Zubair Timol

Area Director for Meltwater India, Middle East & Africa
Location:South Africa


Zubair Timol is the Partner and Area Director of India, Middle East & Africa at Meltwater. He joined the company during its startup phase, being trained in Oslo, Norway, under the tutelage of the CEO.
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Ten of Africa's brightest start-ups changing lives

Entrepreneurs are constantly working towards success. This sense of achievement is even greater when it also changes or saves the lives of real people...

By Zubair Timol, Issued by Meltwater 1 Jun 2016

Social media for entrepreneurs - top tips for establishing a solid, positive online presence

According to World Wide Worx and Fuseware's South African Social Media Landscape 2016 study, a quarter of all South Africans - 13 million people - now use Facebook...

By Zubair Timol, Issued by Meltwater 20 May 2016

How to drive entrepreneurial spirit within your business

The spirit of entrepreneurship is something typically associated with people who have innovative ideas and are looking to start or grow their business. But that this kind of spirit and drive should be incorporated into the business model of every company...

By Zubair Timol, Issued by Meltwater 29 Apr 2016

Combining PR and content marketing to maximise results

Creating quality content has major benefits for a brand's search engine optimisation efforts, social media engagement, and its credibility. Additionally, offering content marketing services will make the role of PR even more vital to brands...

By Zubair Timol, Issued by Meltwater 19 Apr 2016

Nurture not nature: develop your talent from within

At Meltwater, over 70% of our senior management started in the line organisation on our International Management Trainee Programme. So what's stopping other businesses from promoting within? This is what I'm urging other leaders to do...

By Zubair Timol, Issued by Meltwater 12 Feb 2016

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