Productive energy use powering socioeconomic transformation in Africa - reports
We mapped every large solar plant on the planet using satellites and machine learning
#COP26: With funds short, Africans weigh green energy switch and fossil fuel cash
More jobs to be gained by energy transition than lost - Irena, ILO
Africans call on global community to honour commitment to 'just, inclusive' energy transition
A new type of black gold in Nigeria: used car tyres
Solar panels on half the world's roofs could meet its entire electricity demand - new research
China will no longer build overseas coal power plants - what energy projects will it invest in instead?
COP26: How the world will measure progress on the Paris climate agreement and keep countries accountable
Doing good is good for business: How brand purpose can steer your sustainability journey in Africa
Credit: L'Oréal Group
Greening the global textile value chain
RSA-EU strategic partnership encourages and supports green economic recovery
Timberland strives for net positivity by 2030
3 ways blockchain could get the world to act against the climate crisis
Africa, waste and the butterfly effect
10 ways to stay connected on Biz during lockdown
Seychelle's Blue Economy secures financial backing from AfDB
How the Shoprite Group is curbing its plastic packaging waste
#BizTrends2020: The new normal, 5 plant-based food trends for 2020

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