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#20Lessons20Years: Lesson 14: Fear of conflict
#20Lessons20Years: Lesson 14: Fear of conflictArticle

In the early years of startups, especially for first-time entrepreneurs, there is a novelty associated with having people work for you for the first time...

Allon Raiz 13 Apr 2021

Managing conflict as an entrepreneur
Managing conflict as an entrepreneurArticle

Though entrepreneurs are different to mainstream business people and small business owners, as with other businesses, they have to learn to deal with conflict.

15 Nov 2016

DVT building strength-based culture with new business coaching service
DVT building strength-based culture with new business coaching serviceArticle

Software and solutions specialist DVT has launched a professional business coaching service in Cape Town focussed on helping technology companies and IT professionals build a strengths-based culture to markedly improve performance, delivery and value...

Issued by DVT 1 Nov 2016

First Comic Contracts introduced to ClemenGold fruit-pickers
First Comic Contracts introduced to ClemenGold fruit-pickersArticle

In an innovative move, Indigo Fruit Growers will be offering their fruit picking employees the world's first Comic Contracts. The aim is to make contracts easier to understand...

14 Jul 2016

Tips on managing your social media profile
Tips on managing your social media profileArticle

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the perfect, immediate channels to reach and connect with friends, family and people with similar interests, but these platforms are also becoming increasingly popular with employers to recruit and monitor staff...

19 Feb 2015

Resolving conflict in the workplace
Resolving conflict in the workplaceArticle

One of the most challenging skills faced by managers is the ability to handle and positively resolve internal conflict in the workplace.

15 Jul 2014

Conflict in the workplace: How to take action
Conflict in the workplace: How to take actionArticle

Conflict at work is no different than any other conflict we experience. Wherever we go, we make contact with people of diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and viewpoints.

20 Jun 2014

Effective management of conflict at work can save a businessArticle

Strong leadership is essential to organisational health. The every-day conflicts, power struggles and personality clashes of the workplace can often undermine leadership and affect the health of your business. But getting to the root of these conflicts is often difficult and time consuming, which in turn leads to further decay in a company's morale and more importantly, its performance.

8 Feb 2012

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