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Consumer protection bodies reminded of mandate
Consumer protection bodies reminded of mandateArticle

Regulators with consumer protection mandate are being reminded to continue with their efforts to put a spotlight on consumer rights...

17 Mar 2021

New automotive aftermarket rules: 5 things car owners need to know
New automotive aftermarket rules: 5 things car owners need to knowArticle

Filum Ho, CEO of Autoboys, lists five essential things owners of new cars need to know about the updated guidelines for the automotive aftermarket...

Filum Ho 22 Feb 2021

Meet Monika Iuel, the new chief marketing officer at Wesgro
Meet Monika Iuel, the new chief marketing officer at WesgroArticle

Monika Iuel has been appointed as the new chief marketing officer at Wesgro, the official tourism, trade and investment promotion agency for Cape Town and the Western Cape...

Evan-Lee Courie 18 Jan 2021

Privacy concerns around the use of empathic media
Privacy concerns around the use of empathic mediaArticle

New technologies are providing marketers with the ability to receive sensory feedback, which could be used to interpret emotional responses to marketing stimuli. Such systems broadly fall into private and public systems, both of which influence their legal interpretation...

Ashlin Perumall 24 Jul 2020

5 predictions for the future of events
5 predictions for the future of eventsArticle

While spending many hours, days and weeks at home during the lockdown, the way we socialise and enjoy entertainment has significantly changed...

James Tagg 11 Jun 2020

#OrchidsandOnions: Long live the new king
#OrchidsandOnions: Long live the new kingArticle

There seems to be a new Nando's in town - or at least a wannabe Nando's. I'm not talking about flame-grilled chicken icons, though Nando's is in that particular area. The fast food group has for going on two decades now, been king of the heap when it comes to producing funny, gag-filled advertising...

Brendan Seery 9 Jun 2020

Credit and consumer protection titles less 20%
Credit and consumer protection titles less 20%Article

LexisNexis South Africa is running a special on two key titles in the credit and consumer protection domain...

Issued by LexisNexis 6 Sep 2019

What can businesses do to deal with public liability claims?
What can businesses do to deal with public liability claims?Article

When dealing with consumers, businesses need to ensure a contractually sound relationship between them and the consumer which promotes the objectives of the Consumer Protection Act...

31 May 2018

57 million riders, drivers affected by Uber breach
57 million riders, drivers affected by Uber breachArticle

Global transportation technology company Uber Technologies has admitted it suffered a breach that saw hackers stealing the personal information of approximately 57 million customers and drivers...

Simon Campbell-Young 13 Dec 2017

SA no longer puts up with shoddy products
SA no longer puts up with shoddy productsArticle

Exploding electronic game boxes, melting cellphones, ill-fitting paint-stripper bottle lids, lethal kitchen appliances and faulty cars...

Graeme Hosken 20 Oct 2017

Zimbabwe turns the spotlight on customer experience
Zimbabwe turns the spotlight on customer experienceArticle

Customer experience and service delivery symposium on the cards for Zimbabwe...

23 Aug 2017

National Consumer Tribunal members appointed
National Consumer Tribunal members appointedArticle

President Jacob Zuma has appointed members to the National Consumer Tribunal, whose term of office will become effective from 1 July 2017...

22 Jun 2017

Panel to look into timeshare complaints
Panel to look into timeshare complaintsArticle

The National Consumer Commission (NCC) has appointed a three-member inquiry panel to look into the root causes of consumer complaints in the timeshare industry...

18 May 2017

Image via MyBroadband
Your Kugas are worthless!Article

Shocked Ford owners are being told that their Kugas are worthless, as the global motoring giant scrambles to calm the storm over burning cars...

Graeme Hosken 23 Jan 2017

Image by 123RF
Consumer enforcement agencies must strengthen regional initiativesArticle

Regional conference to discuss synergies and strategies for effective consumer protection, competition policies and laws to better protect consumers in Africa...

