Morné Stoltz is Head of Business Insurance at MiWay.
End-of-year checklist for businesses, big and small

Do not miss out on this great opportunity to tie up loose ends - and lay the groundwork for a prosperous 2019...

By Morné Stoltz 19 Nov 2018

Think like a start-up: 3 lessons for big business

September marked the celebration of Small Business Month, shining the spotlight on an ever growing but thoroughly challenged industry...

By Morné Stoltz 2 Oct 2018

Boost your business with smart delivery

It can be difficult to carve out a competitive advantage in today's cutthroat business environment. For some companies, investments have been focused on creating digital advantage through measures like apps or fancy websites...

By Morné Stoltz 17 Sep 2018

5 businesswomen share the secrets to their success

There has never been a better time to be a woman in business. Not only are role models aplenty, but there is also ample support available to give entrepreneurial women the boost needed to get out there...

By Morné Stoltz 7 Aug 2018

Health and safety: the recipe for a better logistics industry

Did you know that South Africa has some of the worst road-safety statistics in the world?[i] Accidents hit the economy hard when vehicles have to be repaired or replaced and often goods in transit are destroyed or delayed...

By Morné Stoltz 16 May 2018

Theft on the move: how to safeguard goods and personnel in transit

With a spike in thefts from delivery vehicles causing havoc across the country, fleet owners and operators are looking for solutions to safeguard life and property...

By Morné Stoltz 10 May 2018

Want to improve profits in the trucking industry? Focus on safety

Road freight's steady growth trajectory looks set to continue, but it is paralleled by a troubling rise in accidents involving trucks...

By Morné Stoltz 13 Sep 2017

Automatic trucks is the way to go for fleet owners

For fleet owners, the arguments for automatic trucks are making more and more sense. For one thing, automatic transmission reduces the impact of an unskilled driver on fuel efficiency...

By Morné Stoltz 30 Mar 2017

Top safety tips to prevent shoplifting

Despite the prevalence of security cameras and high-tech alarm systems, shoplifting continues to be a concern for retailers across the country...

By Morné Stoltz 8 Feb 2017

Pop-up and prosper

With retail space becoming ever more expensive and the viability of long-term tenancy no longer what it was, the traditional shopping environment is undergoing a huge shift as retailers look to capitalise on the growing popularity of pop-up shops...

By Morné Stoltz 12 Dec 2016

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