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Pick n Pay caps gross profit margin for ginger and garlic
Pick n Pay caps gross profit margin for ginger and garlicArticle

The signing of a Memorandum of Agreement with Pick n Pay confirms that the retailer has capped its gross profit margin for ginger and garlic...

15 Mar 2021

The case for avoiding price controls in times of crisis: they don't work
The case for avoiding price controls in times of crisis: they don't workArticle

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and the initial stockpiling of food and other items, government regulation of the prices of basic food and medical goods has received significant attention...

Willem H. Boshoff 14 May 2020

Madelein Barkhuizen, executive manager of sales, distribution, marketing & communication, Bestmed Medical Aid Scheme
#BizTrends2020: Diagnosing SA's healthcare sectorArticle

Healthcare is one of our economy's sectors most carefully scrutinised by local and international investors. This interest is unlikely to decrease in 2020, with the government's announcement of the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill...

Madelein Barkhuizen 7 Jan 2020

Photo: Kempton Express
Is NHI going to make the SA economy even sicker?Article

Concerns raised by the Hospital Association of SA (Hasa) over contradictions in the NHI and the Medical Schemes Amendment that could lead to potential job losses has raised the ire of the national health minister...

Jasson Urbach 27 Feb 2019

Public hearings into transport market inquiry
Public hearings into transport market inquiryArticle

The land based Public Passenger Transport Market Inquiry public hearings will be held in Tshwane and Johannesburg this week, says the Competition Commission...

4 Jun 2018

Aspen seeks new formula
Aspen seeks new formulaArticle

Aspen Pharmacare is conducting a review of its global nutritionals business, with a view to entering into a strategic partnership or possibly a sale...

31 Jan 2018

How blockchain can democratise green power
How blockchain can democratise green powerArticle

Imagine buying a solar panel from a hardware store, mounting it on your roof, then selling the green electricity you produce at a price you set...

Srinivasan Keshav 15 Jan 2018

Farmers in dilemma as potato prices drop
Farmers in dilemma as potato prices dropArticle

A bumper harvest of Irish potatoes has pushed the prices of potatoes low, with dealers scrambling to come up with mechanisms to stabilise the prices and avoid losses to farmers...

Emmanuel Ntirenganya 27 Dec 2017

Manufacturing Circle unveils plan to create a million jobs in a decade
Manufacturing Circle unveils plan to create a million jobs in a decadeArticle

The Manufacturing Circle has launched a plan containing constructive and actionable steps to create an environment in which manufacturing in South Africa can thrive...

27 Nov 2017

Transparent medicines pricing improves access to healthcare
Transparent medicines pricing improves access to healthcareArticle

In 2004, the government introduced transparent pricing for medicines, including a single exit price for medicines sold in the private sector, to put a stop to discounts and additional levies on medicines...

3 Nov 2017

Focus on high data costs
Focus on high data costsArticle

Icasa is consulting the National Consumer Commission and the Competition Commission to find ways in which mobile data can be made more affordable...

19 Jul 2017

Generics set to boom in 2017
Generics set to boom in 2017Article

Despite unprecedented economic challenges, the South African generics industry is expected to grow in 2017...

27 Jan 2017

Data prices respond to market economies
Data prices respond to market economiesArticle

Compared to other technologies, smartphone usage is still in relative infancy, but growing as network access increases and real data prices fall. However, some feel that the rate of progress is not rapid enough...

Luke Muller 22 Dec 2016

Data is falling
Data is fallingArticle

Cellphone and smartphone usage is one of South Africa's great development success stories. Mobile telecommunications and smartphones have enabled...

Luke Muller 21 Dec 2016

Pharmacists bear the brunt of pricing regulation
Pharmacists bear the brunt of pricing regulationArticle

Pharmacists should have a say in legislation affecting medicine pricing and not allow other parts of the supply chain to set the rules...

25 Oct 2016

Hansueli Krapf via
Zero tariff increase for Acsa in force for nowArticle

Transport Minister Dipuo Peters has finally signed off on draft tariffs proposed by the airports regulator, providing relief to Airports Company SA...

12 Jul 2016

Hansueli Krapf via
Acsa aims to avoid default with tariff hikesArticle

A final five-year airport tariff is at last on the cards, which state-run Acsa hopes will reduce the possibility of it defaulting on its R11bn debt book...

4 Apr 2016

Infant milk prices in China entice Aspen
Infant milk prices in China entice AspenArticle

Africa's biggest generic drug manufacturer, Aspen Pharmacare, is still cautiously eyeing the infant milk market in China despite its growth slowdown, company CEO Stephen Saad said Wednesday...

10 Sep 2015

Q&A with Coenraad Bezuidenhout: Overcoming the decline in manufacturing production
Q&A with Coenraad Bezuidenhout: Overcoming the decline in manufacturing productionArticle

Coenraad Bezuidenhout, executive director of the Manufacturing Circle, answers questions such as why manufacturing production has decreased this year in South Africa, what are some of the main challenges the industry is facing, and what can be done to overcome such challenges...

Evan-Lee Courie 3 Jun 2015

Competition authorities beware of price regulationArticle

Price regulation may not be appropriate in South Africa's private healthcare sector, says competition law specialist, Anthony Norton of Nortons Inc. He stressed that competition authorities should as a general rule be wary of seeking to be involved in the regulation of market prices.

1 Nov 2013

Regulation will lower communication costs
Regulation will lower communication costsArticle

Large mobile companies in SA continue to face intense scrutiny with Parliament saying on Friday (2 August) that it was only through legislative means that the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) can ensure reasonable pricing and market structure in the sector.

Bekezela Phakathi 5 Aug 2013

Icasa hammered over cellphone costs
Icasa hammered over cellphone costsArticle

South Africa's communications regulator is failing to perform and allowing mobile service companies to "rip off" the poor, MPs said on Wednesday (31 July).

1 Aug 2013

Competition Commission healthcare inquiry needs to be holisticArticle

A potential inquiry by the Competition Commission of the private healthcare sector would need to be holistic if it were to get to the bottom of what is driving increased expenditure or costs in the broader sector.

21 Sep 2012

Banks at the crossroads in treating their customers fairlyArticle

South African banks have been waiting, perhaps with some anxiety, for final details of how a new financial services watchdog will expect them to treat their customers fairly, and what they can expect if they don't.

31 Aug 2012

Price regulations and conservation key to confronting water scarcityArticle

Water scarcity left 1.4 billion people living in “closed basin” regions in 2008, though that number is expected to grow to 1.8 billion by 2025, according to Worldwatch Institute, an independent research organisation that focuses on global sustainability issues.

Amy Lieberman 20 Aug 2009

National Hospital Network objects to price regulationArticle

Imagine if legal services were price-regulated: NHN.

Issued by Popcorn Consulting 11 Sep 2008

Bid to get tough on high pricesArticle

Consumers may be able to challenge suppliers if the price seems to be unfair.

Sanchia Temkin 20 Jun 2008

Netcare to cut costs of anaesthetic gasesArticle

The Department of Health has welcomed the decision by Netcare to reduce its charges for anaesthetic gases according to the single exit price legislation.

Gabi Khumalo 18 Feb 2008

Company news: Medi-Clinic Southern Africa's position on 2008 private hospital tariff increasesArticle

Medi-Clinic Southern Africa (MCSA) wishes to comment on the issues pertaining to the increases in private hospital tariffs, which were highlighted in recent media reports.

Issued by Magna Carta 29 Jan 2008

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