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Sponsorship Request

Request for sponsorship for our new school .
Our school was built in 1905, it was German school before it was ever built and renovated by our government. Until now. 2018 it is a heritage site the government is building now new classroom; 10 of them: science labour, library, computer room, dining hall, grade R classroom, flushed toilet for both boys and girls, and an admin block.

We have 550 children, 15 educators, two non-teaching staff. Therefore we are appealing to your good office to assists our school so that we can fill one or two of our library or computer room.

Please assist.

Company name : Zamukukhanya L/H/P School
Contact name : Vuyile Clement Yeye
Telephone number : 0734302066//063191052
Email address :
Web address : n/a
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