Stream delivering impressive results - Sizmek
In-Stream delivering impressive results

MediaMind's benchmarks reveal that users are 20 times more likely to click on In-Stream ads than standard banners. As marketers follow the light and join the swelling ranks of the digital revolution, quality of advertising is assuming a far greater degree of importance.

Issued by Sizmek 1 Nov 2012 12:05

[Biz Takeouts Lineup] 44: Live from The Bookmarks 2012
[Biz Takeouts Lineup] 44: Live from The Bookmarks 2012

Tonight's Biz Takeouts Marketing & Media radio show, will be broadcast live from Artscape in Cape Town to capture all The Bookmarks 2012 action. Tune in to this week's show, streamed live from 7pm-10pm via 2oceansVibe Radio. [twitterfall]

1 Nov 2012 09:37

Hilux heroine takes on Dakar Rally
Hilux heroine takes on Dakar Rally

The new Hilux advert, featuring the suburban miss who takes on a tougher personality when she uses her husband's Hilux to go shopping, has taken on a tougher role, as she takes it up a notch in the new TVC from Draftfcb Johannesburg.

1 Nov 2012 09:08

AMASA party a sell-out success - AMASA
AMASA party a sell-out success

For the first time in its party history, the Advertising Media Association of South Africa (AMASA) has celebrated a sell-out success of its annual event and its all thanks to members of the advertising, marketing and media community.

Issued by AMASA 1 Nov 2012 08:46

Face yoga forms part of new campaign for KFC Milkybar Krusher
Face yoga forms part of new campaign for KFC Milkybar Krusher

On behalf of KFC Milkybar Krusher, Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg has conceptualised 'Face Yoga' for a new campaign.

31 Oct 2012 07:30

Doug Mayne
Primedia Lifestyle future proofing its malls

Current tight market conditions have forced the retail property marketing specialist to be more innovative than ever before to ensure a healthy return on investment for clients.

By Doug Mayne 31 Oct 2012 06:25

Ann Druce
Newsjacking: Hurricane Sandy vs Lance Armstrong

American marketers have drawn criticism for "newsjacking" Hurricane Sandy. American Apparel offered a 20% discount for 36 hours "in case you are bored during the storm" and Sears advertised on Twitter "Did Hurricane Sandy affect your city? Get your generators, air mattresses & more in one place". There are several other examples in a similar vein.

By Ann Druce 31 Oct 2012 05:32

Evolve paint campaign from human.kind
Evolve paint campaign from human.kind

The recent ad campaign for the new product line from Prominent Paints, Evolve, has been created by human.kind. The agency began by developing the product name, as the paint is 100% lead free, contains zero solvents, is 70% organic and has zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), which normally are given off by new coatings and adhesives in the form of in the form of harmful gases.

30 Oct 2012 11:27

Creative Circle results for September 2012
Creative Circle results for September 2012

The Creative Circle Ad of the Month results for September 2012 have been announced, and chairperson for the advertising judging panel that month, Jonathan Beggs, has commented that, "it was a predictably quiet month after the Loeries rush, with not a huge amount of entries overall but there was some really enjoyable work."

30 Oct 2012 09:18

Tinyiko Maswanganye
This is an era of advertising evolution

Advertising has changed. The consumers have changed. The audience preferences have changed, too. The most remarkable change has been the shift by brands to direct the attention to the majority.

By Tinyiko Maswanganye 30 Oct 2012 07:31

Oliewenhuis Art Museum hosts last Loerie exhibition of the year
Oliewenhuis Art Museum hosts last Loerie exhibition of the year

The Oliewenhuis Art Museum, in Bloemfontein, will host the final stage of the Loerie Awards Travelling Exhibition from today, 29 October to 2 November 2012.

29 Oct 2012 06:11

Mike Taberner
Commoditised creativity - a dangerous slope

During one of our brainstorming sessions we discussed the topic of clients who don't see the value of the work that is done by agencies. The debate centred for some time on whether or not clients could in fact do what we do. What was missed in the debate is what is missed in any selling situation. That is: If you cannot show the value, then the client is not going to buy it and there is no getting away from this fact. However there is much merit in debating this point.

