Philani Sangweni

Managing Partner at Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs Africa
Location:South Africa


Managing Partner at Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs Africa
How Covid-19 impacted South Africa's venture capital space

A little under a year ago, South Africa confirmed its first Covid-19 case. At the time, there was still hope that the country could isolate and contain the disease, allowing economic activity to continue as normal...

By Philani Sangweni 9 Mar 2021

#BizTrends2021: 4 qualities VCs will look for in entrepreneurs in 2021

2020 has been difficult for everyone, but businesses have faced an especially tough time. A few startups have, however, risen above the storm, managing to continue on their upward growth trajectory...

By Philani Sangweni 6 Jan 2021

What entrepreneurs should know before approaching a VC for funding

As any South African venture capitalist will tell you, just keeping up with all the emails from entrepreneurs asking for funding can be a full-time job in and of itself...

By Philani Sangweni 4 Nov 2020

Investing in entrepreneurs is key to the future of South Africa

South Africa's always talked a big game when it comes to entrepreneurship. In fact, encouraging entrepreneurship, especially among young people, is one of the pillars of the National Development Plan...

By Philani Sangweni 13 Oct 2020

What does entrepreneurship look like in the new normal?

For years, we've been told that entrepreneurs are key to South Africa's economic growth and job creation...

By Philani Sangweni 17 Sep 2020

Don't wait! Start your entrepreneurial journey today

The beginning of 2020 may well have seemed like a good time to quit your day job and strike out on your own entrepreneurial journey. Then Covid-19 hit and the world went into lockdown...

By Philani Sangweni 27 Aug 2020

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