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Bateleur Brand Planning provides tailor-made strategic research solutions for clients to increase productivity, improve customer experience and gain a competitive advantage by increasing engagement with customers.
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South African employees feel indifferent towards their bosses
Fostering strong employee-boss relationships is crucial for creating a thriving work environment. However, a new study reveals that employees often feel indifferent towards their bosses. 7 Jun 2023 Read more

New survey reveals differences in health priorities across generations
What health measures do people take to maintain their well-being? Caring for your health can mean different things depending on whom you ask. 15 May 2023 Read more

Prioritising self-care for mental well-being and productivity in South Africa
In recent years, mental health has gained global attention as a critical component of overall health. While physical health is crucial, nurturing our mental health helps us navigate challenging times, become more resilient, and enjoy a better quality of life. However, South Africans still face significant challenges in accessing mental healthcare. 3 May 2023 Read more

Predicting the future: Technology's impact on society
The findings of the Vantage Point survey indicate how the world is expected to look in the near future. 21 Apr 2023 Read more

What effect does remote working have on co-worker relationships?
The way we work has a significant impact on how we interact with our colleagues. In recent years, remote work has become increasingly popular, with more and more companies adopting a hybrid or fully remote work philosophy. Despite remote work's negative reputation, a recent survey conducted by Bateleur Vantage Point found that remote workers report feeling challenged, responsible, and focused on enhancing their professional skills. 12 Apr 2023 Read more

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