By Mike Taberner 27 Oct 2012 12:34

Bonnie Ramaila
The 'masterfully erred' TV commercial!

I'm always disturbed when watching a TV commercial and not get the message; this leaves me with a mixed bag of feelings.

By Bonnie Ramaila 27 Oct 2012 08:26

Joe Public appoints Group Commercial Director

Gareth Leck, CEO of Joe Public has announced the appointment of Dave McCullough as Group Commercial Director.

Issued by Joe Public 26 Oct 2012 10:52

34Group thinking ahead - 34
34Group thinking ahead

Mimi Nicklin has been appointed 34Group Strategic Director with a simple remit in mind. Build a world class strategic department with a focus on brilliantly simple consumer and shopper insights that change the way we interact with brands as well as the way we buy them.

Issued by 34 26 Oct 2012 09:18

Mike Jones
Collective success lies in more holistic collaboration

Advances in technology, the increase in connectivity, social media and cloud-computing has enabled a quicker route to collaboration, but are companies taking a holistic enough approach to the concept of 'team' in terms of a more successful project outcome?

By Mike Jones 26 Oct 2012 07:05

Charlie Wannell
The case for tailor-made campaigns

Radio promotions are a lot more than buying a spot schedule on a local radio station. So what is the art of a tailor-made radio campaign?

By Charlie Wannell 26 Oct 2012 06:38

Alcohol advertising ban still a hot debate
Alcohol advertising ban still a hot debate

The advertising industry, civil society, academia and government, earlier this week, deliberated on the issue of banning alcohol advertising in a heated debate held in Johannesburg.

26 Oct 2012 05:33

Stan Katz opens MTN Radio Awards 2013 launch
Stan Katz opens MTN Radio Awards 2013 launch

At the MTN Radio Awards 2013 launch, held in Sandton on 23 October 2012, Stan Katz reportedly got the radio community and advertisers buzzing with his keynote speech by saying that advertisers do not buy radio.

25 Oct 2012 11:58

Giant Films' Ian Gabriel shoots with fashion supermodel Alek Wek - Giant Films
Giant Films' Ian Gabriel shoots with fashion supermodel Alek Wek

Fashion supermodel Alek Wek and Giant Films' director Ian Gabriel together focus on African originals in a new spot for Amarula. The celebrity fashion icon and humanitarian activist loved being in the African bush, working alongside the elephants who, together with Alek, played a central role on the shoot.

Issued by Giant Films 25 Oct 2012 08:40

Fast food ads benefit from newspaper, radio
Fast food ads benefit from newspaper, radio

Ads24's media neutral research survey, Path to Persuasion, revealed that newspapers are an effective media advertising format for the fast food category, alongside television, and at a lower cost.

24 Oct 2012 10:22

Ingrid Louw
Written journalism still a strong value proposition for advertisers

Much has been reported lately about the state of the print media in South Africa, with particular reference to a lack of innovation among newspapers and magazines.

By Ingrid Louw 24 Oct 2012 08:59

Janine Lazarus
Putting your foot into it

Face it. We've all done it at one point or another in our lives: Put our foot squarely into a steaming pile of verbiage - and then prayed in vain that the ground would miraculously open up and devour us whole.

By Janine Lazarus 24 Oct 2012 07:23

Live Biz Takeouts radio broadcast at Bookmarks 2012
Live Biz Takeouts radio broadcast at Bookmarks 2012

Biz Takeouts, Bizcommunity's marketing & media radio show, will be doing its first live outside broadcast on Thursday, 1 November 2012, at The Bookmarks 2012 awards ceremony in Cape Town. This non-profit initiative by the Digital Media & Marketing Association (DMMA) recognises and rewards those who have a made a significant contribution to the digital industry.

23 Oct 2012 12:39

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