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The closing of South Africa's Fugard Theatre points to systemic failures
The closing of South Africa's Fugard Theatre points to systemic failuresArticle

South Africa's theatre fraternity has reacted with heartbreak to the announcement that Cape Town's famous Fugard Theatre has closed its doors for good. Fiona Ramsay is head of the department of theatre and performing arts at the University of the Witwatersrand. She asked Ismail Mahomed, a playwright and seasoned theatre and arts festival manager, about what forces aligned to see the theatre close - and whether this could have been prevented.

Fiona Ramsay 5 May 2021

South Africa's romcom revolution and how it reimagines Joburg
South Africa's romcom revolution and how it reimagines JoburgArticle

Netflix went live in South Africa on 6 January 2016. The arrival of the subscription-based content streaming service was a game changer for the country's film and television industry, as it had been for other countries...

Pier Paolo Frassinelli 4 May 2021

Study shows that the Novavax vaccine is effective against the dominant variant of Covid-19 in South Africa. Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images
Results from Novavax vaccine trials in the UK and South Africa differ: why, and does it matter?Article

To fast track the response to the Covid-19 pandemic, a broad range of candidate Covid-19 vaccines are being investigated...

Ina Skosana 2 Feb 2021

Health care workers and patients in the temporary outside area Steve Biko Academic Hospital created to screen and treat suspected Covid-19 cases in Pretoria. Alet Pretorius/Gallo Images via Getty Images
South African scientists who discovered new Covid-19 variant share what they knowArticle

Late last year the Network for Genomic Surveillance in South Africa (NGS-SA) led by the KwaZulu-Natal Research Innovation and Sequencing Platform (Krisp) identified a rapidly spreading new variant of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19...

Willem Hanekom & Tulio de Oliveira 25 Jan 2021

A healthcare worker fills a syringe with a dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine. Nick Potts/PA Images via Getty Images
Some key questions answered on Covid-19 vaccines for African countriesArticle

Vaccines for Covid-19 are generating a lot of talk. To shed some light on which vaccines are available for countries in sub-Saharan Africa, and how the process will work...

Ina Skosana & Ozayr Patel 19 Jan 2021

South Africa’s Minister of Health, Dr Zweli Mkhize (centre). The government has been criticised for not having an actionable plan on vaccines. Photo by Darren Stewart/Gallo Images via Getty Images
South Africa failed to get its act together on vaccines: here's howArticle

South Africa has an estimated population approaching 60 million. To achieve herd immunity against Covid19, the government recently set the ambitious goal of vaccinating 67% of the population...

Shabir A Madhi 18 Jan 2021

A market place in Ghana’s capital Accra. Developing countries like Ghana risk being left behind in the race to secure Covid-19 vaccines. Christian Thompson/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
Dummy's guide to how trade rules affect access to Covid-19 vaccinesArticle

The race is on to secure vaccines that will protect people from Covid-19. But it's already become apparent that there is gross inequality playing out in the procurement and distribution of the new drugs...

Caroline Southey 11 Jan 2021

The loss of vegetation is creating a dangerous heat island over Nairobi
The loss of vegetation is creating a dangerous heat island over NairobiArticle

Kenya's capital city, Nairobi, used to be known as the "Green City in the Sun" for its lush environment. There have, however, recently been a lot of changes to Nairobi's land cover...

17 Dec 2020

The Nigerian government struggles to contain Covid-19 while other diseases suffer some measure of neglect Photo by Kola Sulaimon/AFP via Getty Images
Where Covid-19 has left Nigeria's health systemArticle

Over nine months into Covid-19 outbreak in Nigeria, there are concerns about how well the country has managed the pandemic....

Adejuwon Soyinka 14 Dec 2020

Pausing enrolment into a clinical trial is not unique to the Covid-19 vaccine. Luca Sola/AFP via Getty Images
Why halting the Covid-19 vaccine trial is part of the processArticle

This week the University of Oxford and Astra Zeneca temporarily postponed further vaccination in clinical trials of the Covid-19 candidate vaccine, AZD1222, after one of the participants fell ill...

Ina Skosana 11 Sep 2020

A nurse participates in the drill to test their system capabilities for the Covid-19 coronavirus mass patients influx at the Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi.
Covid-19 exposes weaknesses in Kenya's healthcare system. And what can be doneArticle

There are reports that Kenya's hospital beds are filling up because of a surge in Covid-19 patients. This highlights concerns since the start of the pandemic, that the health systems of many African countries would quickly become overwhelmed...

Abdu Mohiddin & Marleen Temmerman 29 Jul 2020

South Africa’s finance minister Tito Mboweni says the IMF loan will limit the country’s economic vulnerabilities which have been exacerbated by Covid-19. Gallo Images/Brenton Geach
The IMF's $4bn loan for South Africa: the pros, cons and potential pitfallsArticle

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has approved a R70bn ($4.3bn) loan for South Africa to help the country manage the immediate consequences of the fallout from Covid-19...

Danny Bradlow 29 Jul 2020

Post-Covid, there’s an opportunity to form lateral research partnerships driven by the needs of African communities. GettyImages
International research collaborations: how can we shift the power towards Africa?Article

The higher education sector globally has been disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Academics have been discussing various aspects of the disruptions in a series of webinars organised by the University of Cape Town...

