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Founder and Owner of Janine Lazarus Media Consultancy.
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Janine Lazarus is a South African journalist and interviewer of top names in the news, public figures and celebrities. Follow @JanineLazarus on Twitter.
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From attack dog to mentor

Life is a funny thing. But the one thing it has taught me is that the only constant is change. It doesn't come easily to most - not least of all to me. It can be a terrifying prospect, a leap into the unknown, and an utterly overwhelming inevitability...

By Janine Lazarus, Issued by Janine Lazarus Media Consultancy 1 Sep 2017

The art of uncomfortable conversation

The proverbial elephant in the room seems to be taking up more space at each workshop I facilitate, with delegates doing their level best to sidestep and shadow-box around it, or to make it their sole mission to steer clear of unpalatable subject matter...

By Janine Lazarus, Issued by Janine Lazarus Media Consultancy 5 Jul 2017

Fake news in a time of half-truths

Fake news and yellow journalism has undoubtedly become the new norm. From false reports and fake missing friends, to photo-shopped images, government scandals and sensationalism, this scourge has organisations and news outlets fighting for their credibility...

By Janine Lazarus, Issued by Janine Lazarus Media Consultancy 7 Jun 2017

Press conferences: Hard facts or half-truths?

So if adamantly refusing to answer questions from journalists and blaming the media for an unfolding social crisis counts as a press conference, then the whole notion of press briefings is nothing short of a cruel joke...

By Janine Lazarus, Issued by Janine Lazarus Media Consultancy 10 Mar 2017

Brutal honesty has found its place

Recently, I took part in a robust IABC Africa panel debate in Cape Town on communicator readiness for 2020. The thing about discussions like these is that if they are facilitated well, they can spark discussion...

By Janine Lazarus 15 Nov 2016

Adapt or Die (with my apologies to Pieter-Dirk Uys)

It's no easy task to put the crazy trajectory of over three decades in journalism down on paper - let alone to make sense of it all. Save to say that apart from a few well-meaning 'tweaks' here and there, I would have had it no other way...

By Janine Lazarus, Issued by Janine Lazarus Media Consultancy 12 Jul 2016

Karibu Zanzibar!

When the East African paradise of the Spice Islands is the idyllic destination for facilitating a talent management development programme, long days of communications coaching are nothing to complain about...

By Janine Lazarus, Issued by Janine Lazarus Media Consultancy 26 Apr 2016

Breakfast in Beirut

It struck me as I was eating my Shakshoukah for breakfast - a tasty Lebanese twist on our rather dull scrambled eggs - that Lebanon, not unlike South Africa, may boast loudly about its free press, but their newspapers aren't much more than 'viewspapers'...

By Janine Lazarus, Issued by Janine Lazarus Media Consultancy 8 Mar 2016

To hell with complacency!

I am sick of it. Absolutely and utterly done. If one of my compatriots in the media gets charged just one more time with covering only the bad news and doing diddly squat for nation-building, I think I might blow a gasket...

By Janine Lazarus 3 Nov 2015

The predictability of government communicators

Let's face it: Ranting and raving, however injured one might feel, tends to switch people off. All the more so if you hold a position in government...

By Janine Lazarus 15 May 2015

The script of the Western news media

Are African lives worth a whole lot less than the lives of people in other parts of the world? But more to the point, are African journalists doing a better job than their Western peers in covering the continent?...

By Janine Lazarus 4 Feb 2015

Shooting from the lip

This year, I've been invited to shoot from the lip at the IABC Africa Conference which kicks off in Cape Town on Wednesday, 15 October.

By Janine Lazarus 14 Oct 2014

The JSE lends its financial muscle to messaging

With the growing focus on corporate governance and transparency, and with organisational reputation cited as the number one risk to companies, it never fails to amaze me how some people...

By Janine Lazarus, Issued by Janine Lazarus Media Consultancy 10 Jul 2014

Sleazeball marketing... or not?

On the eve before the world's TV cameras will be allowed for the first time into a courtroom to televise the trial of legendary Paralympian Oscar Pistorius, a dubiously innocuous marketing tactic on the part of a Cape Town bakery was called publicly into question.

By Janine Lazarus 4 Mar 2014

Invoking the wrath of the gods

Isn't it astonishing how the closer we get to elections, the closer our politicians become to their ancestors? In fact, judging by the way they are mouthing off in the media, I'm almost convinced that they have a hotline to wherever it is that these all-knowing spirits may gather.

By Janine Lazarus, Issued by Janine Lazarus Media Consultancy 31 Jan 2014

Nudge: A new communications tactic

Set aside, if you can, your grievances around the much-maligned e-toll system, and the indisputable fact that the first month of its roll-out in Gauteng hasn't done much for public buy-in.

By Janine Lazarus, Issued by Janine Lazarus Media Consultancy 15 Jan 2014

Rolling with the punches

While the nation holds its collective breath over Nelson Mandela's tenuous hold onto life, our emotions pitching along with each exhausting medical update, we needed the light relief provided by the political party mudslinging that also took dubious centre stage.

By Janine Lazarus, Issued by Janine Lazarus Media Consultancy 1 Jul 2013

No news is bad news

I recently received a petition calling for the review of the Secrecy Bill. I didn't need to read any further before adding my name - and a strong comment - to the spiraling number of citizens of this country who are entirely against a Bill that threatens fundamental rights like the freedom of speech.

By Janine Lazarus 24 May 2013

From hero to zero

It must be onerous to be clothed in the mantle befitting a public figure with your every move held under question, your every word sliced, diced and bisected, and your every appearance thrown into the harsh glare of the public spotlight.

By Janine Lazarus 18 Feb 2013

Dirty words

I don't know if, like me, you need to abscond from the daily grind of work, traffic, political upheaval and questionable government service delivery with the odd television fix. Maybe your poison falls more along the lines of late afternoon family soapies, the more cerebral documentaries, or even the never-ending slapstick comedy fare that that our state broadcaster churns out like a sausage machine.

By Janine Lazarus 3 Dec 2012

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