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Episode 185: Online retail with the CTO of Emerce Commerce.

Date: 18 Aug 2016
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Digital communication is leading channel for customer engagement

From social media to virtual reality and email to chat, digital communication is the leading channel for customer engagement, lead by the millennial generation...

2 days ago

Nigeria government unveils smartphone app for flood prediction

The Nigeria government has launched a smartphone application for flood forecasting, along the Niger and Benue rivers...

3 days ago

#Loeries2016: Creating thumb-stopping creative in the mobile revolution

If you had any doubt about the mobile revolution, you should know this: research shows that the next billion people are going to come online through mobile...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 19 Aug 2016

#Loeries2016: Africa to lead the mobile creative revolution

This year's DStv Seminar of Creativity started off with an inspirational bang, delivered in the form of Sarah Personette, VP global business marketing at Facebook...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 19 Aug 2016

From Mona Lisa to McDonald's: How AR is altering the playing field for savvy brands

In 2011, artist Amir Baradaran shocked and delighted French citizens by creating an augmented reality (AR) app that transformed their beloved Mona Lisa painting...

By Jason Ried 19 Aug 2016

Africa is leading, defining mobile creativity according to Facebook VP of Global Business Marketing

In her keynote address at the Loeries: DStv Seminar of Creativity on 19 August 2016, Sarah Personette, VP of Global Business Marketing Facebook, New York, talked about how Africa is leading and defining mobile creativity...

18 Aug 2016

What opportunities do Pokémon Go and changing OOH behaviour create for business?

You've probably already heard the global stats - Pokémon Go had more active daily users in its first week than Twitter and was grossing $6m+ per day from in-app sales...

By Bruce Burgess 12 Aug 2016

Mobile technology - transforming the face of African business

As Africa becomes more in-tune with mobile technology, companies will be looking at what they can provide for their business operations and local economies...

12 Aug 2016

WorldRemit calls for urgent restoration of money transfers to Nigeria

Hundreds of global remittance companies forced to cease transfers while Western Union, MoneyGram and Ria continue...

10 Aug 2016

Tigo outlines strategic priorities and social investment

Tigo Tanzania showcases transformative financial inclusion, innovative services at the M360 Africa GSMA Conference...

10 Aug 2016

Ozaremit accelerates its development in Africa

A new user interface offering cross border remittances for mobile airtime, bill payment and mobile money transfer will be unveiled by Ozaremit...

9 Aug 2016

'Share the Meal' app fundraises for scholars affected by drought

WFP's Share the Meal app fundraises for school children affected by El Niño drought in Malawi...

5 Aug 2016

Namibian student's cellphone makes calls without airtime

A Namibian high school student has made headlines after he invented a phone that does not need airtime to make calls...

4 Aug 2016

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