Mike Whitfield is the MD of Nissan Group of Africa, former president of NAAMSA and deputy president of the AAAM.
#BizTrends2019: Connected mobility will redefine personal transportation

I've been in the automotive industry throughout my career, yet I'm always amazed at the technological progress we've made over the years in developing cars...

By Mike Whitfield 7 Jan 2019

#BizTrends2018: Automotive industry to move towards consolidation

The automotive industry is set to have little change going into 2018. Manufacturers and import brands alike can anticipate an interesting year driven by an economy that is expected to remain stagnant...

By Mike Whitfield 8 Jan 2018

Electric vehicle benefits beyond skipping the pump

In the coming decades, it won't be a question of if the general public will adopt electric vehicles (EVs), but when. Naamsa noted that 2015 saw the adoption of 1.5 million EVs and plug-in hybrids worldwide...

By Mike Whitfield 2 Nov 2017

This is why Transport Month matters

Since 2005, South Africa has been celebrating October as Transport Month and 12 years later, we may have forgotten just how vital the transportation sector is to our economy and our growing nation...

By Mike Whitfield 30 Oct 2017

From survival to significance: the role of the SA automotive sector

One sector, in particular, has made a dramatic change in South Africa's short history as a democracy. Yet its growth is often overlooked...

By Mike Whitfield 16 Oct 2017

Cars are becoming life-saving smart

Autonomous driving technology is developing at a rapid pace. Business Insider's research platform has forecast that there will be around 10 million cars with various self-driving features on the road in the UK by 2020...

By Mike Whitfield 26 May 2017

Want to become a winning auto company in Africa? Here's how

Almost four years after Nissan ventured into auto assembly in Nigeria, it fills me with pride when I comment on our success as an auto company operating in Africa...

By Mike Whitfield 20 Apr 2017

#BizTrends2017: Carmakers primed to tackle new year challenges

Despite another difficult year for the automotive industry, car manufacturers are on top of the challenges and ready for 2017's expected trends...

By Mike Whitfield 10 Jan 2017

Keeping the automotive show on the road amid declining new vehicle sales

Those of us in the auto industry haven't been surprised by the drop in new vehicle sales. We knew that 2016 would follow the downward trend of 2015...

By Mike Whitfield 12 Dec 2016

The auto industry's state of flux - autonomous, electric, connected

"It appears that 'tomorrow' is coming sooner than many think." This is how influencer Carlos Ghosn describes the dramatic change...

By Mike Whitfield 2 Nov 2016

[BizTrends 2016] Movements in motoring

Despite a challenging year for the automotive industry, car manufacturers remain upbeat and eager to embrace the trends set to dominate...

By Mike Whitfield 18 Jan 2016

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