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about us

Led by an expert of individuals, Sacha has quality relationships which she has developed over the last 17 years working in the Advertising and Marketing space. About 8 years ago she learnt the art of recruitment & has shaped her style of Talent services since.

TALENTED offers Skills, Structure and Smarts.

Talent Sourcing | Pipeline | Recruitment | Specialist Search | Talent Partner

A love for all things talent: Attraction | Acquisition | Retention | Employees | Team Structure | Roles & Responsibilities | Performance improvement | Talent coach | Talent Matrix | KPAs | Talent insights | Talent Mapping | Market Map

We love what we do...we go out of our way to learn (and love) what you do. We specialise broadly in Integrated Marketing Communications and Advertising. We understand people- because we listen.

We craft talent solutions. We understand business challenges around talent and engage with individuals through their career path - this enables a fresh solve to the skill & strategy you need or the step you want to take.

Insightful, consultative engagement. Specialist sourcing skills. Developed network of resources.

Talented clients are just that, TALENTED. We love them! Whether it's the talent teams & thought leaders that know what they are looking for, but maybe not who...when we come together -we collaborate...we have passion and purpose and the result is unquestionably TALENTED.

Senior Management, Operations, Project/Account Management, Strategy, Creative, Brand, Media, Corporate Comms, Digital specialist (any role- CRM/social/technical/analytical...critical).