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Oceania Cruises to restart operations in August
Oceania Cruises to restart operations in AugustArticle

Oceania Cruises has announced that it will resume cruise operations with the 1,250-guest Marina in August, beginning with sailings to Scandinavia and Western Europe...

29 Apr 2021

Survey: Assessing South Africans' confidence around cruise holidays
Survey: Assessing South Africans' confidence around cruise holidaysArticle

Based on the results of the survey, it would seem that whether they are setting sail or staying on dry land, a significant portion of South Africans intend to keep their holidays local for the time being...

9 Apr 2021

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This could be the end of the line for cruise shipsArticle

The same business model that has enabled the cruise industry to prosper could also spell its demise...

15 Apr 2020

Covid-19: Passenger liner under investigation in Cape Town
Covid-19: Passenger liner under investigation in Cape TownArticle

The Transnet National Ports Authority has confirmed that two vessels in the Port of Cape Town are being held off port limits after a crew member on board one of the vessels began to exhibit symptoms of Covid-19...

18 Mar 2020

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5 reasons why luxury local cruising should be your new favourite way to travelArticle

Cruising has many advantages - over and above unlimited legroom and the joy of only having to unpack once...

20 Feb 2020

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Why cruises could represent the future of domestic travelArticle

The biggest attraction with cruising is its all-inclusive offering...

Ross Volk 5 Feb 2020

South African cruise season opens with a bang
South African cruise season opens with a bangArticle

Forget what you think you know about cruising. Today's cruise liners have turned cruising on its head, offering an experience that suits absolutely everyone...

Natalie Major 22 Nov 2019

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Cruising turns mainstream in AfricaArticle

Rand pricing on the horizon as holidaying from Africa evolves...

Nick Wilkinson 18 Jun 2019

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How cruise travel is winning the hearts of millennialsArticle

It can be tough being a millennial in South Africa. When they aren't trying to pay off their student debt, or providing for other family members, they're having to work long hours for little pay...

12 Jun 2019

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MSC, Fincantieri sign 4 new luxury cruise shipsArticle

As per the terms of the agreement, the first of the four ships will be delivered by Spring 2023. The remaining three will come into service one per year over the following three years through 2026...

15 Mar 2019

Careers on a cruise
Careers on a cruiseArticle

In his role as cruise director of MSC Opera and MSC Sinfonia, Stephen Cloete has been to over 65 countries around the world. He tells Eugene Yiga about his love for life (and work) at sea...

Eugene Yiga 1 Aug 2018

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The travel industry has sparked a backlash against tourists by stressing quantity over qualityArticle

Travel is a major global industry, but in 2017 it attracted unprecedented resentment and retaliation towards tourists...

Carter A. Hunt 4 Jan 2018

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Global cruise industry growing fastArticle

Cruise lines are struggling to cope with increased passenger demand and almost all major cruise lines are commissioning and building new ships...

18 Apr 2016

MSC Cruises leads the fleet
MSC Cruises leads the fleetArticle

The recently published 2015-2016 Cruise Industry News Annual Report declared MSC Cruises the number one cruise line in Europe, including in the Mediterranean.

20 Jul 2015

Bookings open for MSC Meraviglia in June 2015
Bookings open for MSC Meraviglia in June 2015Article

The first steel for MSC Cruises' new Vista generation of megaships was cut at STX France, during a ceremony in Saint-Nazaire, recently...

22 Apr 2015

New UAE multiple-entry visa benefits cruise passengers
New UAE multiple-entry visa benefits cruise passengersArticle

Cruises to The United Arab Emirates have now made easier after recent changes in the UAE's visa system, which mean that, now, cruise passengers are allowed a new multiple-entry tourism permit.

25 Aug 2014

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