Ann Druce

Marketing Strategist | Content Marketer | LinkedIn Strategist
Location:Durban, South Africa


Ann heads up Octarine, a marketing communications and advertising agency, where she focuses on copywriting and marketing strategies for clients in the professional and industrial sectors. Prior to that, Ann spent 15 years in marketing management for major companies including Unilever and Adcock Ingram before joining an ad agency.
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Integrated marketing strategy, Content strategy & development, LinkedIn strategy & execution, Advertising, B2B Marketing
Why podcasts don't belong in content marketing plans

Content marketing is not all about blogs. (In fact, it's not all about digital marketing either, but that's another conversation.) Of course a blog might be a great option for you, but you don't have to stop there.

By Ann Druce 14 Oct 2013

Which type of LinkedIn user are you?

There's no question that social media is gaining momentum as a business tool in South Africa, with LinkedIn undoubtedly still the most popular networking option for individuals. But while membership has increased, not everybody's actually using it.

By Ann Druce 11 May 2013

Make the most of results driven content marketing

South Africans love Google, even more than the rest of the world. 93% of all our internet searches are on Google, and it's every marketer's dream to get their website onto page one.

By Ann Druce 2 Apr 2013

Newsjacking: Hurricane Sandy vs Lance Armstrong

American marketers have drawn criticism for "newsjacking" Hurricane Sandy. American Apparel offered a 20% discount for 36 hours "in case you are bored during the storm" and Sears advertised on Twitter "Did Hurricane Sandy affect your city? Get your generators, air mattresses & more in one place". There are several other examples in a similar vein.

By Ann Druce 31 Oct 2012

Making technical advertising relevant

Open any technical journal and, with a few exceptions, the advertising is dire. The company logo is usually right at the top, highlighting the real problem: the advertiser thinks their ad is all about them.

By Ann Druce 11 Oct 2012

Five simple facts about networking

Networking is not just about showing up and collecting stacks of business cards. Here are five simple facts that will improve your experience and help you achieve results.

By Ann Druce 29 Apr 2010

Aristotle understood networking

Networking has become a buzz word, but it's hardly a new way to market your business. Of course, the fact that it has been around for generations underscores that it does have merit. The only real change is the way in which networking has been formalised.

By Ann Druce 9 Mar 2010

Missed marketing opportunities

I hate it when my car needs a service. It's always a hassle. Do I do without a car for a day, or do I hire one? And funny how the only time I manage to get a loan car from the dealership is when it has really let me down. And a standard service hardly qualifies, does it?

By Ann Druce 18 Aug 2009

Exactly who is reading that magazine?

While the major FMCG companies have the benefit of skilled media planners, many smaller companies, particularly in the industrial, technical and professional sectors, do their own media planning. And there is a whole host of publications selling advertising space without clearly defining their target audience. And since they are staying in business, someone is buying it!

By Ann Druce 9 Apr 2009

Set your camera on high resolution!

I have frequently had clients who want to use their own photography in an ad or a marketing brochure and it often makes a lot of sense. The all-too-frequent problem, however, is that the photos are simply not of an acceptable standard. Now I am not being precious here; I'm not talking artistic standards or photographic composition. I'm not even talking lighting. The issue is resolution.

By Ann Druce 13 Mar 2009

Consistent brand image not just about logos

Any junior brand manager can tell you that it is absolutely essential to maintain a consistent brand image, but sometimes even major brands can get out of synch.

By Ann Druce 27 Feb 2009

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