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    Radisson Hotel's new opened Niamey hotel achieves Safehotels executive certification

    The Radisson Hotel Group has acquired an Executive Safehotels Certification for its newly opened Radisson Blu Hotel & Conference Center Niamey hotel, three days after its opening in June 2019. This marks the brand's fourth hotel in Africa to achieve Executive level this year.

    The Safehotels certificate allows Radisson Hotel Group to add external validation to their safety and security programme and to create additional value for the guests, staff and owners. The yearly Safehotels audit validates close to 200 criteria, including security equipment, staff awareness and training, fire security, crisis management and first aid.

    Image Supplied.
    Image Supplied.

    Inge Huijbrechts, global senior vice president responsible business and safety and security, Radisson Hotel Group, said: "Understanding the importance guests and corporate clients place on security in high-risk locations such as Niger, Summa and Radisson Hotel Group placed urgency on conducting the Safehotels certification. From the onset, the hotel aimed for the highest Safehotels certification, Executive level.

    "Bearing in mind the work involved in ensuring all processes and installations are compliant with the Safehotels standard, coupled with the immense responsibility and workload when opening a hotel, it is a remarkable achievement for the hotel to have secured this within three days of the hotel opening. This shows applaudable commitment from the franchise owning company, Summa Group and the team at Radisson Blu Hotel & Conference Center, Niamey."

    Husnu Tayanc, vice president of Summa Hotels & Hospitality and the opening GM of Radisson Blu Hotel & Conference Center, Niamey, said: "Summa Group has been operating in Africa since 2008, developing many quality construction and investment projects within extreme deadlines. Today the group is recognised as one of the fastest growing brand names in Africa.

    "Owners, engineers and each and every team member are focused on bringing projects to life in Africa, even with the continents challenging logistics. Achieving Safehotels Executive Level certification is rare, even in developed markets such as Europe. This is a true testament that Summa engineering, management team and owners believe the importance of delivering the highest level of security at our hotels."

    Safety programme significance

    In December 2014, Radisson Hotel Group became the first global hotel group to agree to independent third-party certification for its safety programme according to Safehotels’ Global Hotel Security Standard.

    Explaining the importance of the Safehotels certification, Inge said: "Safety and security are at the forefront of any travellers mind, from leisure to business, creating an increasing expectation that hospitality providers will deliver a safe and secure experience. Our clients continue to express their preference for doing business with Safehotels certified hotels and can always rest assured that we have placed Safehotels as a priority in each of our hotels. We are proud to be taking the lead on this development in so many markets, especially in areas such as Africa."

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