TitleCityCompanyRemunerationDate posted
Senior DevOps Specialist
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR1400000 Yearly20 May 10:54
Operations Specialist – Java
PretoriaE-Merge IT RecruitmentR864000 Yearly neg20 May 10:53
Executive Business Relationship Manager -- SCM/Financial Systems
JohannesburgRecruitU09 May 13:01
Software Developer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR450000 Monthly neg25 Jun 12:06
Senior Software Engineer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR600 - R700 Hourly25 Jun 12:05
Intermediate C# Developer
Cape TownE-Merge IT RecruitmentR650000 - R700000 Yearly21 Jun 13:04
Project Manager
JohannesburgBlack Snow GroupR12000 - R20000 Monthly neg20 Jun 07:45
Web Developer
Cape TownTHE SKILLS MINE (PTY) LTD12 Jun 17:21
Data Analyst
Cape TownTHE SKILLS MINE (PTY) LTDR50000 - R60000 Monthly12 Jun 15:44
Mid-Senior PHP Developer
Cape TownLima Bean12 Jun 14:13
IT Infrastructure/Web Hosting Support
Cape TownCape Business Online (Pty) Ltd12 Jun 10:00
Specifications/Statistics Engineer
JohannesburgASC GroupR540000 - R600000 Yearly neg07 Jun 08:39
Social Media and Community Manager
Cape TownWeb SEO10 Jun 11:11
Senior Java Software QA Engineer
Pretoriae-Merge IT RecruitmentR540000 Yearly neg07 Jun 14:23
Mid-Level Mobile Apps Software Engineer
CrestaE-Merge IT RecruitmentR350000 - R500000 Yearly07 Jun 12:22
Senior Java Open Shift Developer
MenlynE-Merge IT RecruitmentR650 - R740 Hourly07 Jun 11:53
Site Reliability Engineers
Johannesburg07 Jun 11:43
Back-End Developer
Sandtone-merge IT RecruitmentR540000 - R500000 Yearly06 Jun 15:19
Front-End Java Developer
Johannesburge-merge IT RecruitmentR750000 - R800000 Yearly06 Jun 14:39
Mid-Level Java Developer
Cape TownE-merge IT RecruitmentR300 - R350 Hourly06 Jun 14:37
Java Developers
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR750000 - R800000 Yearly06 Jun 14:37
Java EE Software Architect
PretoriaE-Merge IT RecruitmentR550 - R600 Hourly06 Jun 14:36
Senior Java Developer
PretoriaE-Merge IT Recruitment06 Jun 14:35
Java Software Engineer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT Recruitment06 Jun 14:33
Developer Engineer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR720000 - R900000 Yearly06 Jun 14:33
Java Developers
Cape TownE-Merge IT Recruitment06 Jun 12:27
Software Engineers
JohannesburgE-Merge IT Recruitment06 Jun 12:27
Intermediate Software Maintenance Developer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR450000 - R500000 Yearly06 Jun 12:12
C++ Software Developer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR500000 - R600000 Yearly06 Jun 12:03
DevOps Developer
Johannesburge-Merge IT RecruitmentR350000 - R800000 Yearly06 Jun 12:02
Java Architect - Innovation
StellenboschE-merge IT Recruitment06 Jun 12:01
Senior Software Engineer
Johannesburge-Merge IT RecruitmentR600 - R700 Hourly06 Jun 10:16
Natural/Adabas Developer
Johannesburge-Merge It Recruitment06 Jun 10:01
Senior Java Back-End Developer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT Recruitment05 Jun 18:10
IT Architect
JohannesbugE-Merge IT RecruitmentR550 - R600 Hourly05 Jun 18:06
Java Developer
Cape TownE-Merge IT Recruitment05 Jun 17:45
Senior Java Developer
Cape Towne-Merge IT RecruitmentR500 Hourly03 Jun 17:17
Data Analyst
Cape TownOgilvy SAR28000 - R30000 Monthly neg03 Jun 08:08
Java Developer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR700000 - R720000 Yearly31 May 13:24
Java Developers
Cape TownE-Merge IT RecruitmentR800000 - R850000 Yearly31 May 13:23
Systems Analysts
Johannesburge-Merge IT RecruitmentR400000 - R500000 Yearly31 May 10:51
Business Analysts
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR550000 Yearly31 May 09:18
Mid/Senior Helpdesk Technician
Cape Town31 May 09:09
Business/Systems Analysts
Johannesburge-Merge IT RecruitmentR700000 Yearly neg30 May 15:55
PHP Developer
PretoriaE-Merge IT RecruitmentR350000 - R480000 Yearly30 May 11:26
Mid-Senior WordPress Web Developer
PretoriaAngelcy Brand Messengers30 May 08:05
Software Developers
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR40000 - R45000 Monthly24 May 14:21
Software Developer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR450000 Monthly neg24 May 14:19
Mid-Senior Developers
Johannesburge-Merge IT RecruitmentR35000 - R55000 Monthly neg23 May 16:55
Java Developers
JohannesburgE-Merge IT Recruitment23 May 16:39
Solution Architects
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR750 - R870 Hourly23 May 16:04
Solution Architects
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR750 - R870 Hourly23 May 15:58
Senior Java Developer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR750000 - R800000 Yearly23 May 14:30
Business Analysts
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR550000 Yearly23 May 14:19
Systems Analyst
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR350 Hourly23 May 14:16
Software Developer C#
Cape TownDigi Outsource15 May 11:53
IT Quality Assurance Tester Team Lead
Cape TownAchievement Awards GroupR35000 - R45000 Monthly neg09 May 13:25
Network Operations Manager
JohannesburgRecruitU09 May 13:25
SAP Master Data Analyst
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR1100000 - R1200000 Yearly07 May 14:38
Business Intelligence Analyst
JohannesburgASC GroupR600000 - R660000 Yearly neg07 May 09:35
E-Commerce Developer
Cape TownMonetise06 May 13:01
Senior Software Developer - C#/Angular
Cape TownE-Merge IT Recruitment06 May 12:06
Digital Art Director
JohannesburgCardilogixR20000 - R30000 Monthly02 May 11:19
Team Lead Developer - Production Support
Cape TownHomeChoice20 Jun 09:33
Senior BI Business Analyst
Cape TownHomeChoice18 Jun 10:06
Senior BI Developer
Cape TownHomeChoice18 Jun 10:05
Product Manager - Credit/Insurance
Johannesburg07 Jun 12:01
Product Manager - Credit Card
Johannesburg07 Jun 11:57
Head of Curriculum/Learning
Cape TownCoGrammar27 May 14:02
Head of Education
Cape TownCoGrammar27 May 14:00
Senior ReactJS Developer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR750000 - R800000 Yearly24 Jun 07:23
Manager Analytics/Insights
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR100000 - R1400000 Yearly24 Jun 07:23
Senior Java Developer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT Recruitment21 Jun 07:39
Senior Data Architect
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR550 - R600 Hourly21 Jun 07:39
Senior Java Software Developer Java
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR850000 - R950000 Yearly21 Jun 07:38
Senior Java Developers
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR750000 - R800000 Yearly20 Jun 16:53
Senior Java Developers
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR800000 - R850000 Yearly20 Jun 16:39
Senior Java Developers
JohannesburgE-merge IT RecruitmentR700000 - R780000 Yearly20 Jun 16:36
Software Engineers
JohannesburgRecruitU14 Jun 07:26
Senior JavaScript Software Engineer
JohannesburgE-Merge IT RecruitmentR750000 - R800000 Yearly13 Jun 15:20

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