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#AWE2019: Highlights from Day 3

The Augmented World Expo is underway in Silicon Valley, USA, and Johan Walters shares highlights from Day 3 of the world's biggest AR/VR Conference. The overall theme for this year's conference is 'Entering the Next Dimension with Spatial Computing'.
#AWE2019: Highlights from Day 3

The last day at #AWE2019 didn't disappoint at all.

The first session was by USA Today Network and their approach to immersive storytelling in journalism.

Over the last few years, they've tackled small proof of concept campaigns in order to learn how AR can be applied in journalism.

They've covered actual Space X rocket launches and showed Live AR with virtual rockets.

Their best campaign to date covered the 2019 Oscars and showcased all the Costumes of the Year finalists in Oscars in AR. The experience had interviews with nominated designers and allowed users to see the costumes in 3D AR.

Another interesting session was around How Sound Augments Reality.

There's the traditional method of sound augmenting AR visuals - i.e giving context to the AR experience you're watching. But then there's also how sound directly augments reality.

The best example of this is the Bose AR wearables. These AR audio sunglasses removes the need for in-ear headphones.

The best session for me was the world premiere of the JFK Moonshot AR app - an augmented reality documentary that commemorates 50 years since the moon landing and commissioned by the JFK Library.

This AR experience follows the entire Apollo 11 mission. The user is able to place a 3D scene of the Earth, Moon and Apollo rocket into their environment and then scrub through a timeline of the entire mission, accessing over 100 hours of content based on archives.

This new app will be available on all app stores to download during June and will launch on 16 July - the actual day the Apollo 11 rocket launched. Users will receive a push notification of the imminent rocket launch which will trigger a global live AR event.

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