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Ads24 Food for Thought 2018
Ads24 hosted its second annual Food for Thought event on Tuesday, 22 May at The Park House of Events on 7 in Johannesburg.
24 May 2018 16:39
Galliova Food and Health Writers' Awards
The winners of the 2017 Galliova Food and Health Writers' Awards were announced at an awards ceremony held at Landtscap in Stellenbosch.
26 Oct 2017 12:43
Winners of the Sunday Times Literary Awards have been announced
Saturday, 24 June 2017 saw the winners of the Sunday Times Literary Awards announced at Tiso Blackstar Group's new office venue at the Hill on Empire in Parktown, Johannesburg. Each winner received a R100,000 prize from the Sunday Times for their contribution to South African literature.
26 Jun 2017 11:06
Sunday Times Generation Next youth survey winners announced
On Thursday, 11 May, the winners of the Sunday Times Generation Next youth survey were announced during an awards ceremony held at the Sandton Convention Centre.
12 May 2017 08:38
Highlights from Loeries® in Lagos, Nigeria
On 24 February 2017, creatives from across the continent to celebrate creativity at the Loeries® in Lagos, Nigeria.
14 Mar 2017 14:25
FM AdFocus Awards 2016 winners announced
Winners of the Financial Mail Adfocus Awards 2016 were announced on 23 November at Room 5, Rivonia. Read more about the awards and winners here.
24 Nov 2016 07:24
Inspiring change at the INMA Global Media Summit
The International News Media Association (INMA) 2016 African Global Media Summit took place at the Vineyard Hotel, Cape Town between 14 and 15 November.
21 Nov 2016 08:22
Food writers praised at Galliova Awards
The winners of the 2016 Galliova Food and Health Writers Awards were announced at an event held at Youngblood in Cape Town on 21 October 2016.
25 Oct 2016 09:23
The MOST Awards winners announced
The MOST Awards saw The MediaShop Johannesburg and DSTV gain top honours. Read more here..
14 Sep 2016 13:02
APEX Awards 2016 - 1818: Lighting Up Moments to Ignite Sales
Smirnoff 1818: How 'Light Up the Moment' transformed a vodka brand to rival the South African beer market. In 2012 Smirnoff 1818 had reached a volume ceiling; trading purely on price within the white spirits category. Brandhouse approached J Walter Thompson to reposition the brand against a shifting South African consumer landscape and expand its potential while sourcing volume from the hugely dominant mainstream beer drinking ritual. An idea was born out of the insight that the brand needed to deeply connect to the hearts and minds of both older, traditional loyalists and a younger, more aspirational set. An idea that harnessed the power and raw appeal of vodka consumed in social occasions. This allowed us to step more provocatively into beer drinking occasions....
8 Jul 2016 12:58
#BizTrends 2015
Some of the brightest minds joined Bizcommunity for the #BizTrends 2015 event at Inner City Ideas Cartel on Thursday, 12 February 2015.
17 Feb 2015 10:32
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