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Five product design tips to create a 'wow' experience

Product design is one of the most important factors in the modern market that sets apart successful product launches from the non-successful ones...

By Robin Singh 9 Feb 2017

#DesignMonth: Disrupt your own business before someone else does!

Terry Behan, head of strategic design at Afro Celtic, was one of my favourite speakers at the Spring 2015 version of Business of Design. This #DesignMonth shares how to solve social and commercial challenges with design-thinking...

By Leigh Andrews 2 Feb 2017

Demystifying design thinking

The term “design thinking” has certainly become a buzzword with many people using it and promoting this methodology as an innovative new way of thinking. Whilst it is becoming widely accepted by many corporate companies it is certainly by no means new...

By Dave Nemeth 1 Feb 2017

Design thinking and empathy generation

Empathy generation is pivotal to the design thinking process, and an essential capacity to ensure successful execution across all phases of the design thinking framework.

By Robert Bloom and Katherine Train 13 Jan 2017

Are you making these five logo design blunders?

A logo can be a very useful element for projecting the personality and message of a brand or business. Some of the most recognisable business logos in our world today include McDonalds, Addidas, Mercedes-Benz...

By Charles Mburugu 20 Dec 2016

#TRENDING: Will going 'green' bring hope to 2017?

Louise Marsland unpacks whether Pantone's colour of the year can really make the world a better place in 2017...

By Louise Marsland 13 Dec 2016

Becoming more human-focused in your problem-solving

I am more convinced than ever that the best problem-solvers are those who are passionate about people and keep people at the core of solutions. They have the passion for finding the best solution to enhance people's lives or the environment...

By Helna Brown 2 Dec 2016

Design thinking for youngsters is essential for innovation

Breaking away from a traditional learn-memorise-test approach to education, design thinking is paving the way for inspiring 'out-of-the-box' thinking amongst youngsters...

2 Dec 2016

Design-led or design-mediated?

Design is a powerful management 'thinking and doing' discipline that, according to Eric Herbert, helps people move from a current situation to a preferred situation. This was his definition of design and it still applies today...

By Robert Bloom 22 Nov 2016

Getting to know Design Indaba's creative director - Selly Raby Kane

Design Indaba has been blowing the minds of creatives for the past 21 years. Next year (2017) they'll be taking the awe-inspiring initiatives to the next level with the help of Selly Raby Kane, Design Indaba's very first external creative director...

By Beverley Klein 15 Nov 2016

Harnessing behavioural psychology to enhance user experience

Over the past several years, behavioural psychology has attracted a great deal of interest outside of academic circles...

By Jason Ried 4 Nov 2016

Are you making these product packaging blunders?

The packaging of your product is as important as what you are selling. Having attractive and functional packaging can enhance your brand image and even result in higher sales...

By Charles Mburugu 2 Nov 2016

Essence Festival Durban offers ARTiculate Africa Exhibition

The Essence Festival Durban offers the ARTiculate Africa Exhibition, taking place from 10-11 November at the Durban ICC, with events open to the public from 9am-6pm...

10 Oct 2016

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