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How to boost your business while working from home
How to boost your business while working from homeArticle

Times may seem bleak for small business owners, but this will be a real test of how malleable you are to change, and the most agile will survive...

15 Apr 2020

5 Reasons to register your small business
5 Reasons to register your small businessArticle

Registering your small business can seem like a big step, but for new entrepreneurs, it's a smart choice...

21 Nov 2019

Small businesses are a big deal!
Small businesses are a big deal!Article

November is Entrepreneurship Month. From Global Entrepreneurship Week, which takes place from the 18-24 November 2019, to Global Women's Entrepreneurship Day on 19 November...

18 Nov 2019

It's your business - own it!
It's your business - own it!Article

In 2016, automotive and energy company Tesla paid $11m to purchase the domain name Originally registered as, the company spent over a decade trying to acquire

18 Oct 2019

How to bounce back from retrenchment
How to bounce back from retrenchmentArticle

Retrenchment has become a reality for many young South Africans. In tough economic times, the youth have the benefit of being tech smart and hungry to learn. The main challenge they face, is figuring out how to turn adversity into opportunity...

15 Aug 2019

Saving tips for small businesses
Saving tips for small businessesArticle

More than 70% of small businesses struggle to survive the first two years of operation, with poor cash flow management and insufficient funding...

14 Aug 2019

Partnership gives UCT entrepreneurs an online boost
Partnership gives UCT entrepreneurs an online boostArticle

As part of the UCT's Honours-level Programme in Management in Entrepreneurship (PDE) course requirements, students are starting up their own businesses. This year, however, they will have an added hand as 1-grid will provide students with the resources to design a professional website for their new businesses...

25 Jun 2019

When times are tough, start a side hustle
When times are tough, start a side hustleArticle

According to the 2019 Global Digital Report, 54% of the South African population are internet users - that's 31 million people all searching for products and services online every day...

23 May 2019

Be aware of domain hijacking
Be aware of domain hijackingArticle

Domain names can be stolen, held hostage and used to wreak havoc for a business website owner...

14 Mar 2019

How not to get hacked
How not to get hackedArticle

Gone are the days when we could live in peace believing that as low-profile individuals, we were unlikely to draw the attention of hackers...

14 Feb 2019

#RecruitmentFocus: Online careers for retirees
#RecruitmentFocus: Online careers for retireesArticle

According to the annual Sanlam Benchmark Survey, 51% of South Africans cannot make ends meet after retirement...

Thomas Vollrath 22 Nov 2018

Hire a teen, before they know everything...
Hire a teen, before they know everything...Article

An effective way for businesses to stay ahead of the technology curve in today's digital age is growth from within - a strategy that requires savvy management who can spot talent...

14 Sep 2018

SMBs - now's the time to think about PoPIArticle

The Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act will alter how data is managed in South Africa...

20 Aug 2018

Is a .com necessary? Why send domain fees overseas?
Is a .com necessary? Why send domain fees overseas?Article

According to Lucky Masilela, CEO of ZA Central Registry NPC, there's a sense of renewal in the air and it's, therefore, the perfect time for SOEs to ditch the .com and revert to .za domains to show their commitment to building South Africa...

6 Jun 2018

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