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Debunking blockchain and cryptocurrency myths
Debunking blockchain and cryptocurrency mythsArticle

One of the greater barriers to investment and adoption of cryptos and blockchain technology lies within the scepticism that surrounds it...

Sean Sanders 26 Feb 2021

Sean Sanders, founder and CEO, Revix
Are cryptocurrencies the top-performing asset class of the decade or the world's greatest bubble?Article

In the early 1990s, when the internet was still in its infancy, there was some hesitation in adopting this new and unfamiliar technology with limited use in our personal and work lives...

Sean Sanders 11 Feb 2021

5 steps to set yourself up for a VC investment
5 steps to set yourself up for a VC investmentArticle

Most investment proposals sent to VC don't even break through to the decision-making stage...

Sean Sanders 13 Sep 2019

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