Abey Mokgwatsane is CEO of Ogilvy & Mather South Africa (; @OgilvySA). Apart from being one of South Africa's Mail & Guardian top 200 young leaders in 2011, he was voted one of the country's top 25 "game-changers" in The Annual 2012. Mokgwatsane also founding of Young Business for South Africa, Think Tank Initiative and Experiential Industry Association of South Africa. Tel +27 (0)11 709 6600, email and follow @Abeyphonogenic on Twitter.
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[Trends 2015] The year of transformation

The pressure is on the local advertising industry in 2015 with the implementation of the new Triple BEE codes, warns Abey Mokgwatsane, CEO of Ogilvy & Mather South Africa...

By Abey Mokgwatsane 20 Jan 2015 08:20

Ours is an industry defined by creativity and technology

It's that time of the year again, the moment when the key global creative awards season comes to an end and the South African creative awards season begins.

By Abey Mokgwatsane 12 Aug 2013 06:38

[2013 trends] Eyes front and centre

How does your brand break through the clutter? If you're in the business of understanding and catering to the evolution of consumer needs, desires and expectations, look front and centre. Here are my predictions for 2013...

By Abey Mokgwatsane 18 Jan 2013 12:05

The four ways data changes business forever

If anything is about to transform the way marketing works, it's that four-letter word: data. Technological advancements that have made it possible for any brand and business to have authentic, meaningful relationships with consumers makes data all the more powerful and relevant.

By Abey Mokgwatsane 2 Nov 2012 10:00

Ethical and entrepreneurial leadership needed for SA

South Africa needs a new breed of leadership to address the country's challenges and promote a flourishing democracy.

By Abey Mokgwatsane 9 Jul 2012 11:14

How challenger-brand thinking can be used for entrepreneurship

Recently I had the honour of speaking at Cape Town Entrepreneurship Week on how challenger-brand thinking can be used as a framework for entrepreneurship and some other thoughts. As per my usual style of presentation, it was made up of images that I spoke to, rather than words on slides. So since distributing my presentation won't help, I wrote this summary to share what I spoke about.

By Abey Mokgwatsane 28 Nov 2011 14:22

What does the future agency look like? (part II)

In part I of this series, I looked at how the client environment is changing in the age of technology and parity. Here, in part II, I discuss how agencies will change as a consequence.

By Abey Mokgwatsane 5 Sep 2011 13:17

What will the future agency look like? (part I)

The world is in flux: American politicians have played 'who blinks first' and arrogantly slid the world into economic turmoil; the euro is facing possible collapse; and all indications are that we're heading for another recession before even recovering from the last one. Added to this, technology continues to change the way people interact every day. It is in this context that I ask: "What will the future agency look like?"

By Abey Mokgwatsane 29 Aug 2011 10:45

[2010 trends] Climbing on the brandwagon

For today's brands to survive in tomorrow's world, a revolution of marketing strategy thought is required. What worked yesterday simply won't cut it tomorrow. The risk for brands in today's cluttered market is not that they won't be heard; it is that they will be met with indifference.

By Abey Mokgwatsane 29 Jan 2010 11:57

Running marketing like any other business

Most executives who run small-to-medium size businesses in the marketing industry will tell you that they always feel as if their business is on a knife's edge, characterised by inconsistent revenue streams, ever-changing client lists and high staff turnover, among other perennial problems. You're never entirely sure that you will be around next year. This opinion piece aims to give some guidelines to those among us looking for long-term sustainability and growth within the marketing industry.

By Abey Mokgwatsane 21 Apr 2008 10:32

Web 2.0 to the marketing rescue

On 21 June 2003, Miller Genuine Draft (MGD) was launched into the South African market, a day that has subsequently been named Miller's Eve. The launch night's objective was to create an intense experience for innovators and early adopters in the alcoholic beverage market and without doubt, this is exactly what was achieved - by using a completely innovative launch approach for that time.

By Abey Mokgwatsane 26 Mar 2008 09:03

Crafting and communicating brand promises

Marketers are really good at crafting and communicating brand promises but in the age of the enlightened consumer and fierce competition, it's imperative that they start dedicating more resources to living up to those brand promises.

By Abey Mokgwatsane 11 Jun 2006 13:01

Living your brand promise

Marketers are really good at crafting and communicating brand promises but in the age of the enlightened consumer and fierce competition, it's imperative that they start dedicating more resources to living up to those brand promises.

By Abey Mokgwatsane 14 May 2006 12:03

How not to increase voter turn out

Are you voting in the upcoming local government election? If the 2005 HSRC survey is anything to go by, 60% of you will be exercising your civil duty on 1 March. This figure is a decent margin higher compared to the last two local elections that were 48% and 49% for 2000 and 1995/6 respectively.

By Abey Mokgwatsane 27 Feb 2006 12:49

Getting the message across - without the jargon

Much has been written about experiential marketing and anyone and everyone has taken a shot at defining the territory, its role and the discipline's effectiveness.

By Abey Mokgwatsane 12 Oct 2005 12:46

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