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Social images from Pendoring 2015
Pendoring's 20th Awards ceremony took place at Vodacom World in Midrand on 30 October.
2 Nov 2015 10:52
Pendoring 2015 winners
All the winners from the 2015 Pendoring Awards.
2 Nov 2015 10:29
APEX awards 2015 on the red carpet
Celebrating The Association for Communication and Advertising's ACA 20th year the latest APEX award winners were announced at a gala event held at the Sandton Convention Centre on Monday 20 July 2015.
21 Jul 2015 10:51
Cannes Lions 2015
The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity from 21 - 27 June featured innovative ideas from international speakers and a glittering awards ceremony celebrating the best in advertising and media.
29 Jun 2015 13:03
D&AD 2015 Awards Ceremony
The 53rd D AD Professional Awards presented 847 pencils at the ceremony on 21 May in London. South African agencies took home 13 Wood Pencils four Graphite Pencils and one Yellow Pencil.
22 May 2015 16:56
Merger Party - OFyt and Bletchley Park
The evening celebrated the marriage between Bletchley Park and OFyt to establish one of SA's more formidable creative agencies.
23 Apr 2015 12:18
Delicious playfullness at the #Playwithoreo pop-up cafe launch
On 2 April 2015 the PLAYWITHOREO café opened to the South African public at The Zone Rosebank for a limited period only.
8 Apr 2015 14:05
Levi's celebrates 20 years of doing business in SA
Levi Strauss Co. one of the first multi-national companies to re-enter the South African market following democratic elections in 1994 celebrates 20 years of doing business in the country.
25 Nov 2014 11:37
The Digital Edge Live
Hosted by media personality Jeremy Maggs the annual Nedbank Digital Edge Live conference took place 30 September 2014 at Vodadome Midrand.
2 Oct 2014 10:12
Habari Media's #Tuongee2014
Habari Media's Tuongee 2014 featured hot digital topics by innovators creators and propeller heads alike. Aptly titled 'Back to the Future' the conference delivered on the past present and future of digital.
22 Jul 2014 11:00
On the red carpet AdReview Awards 2014
All the red carpet action from the AdReview Awards 2014 held 22 May 2014 at The Wanderers Club Johannesburg.
23 May 2014 09:55
Nestlé's Chocnology Exhibition
Chocnology is an exhibition of 3D-printed chocolate sculptures designed by 10 of South Africa's hottest creative talent using Android KitKat as inspiration.
13 Nov 2013 10:18
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