16 Aug 2016

Consumer protection laws continue to develop
Consumer protection laws continue to developArticle

South African consumer protection legislation has undergone significant developments over the past few years. The regime has gradually developed to a point of prescribing contractual formalities in commercial contracts...

Johann Scholtz and Balungile Khathi 7 Apr 2015

Vodacom, your cell number, and those third parties
Vodacom, your cell number, and those third partiesArticle

Cellphone giant Vodacom has allegedly been secretly providing the numbers of local and international subscribers to third parties, including businesses and marketing companies.

30 Oct 2014

Tips for SMEs to keep on the right side of the law
Tips for SMEs to keep on the right side of the lawArticle

If you're running a small business, you might feel overwhelmed by the many regulatory bodies and requirements in South Africa. From labour laws and tax regulations to municipal bylaws, health and safety regulations and consumer protection laws, you'll be spending a great deal of your time simply trying to comply with a range of legislative and regulatory demands.

11 Sep 2014

Merchandise prices must be displayed
Merchandise prices must be displayedArticle

The promulgation of the Consumer Protection Act ushered in a new era for consumers and stipulates that a retailer cannot display goods for sale without displaying a price for those goods. However, the wording in respect of how that price should be displayed, is fairly wide.

Megan Badenhorst 10 Apr 2014

Mobile rewards and mobile CRM: timing, targeting and technologyArticle

In this article I would like to delve into the area of mobile CRM and mobile rewards, and how brand owners and marketers address some of the challenges that they face in building robust strategies to tackle the wave of mobile opportunities that are now upon us.

Chris Rolfe 13 Mar 2013

dti's warning over ticketing scams
dti's warning over ticketing scamsArticle

Pretoria - The Department of Trade and Industry (dti) has warned consumers about possible ticketing scams ahead of South Africa hosting the Africa Cup of Nations next January.

22 Dec 2012

Chris Moerdyk
Axes out for advertising standards autocracyArticle

It comes as no surprise that the embattled Advertising Standards Authority management and board have gone to ground and are steadfastly refusing to answer some pretty searching questions. Either they are in state of denial or the answers are just far too embarrassing.

Chris Moerdyk: @chrismoerdyk 19 Jul 2012

Glenda Nevill
Has the ASA lost the plot?Article

It's no secret that the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA) has run into a major funding crisis. The organisation, tasked with regulating the advertising industry "in the public interest", is our watchdog, an independent body that ensures advertisers, and therefore media owners, who carry the work, don't cross the line and adhere to a certain code of conduct.

Glenda Nevill 19 Jul 2012

Medical schemes alleged to be breaking the law
Medical schemes alleged to be breaking the lawArticle

South African medical schemes are contravening at least provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, which came into effect in April this year. According to Times Live, an investigation by the National Consumer Commission has alleged that the top five medical schemes are among those violating the existing consumer protection laws.

8 Aug 2011

Consumer Act raises stakes for insurersArticle

The insurance industry will face serious challenges next year, as new consumer protection laws dictating that insurance policies be written in plain, simple language come into force.

Sanchia Temkin 30 Aug 2010

Food cartels feast on Ramadan profitsArticle

CAIRO: Opportunistic food traders have been blamed for soaring food prices across the Middle East that have added a financial burden on families observing the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Cam McGrath 18 Aug 2010

Consumer Protection Act should not affect good governance companiesArticle

"Companies already complying with the principles of good corporate governance contained in the King Report on Corporate Governance (King III) shouldn't have anything to worry about," says Natasha Bouwman, supervisor at the Institute of Directors of Southern Africa's (IoDSA) Centre for Corporate Governance. She was commenting on the final enactment of the new Consumer Protection Act, due to kick in on 24 October 2010, which has some companies in a flap about potentially huge claims over substandard products.

9 Jul 2010

Tough consumer law ‘adds to costs'Article

Big business should brace itself for soaring insurance premiums and higher production costs in light of new consumer protection laws.

Sanchia Temkin 4 May 2009

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