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Elections 2024

uMkhonto we Sizwe Exclusive following Jacob Zumas IEC Ruling.

uMkhonto we Sizwe Exclusive following Jacob Zumas IEC Ruling.

Elections 2024

uMkhonto we Sizwe Exclusive following Jacob Zumas IEC Ruling.

uMkhonto we Sizwe Exclusive following Jacob Zumas IEC Ruling.

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    2022 Tabbies open for submissions

    The 2022 Tabbie Awards for print and online publications worldwide is now open and accepting submissions.
    Source: © federico rostagno
    Source: © federico rostagno 123rf

    In its 19th year, the global business to business (B2B) journalism competition gives editors, art directors, and publishers the opportunity to have their best work judged by peers throughout the world. Publications need not have international readership to qualify.

    “Now more than ever, it is critical that we foster programmes like the Tabbies that honour and celebrate the phenomenal work that B2B print and visual journalists continue to produce in spite of today’s many global challenges,” says Trade, Association, and Business Publications International (TABPI) president Paul J. Heney.

    Changing business models

    Heney says that the past two years have prompted many organisations to rethink their business models, including publishing companies that have been restructuring as leaner operations.

    “We know that keeping valuable people on our teams is becoming increasingly difficult, and individual and team recognition is more important than ever.

    “The core mission of the Tabbie Awards is to recognise our professionals who help drive excellence through their talent and commitment to journalistic excellence,” he says.

    Being honoured in an editorial and design competition can serve as a critical marketing tool for publications.

    “Winning showcases your brand’s focus on quality content. I’ve seen many publications successfully leverage their wins in competitions like the Tabbies.

    “They promote the accolades to both readers and advertisers, showing they are a reputable and valuable information source,” he adds.


    The Tabbies competition is open to English-language B2B publications - print and online. Publications are not required to maintain membership in an organisation to participate in the Tabbies.

    The Tabbies editorial division categories are:

    • Best single issue
    • Department
    • Editor's column
    • Feature article
    • Focus/Profile article
    • How-to article
    • Special section
    • Technical article.

    Design categories:

    • Feature design
    • Front cover
    • Digital imagery
    • Front cover
    • Illustration
    • Front cover
    • Photograph
    • Opening page or spread

    The online division specifically recognises two categories:

    • Best B2B website
    • E-newsletters

    The Tabbies special category for Covid-19 coverage, one of last year’s most popular, returns in 2022 for a second time.

    An early-bird fee applies for publications that submit their entries by 15 March 2022. The programme's standard fee applies after that date. Winners will be announced on or about 15 August 2022.

    Find more information and make submissions here

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