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A tablet computer, from Congo

Africa is getting its first Android-based tablet computer designed and engineered on the continent. No, the device isn't the brainchild of a company in Johannesburg or Cape Town. Rather, it's been developed in Congo-Brazzaville.
VMK's Android tablet, designed in Brazzaville
The company behind it, VMK, specialises in website design, application development and consulting. But now it wants to make a splash in the fast-growing tablet market by bringing a low-cost tablet computer to the continent.

For now, VMK is only providing images of the rear of the device as it says it is still in the process of securing various trademarks and doesn't want to encourage copycats by releasing images of the whole device yet.

The tablet is a 7-inch model, like BlackBerry's Playbook or Samsung's smaller Galaxy Tab, and features a 1,2GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal memory and Wi-Fi support. It will run version 2.3.3 of Google's Android operating system and will sport a user interface called "Kongo", says VMK CEO Vérone Mankou.

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