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Penelope Khuzwayo

Customer loyalty and Service manager (HOD)
Location:Pretoria, South Africa


I am creative creator with a passion for marketing, data analytics, and customer experience. My career experience spans across over 8 years with experience in multiple industries in Marketing.
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Penelope Khuzwayo
Covid-19 lockdown: How it will affect your employer's finances
I appreciate the article. My concern is of businesses that are cutting salaries by 60% for employees can a company do that - only pay you 40% of your salary through no fault off your own as a result of the Lockdown
Posted on 26 Mar 2020 21:32
Penelope Khuzwayo
Umuzi to share its creativity with Cape Town
This is awesome. So excited and wish i could part of the action. When fomo for learning is deep. Umuzi seems to be a home away from work. All the best in 2017
Posted on 27 Jan 2017 17:44
Penelope Khuzwayo
To intern or not to intern? That is the question
Having dedicated this year to up skilling myself in the digital marketing industry i have taken 2 intern positions and i must say the information on this article is relevant. But i think the greatest responsibility does fall onto the agency to guide and set up the individual for success. This gives the employer the chance to inspire the individual to only be great and be opportunistic. Otherwise it will always be the over worked minis with no long term career prospects in the same company. Which is a waste of time and effort on the employers side.
Posted on 9 Jul 2015 08:38
Penelope Khuzwayo
Get ready for the 24/7 South African social media role
I totally agree with the articles findings that social media -customer service should be 24/7. It makes alot of business sense cause there is nothing more annoying where i need service from a service provide and i am told that i have call back on monday and on top of it all i still have to use my own money to call the customer centres and chances are i will have to hold at most point before someone who has no clue attempts to assist me and in all this my money is getting wasted and my problem seems to be getting complex. Speaking from experience on two occasions i have personally gone to the providers facebook page to express my grievances and yes i did get a response and the second incident i advised a colleuge to take it to the social media and she used hello peter and yes the service provide responded and to top it all solved her issues. So yes i believe it is high time businesses realised that consumers spend most of their time on social platforms and they must follow suit and yes it is cheaper to write a message word by word hence no confusion then to try explain myself to the next 40 agents via call centers. Consumers in Africa and South africa are awakening to the convenience of social media and businesses need to act fast, and for a career move i cannot express the excitement for such an opportunity digital marketing and customer relationship management.
Posted on 5 Jan 2015 15:24
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