Des Fenner is the general manager of Datsun South Africa
Empowering millennials through mobility

The millennial generation is changing the game globally - more specifically: how they communicate with businesses, what and how they purchase, and what they value most...

By Des Fenner 17 Nov 2017

Tips for budgeting and choosing the right LCV

Keeping cash flow positive can be difficult when the business needs a vehicle for deliveries and collections, and the owner is looking at what could be a major expense for months to come...

By Des Fenner 14 Jun 2017

Value-for-money motoring entrenched in 2017

Looking at the changes taking place in the local car buying circles, the 2017 motoring year will mark the entrenchment of value-added, stylish cars in the South African market...

By Des Fenner 14 Feb 2017

#BizTrends2017: Practical, efficient and affordable cars are here to stay

In many ways 2016 was a watershed year for the global automotive industry and technology. Discussion swirled around mega-trends involving digital showrooms...

By Des Fenner 9 Jan 2017

A-segment to retain competitive edge in local motor industry

The automotive industry in South Africa has always been used as a barometer of economic progress and decline. It is therefore no surprise...

By Des Fenner 17 Aug 2016

Millennials are setting the pace for the motoring industry

In a market where car ownership is becoming increasingly expensive, it would be a mistake to assume that the younger generation of South African motorists are finding it difficult to enter the new-car market...

By Des Fenner 18 Dec 2015

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