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Judgment confirms importance of disclosure of records in litigation
Judgment confirms importance of disclosure of records in litigationArticle

In a recent case where a claimant for damages sought to prevent the disclosure of her medical records, the rules of court were found to override other legislation relating to confidentiality of personal information...

Sandra Sithole 24 Mar 2021

A recipe for success from KFC's top franchisee Burt Gunning
A recipe for success from KFC's top franchisee Burt GunningArticle

Burt Gunning is the guy to take your cue from when it comes to running a successful franchise business...

Lauren Hartzenberg 28 Feb 2020

What is the voetstoots clause?
What is the voetstoots clause?Article

Disputes can arise if buyers and sellers don't understand the voetstoots clause in the sale agreement documents...

Issued by Private Property South Africa 10 Sep 2019

5 tips for franchise agreement compliance
5 tips for franchise agreement complianceArticle

The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) is the first piece of legislation in South Africa that specifically regulates franchise agreements and prescribes certain minimum requirements for such contracts...

Justine Krige 8 Nov 2018

These are the questions to ask when buying property
These are the questions to ask when buying propertyArticle

When it comes to buying property, there are many questions purchasers have that come up time and time again, as well as some questions that might not come up, but should...

Joel Harris 10 Jul 2017

FASA reminds industry of need to protect businesses contributing 11.6% to GDP
FASA reminds industry of need to protect businesses contributing 11.6% to GDPArticle

Following an article in the Business Times on a franchise group that allegedly failed to provide franchisees with disclosure documents as prescribed by the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), the Franchise Association reminds franchisors of the related provisions in the CPA...

9 Dec 2016

Gilt wears thin for Gold Brands franchise holdersArticle

When Gold Brands Investments, owner of the Chesa Nyama fast-food franchise, listed on AltX 11 months ago, the share price plummeted 45% to end the first day of trading at R1.12 a share. It has barely recovered since...

Palesa Vuyolwethu Tshandu 5 Dec 2016

Be wary of bargain-basement purchases
Be wary of bargain-basement purchasesArticle

The latest FNB Property Barometer shows that at least 14% of all residential sales currently are being driven by owners selling to relieve financial pressure on their households...

1 Dec 2016

Marketing tips for franchisors seeking high-quality franchisees
Marketing tips for franchisors seeking high-quality franchiseesArticle

Many franchise owners have found that it is hard to find good franchisees in a difficult economy and, when these can be found, how to attract them in the face of many competing franchises...

Eric Parker 19 Oct 2016

Understanding franchising risks
Understanding franchising risksArticle

Polls have found many people are attracted to franchising by the promise of flexibility and independence in their work. However, not all franchises can offer franchisees the level of freedom and autonomy they desire...

18 Oct 2016

Top five things buyers need to know
Top five things buyers need to knowArticle

Debbie Justus-Ferns, divisional manager of Renprop Residential Sales, shares five key points that buyers need to know when purchasing a home...

15 Sep 2016

Practical steps to making a franchise commitment
Practical steps to making a franchise commitmentArticle

To many entrepreneurs a franchise offers a secure opportunity for getting into business on their own. The headaches associated with identifying a site, shopfitting, training and even marketing...

11 May 2016

Reviewing the Franchise Industry Draft Code of Conduct
Reviewing the Franchise Industry Draft Code of ConductArticle

In late January 2016, the draft Franchise Industry Code of Conduct of South Africa was published in the Government Gazette. Public comments on the draft code had to be submitted by the end of February and the National Consumer Commission will now consider these...

7 Mar 2016

Subway franchise.
Photographer: Noor Khamis
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Ombud to foster accord in franchisesArticle

On 29 January, the commissioner of the Consumer Commission published the long-awaited draft franchise industry code under Section 82 of the Consumer Protection Act for comment...

Lucinde Rhoodie and Freddie Terblanche 2 Mar 2016

No space for half measures in entrepreneurship
No space for half measures in entrepreneurshipArticle

With 800 or 900 franchising systems available in South Africa, it is essential to do your homework properly before buying into a business - not all franchise opportunities are created equally.

Richard Mukheibir 30 Oct 2014

Provisions in CPA applicable to franchise agreements
Provisions in CPA applicable to franchise agreementsArticle

The Consumer Protection Act, 68 of 2008, (CPA) has been in effect since it was signed into law on 24 April 2011 and accordingly has now been in operation for a period of three years.

Christopher Tucker and David Hepburn 13 Oct 2014

Call for franchising regulatory body
Call for franchising regulatory bodyArticle

According to the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA), cases like the recent collapse of Rhapsody's only highlight the urgent need for a franchising regulatory body with the authority to prosecute transgressors.

5 Sep 2013

Franchising is an adult business relationship
Franchising is an adult business relationshipArticle

It has been said too many times that franchising can be likened to a parent-child relationship. According to this premise, the role of the franchisor is to provide guidance and to support, like a parent, whereas the franchisee's role is equated to that of a child that is still learning to find his or her way and undergoing various phases of growth.

Patrick Nebuloni 22 Jul 2013

How to select a franchise
How to select a franchiseArticle

Now that the International Franchising Exhibition has finished and the 4200 potential entrepreneurs have returned home, the analysis of how to select a franchise begins. Sifting through the information gleaned and making the correct decision is one that needs careful thought. This is especially the case for entrepreneurs who are either considering franchising for the first time or who are looking to expand into alternative growth areas.

Marcel Strauss and Milos Mazalek 4 Jun 2013

A dream home or a nightmare? Be sure before you sign.Article

When Jonathan Robertson bought his new home, the estate agent tried to get him to sign a Disclosure Document that stated that the house, its foundations and fixtures were in good working order. He was told that this document was required for the sale to proceed.

Eric Bell 9 Nov 2011

Excellent franchisors honoured
Excellent franchisors honouredArticle

At its 21st FASA Awards for Excellence in Franchising, the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA) named its 2011 winners at an awards event this past weekend. The Franchisor of the Year award, sponsored by Standard Bank, went to DoRego's.

18 Oct 2011

Franchisees' protection a feature of new billArticle

The Consumer Protection bill is far-reaching and the first legislation of its kind in South Africa that will codify the common law in relation to the rights of consumers.

20 Nov 2008

Partnerships create franchising opportunitiesArticle

The franchise industry has experienced substantial growth in recent years and is poised to continue on this upward trend. Yet, while attracting potential franchisees is not a problem, the number of home-grown franchised businesses is a concern. It’s a concern acknowledged by the industry and one which the Franchising Association of Southern Africa (FASA) is tackling head-on in a new project set to be launched by mid-year.

2 May 2007

7-Eleven Supreme Court appeal successfulArticle

The judgement in the Supreme Court of Appeal last month in favour of 7-Eleven's appeal against a 2004 High Court judgement, means that the monies - in the region of R25-million - withheld from 7-Eleven Corporation by disgruntled franchisees, pending the outcome of the Appeal Court case, will now have to be paid to the company.

4 Apr 2005

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