Media Jobs wanted

Senior Copywriter/Editor/Journalist/Sub-Editor
Any9 Jan
CRM/Copy Editor/Production Coordinator
Johannesburg8 Jan
Office Administrator
Johannesburg7 Jan
Journalist/Copywriter/Social Media Manager
Johannesburg4 Jan
Videographer/JonyJib Operator/Floor Manager
Johannesburg1 Nov
Johannesburg1 Nov
Insurance/Financial Services Content Writer
Cape Town17 Oct
Office Administrator
Fourway, Randburg, Sandton10 Jan
Johannesburg8 May
Freelance Editor/Proofreader
Johannesburg17 Jan
Freelance Creative/Copywriting Services
Johannesburg, Pretoria24 Oct
Freelance Senior Art Director/Creative Director
Johannesburg4 Jun
Graphic Designer
Johannesburg16 Apr

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