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Facebook and WHO launch 'Together Against Covid-19 Misinformation' campaign
Facebook and WHO launch 'Together Against Covid-19 Misinformation' campaignArticle

Facebook is launching a new campaign in partnership with the WHO called 'Together Against Covid-19 Misinformation'...

6 Apr 2021

Muizenberg beach is eerily quiet on a hot summer’s day, 29 December 2020. If we want to save lives and life to go back to normal we need to embrace vaccines.
Here's how to fight anti-vaccine propagandaArticle

In the second century, the Antonine plague killed millions of people across the Roman empire. Opportunists and madmen postulated a variety of self-serving, nonsensical theories for this pestilence - and this caused great anxiety for Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

GroundUp Editors 13 Jan 2021

#BlockchainAfrica: "Bitcoin is the best system we've ever had for money" - Simon Dingle
#BlockchainAfrica: "Bitcoin is the best system we've ever had for money" - Simon DingleArticle

"But it still lacks the user experience, appeal, social acceptance and, most importantly, narrative, that will propel it across the chasm into mainstream adoption..." - Blockchain Africa Conference speaker and fintech entrepreneur Simon Dingle on Bitcoin and its impact on industry...

Jessica Tennant 11 Mar 2020

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Why increased poultry tariffs will do SA's economy more harm than goodArticle

The Association of Meat Importers and Exporters has welcomed reports that the government has finalised tariffs to be imposed on poultry product imports. However, the association cautions that an increase in trade protection will lead to job losses and increased chicken prices...

12 Feb 2020

Dingle presenting at Catalyst Africa.
#CatalystAfrica: Simon Dingle debunks fintech and cryptocurrency mythsArticle

Simon Dingle started his Catalyst Africa presentation by confirming that when he's not making apps or writing books, he loves thinking out loud in public about a variety of divergent topics...

Leigh Andrews 11 Nov 2019

Could crypto incentives help fight Facebook's fake news epidemic?
Could crypto incentives help fight Facebook's fake news epidemic?Article

There's a paradox at the heart of modern journalism and news production: consumers like the convenience of social media as a delivery device for news, but the prevalence of fake news has made it harder for readers to trust and verify their sources...

Bruce Silcoff 23 Apr 2019

Source: Paul Botes/M&G
Is the anti-sugar tax lobby taking a page from Big Tobacco's playbook?Article

When it comes to the proposed SSB tax, researchers about misinformation campaigns that could be taking a page out of the tobacco lobby's playbook...

Ina Skosana 26 Sep 2016

LC2-AFNEX clarifies TV, radio rights for Orange AFCON 2013Article

In order to avoid any misinformation campaign or polemics, LC2 wishes to clarify the situation of TV and Radio broadcasting rights of Orange AFCON South Africa 2013 for the territories of Cape Verde, Ethiopia and Zambia.

3 Dec 2012

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