A journalist and editorial specialist in content development across print, online and radio platforms with a particular passion for entrepreneurship and SMME's. Director and co-founder of a "for purpose" business that launches entrepreneurial kids.
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CEO and Co-Founder
FutureProof -
Present - JHB
Source and curate content centered around entrepreneurship and SMME development


Bachelor of Education
Year completed:2003
Education level:Degree
Final year subjects:English
Religious Studies
Teaching Experience
Institution:University of the Witwatersrand
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa
Bachelor of Education
Year completed:2006
Education level:Honours
Final year subjects:Curriculum Design and Development
Institution:University of the Witwatersrand
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa
Want to start a business? Start now!

Every day, across the country, men and women dream about starting their own businesses...

By Lisa Illingworth 12 Feb 2020

The pros and cons of selling to your friends and family

When starting out in business, the first people that you rely on to test out a product and pricing are those closest to you. But what do you need to keep in mind when using this as your first customer set?...

By Lisa Illingworth 10 Jan 2019

#BizTrends2019: The growing disillusionment with traditional education structures

Traditional schooling is 'broken' and becoming increasingly irrelevant for the world of work that children are going to be entering into. What can be done to correct this and better prepare our children for the future...?

By Lisa Illingworth 7 Jan 2019

6 things schools need to stop doing to grow entrepreneurs

It is no secret that the current structure of the education system was designed in an entirely different age to achieve economic outcomes that are no longer viable due, in large, to the rapid innovation and adoption of technology...

By Lisa Illingworth 17 Oct 2018

Map out your year with a financial vision board

January is generally the time of year for reflection and projection. We reflect upon the previous year, it's success and it's hardships...

By Lisa Illingworth 20 Jan 2016

Plan to fail in African markets: Use a copy-and-paste model

Africa is perceived as a gem of untapped markets, as the new frontier for businesses with the potential for exponential growth...

By Lisa Illingworth 10 Dec 2015

What are the common problems in entrepreneurial incubators?

An entrepreneurial incubator is designed to take a fledgling business in its earliest stages and cushion it through the first phases so that the likelihood that the business will grow and scale is higher...

By Lisa Illingworth 2 Nov 2015

Three reasons why women make great entrepreneurs

The business of business has been dominated by the male species for an age, however women entrepreneurs are on the rise...

By Lisa Illingworth 26 Oct 2015

FNB focuses on scaling entrepreneurs into Africa

First National Bank has announced that they are launching the Global Entrepreneurial Forum...

By Lisa Illingworth 19 Oct 2015

The art of establishing a good business relationship

A key predictor in the success of an entrepreneur is his ability to develop and leverage relationships in the early stages of setting up his business...

By Lisa Illingworth 19 Oct 2015

Complement with content

Freedom of choice for the consumer makes it exceptionally easy for them to select what kind of marketing and advertising they allow into their lives...

By Lisa Illingworth 12 Oct 2015

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