Salome Maswime, Kevin Marsh & Rifat Atun 20 Jul 2020

A general view during the country’s first human clinical trial for a potential Covid-19 vaccine in Soweto, South Africa. Felix Dlangamandla/Beeld/Gallo Images via Getty Images
Covid-19 vaccine trial in South Africa: everything you need to knowArticle

There isn't enough clinical research being done in Africa. Less than 2.5% of all clinical trials in the world are done on the continent. This is why South Africa's involvement in one of the Covid-19 vaccine trials is so important...

Shabir Madhi 14 Jul 2020

Rwanda's Covid-19 pool testing: a savvy option where there's low viral prevalenceArticle

Many countries in East Africa have turned to contact tracing and carrying out Covid-19 tests on thousands of individuals as a way of monitoring and trying to limit transmissions of the new coronavirus. In Rwanda, they have been investigating how they can scale up testing significantly...

Leon Mutesa 3 Jul 2020

TV reporters prepare for a live broadcast during a strike by airline workers in Nairobi. Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP via Getty Images.
Decolonising peace journalism - and putting it to work in East AfricaArticle

Conflict resolution is a recurrent theme in East Africa. This has prompted the need for innovative ways to create lasting consensus in the region as well as across the continent...

Fredrick Ogenga 9 Jun 2020

The symptoms are non-specific and very similar to other viral infections. Shutterstock
#Coronavirus: How big, how bad, and what to look out forArticle

Cases of illness from the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) disease, known as Covid-19, have been confirmed in more than 100 countries. The outbreak was first recorded in China in December last year...

12 Mar 2020

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom at an Ebola treatment centre in Itipo. Getty images/ Junior D. Kannah
The DRC is on the road to being Ebola free: how it got hereArticle

At the beginning of March the authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) announced that the last Ebola patient had been discharged from a treatment centre...

5 Mar 2020

VIDEO: Some basic tips on staying safe from the coronavirus
VIDEO: Some basic tips on staying safe from the coronavirusArticle

Nigeria has confirmed its first case of the novel coronavirus disease after an Italian business traveller arrived in Lagos on 27 February...

Ozayr Patel 2 Mar 2020

New HIV infections remain high. Shutterstock
The search for an effective HIV vaccine continuesArticle

An HIV vaccine trial that started in 2016 in South Africa was halted in February 2020. The study sponsors made the call after interim results showed that the vaccine, known as HVTN 702, did not prevent HIV...

14 Feb 2020

Kenyan health workers from port health services screen inbound travellers for temperatures at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. EPA/Daniel Irungu
Perspectives from Kenya and Ghana on coronavirus preparationsArticle

Chinese officials have identified a novel coronavirus which belongs to a family of viruses that cause illnesses ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases...

29 Jan 2020

No coordination on macroeconomic policies in Nigeria Red Confidential/shutterstock
What Nigeria needs to do to avoid World Bank's worst case scenarioArticle

In its latest report on Nigeria, the World Bank issued a stark warning: that the country risks becoming home to a quarter of the world's destitute people in a decade unless policymakers act to revive economic growth and lift employment...

Wale Fatade 20 Jan 2020

West Africa build gathers pace for The Conversation Africa
West Africa build gathers pace for The Conversation AfricaArticle

The Conversation Africa bolsters West African team to continue expansion into the African continent...

Alexandra Storey, Caroline Southey, Lyrr Thurston 15 Oct 2019

A female Aedes albopictus mosquito feeding on a human host. James Gathany/CDC
Ethiopia must do more to stop recurring chikungunya outbreaksArticle

Ethiopia's second largest city, Dire Dawa, is dealing with a chikungunya fever outbreak. Around 20,000 cases of the mosquito-borne viral infection have been reported since the outbreak started in March 2019...

Eunice Anyango Owino 16 Sep 2019

Image source: Gallo/Getty.
Digital technologies are transforming African businessesArticle

Digital technology has created new opportunities for businesses in sub-Saharan Africa to compete on a more equal footing, but obstacles remain...

Elvira Bolat and Nasiru Taura 13 Sep 2019

Image source: Gallo/Getty.
Donor-funded journalism is on the rise in Africa: why it needs closer scrutinyArticle

An enormous and increasing portion of the foreign development aid coming into Africa annually is for media development...

12 Jul 2019

Aerial view of Kariba dam. Dmitriy Kandinskiy/Shutterstock
Quick-fix solutions to Zimbabwe's huge electricity crisisArticle

Zimbabwe's government has announced its facing critical power shortfalls. The country's anchor power producer, Kariba Dam, might have to stop production in weeks due to dropping water levels...

Moina Spooner 2 Jul 2019

The coal plant would be about 20km from Lamu town - a Unesco world heritage site. Shutterstock/Jen Watson
Court stops construction of Kenya's coal power plant. Here's whyArticle

Kenyan judges have stopped plans to construct the country's first ever coal-powered plant near the coastal town of Lamu, a Unesco World Heritage Site...

Moina Spooner 1 Jul 2019

Border screening at Kenya’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. EPA-EFE/DANIEL IRUNGU
Kenya responded fast to Ebola scare, but cross-border risk remains highArticle

The second largest Ebola virus disease outbreak on record is currently raging in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) with over 2,000 cases and more than 1,400 deaths recorded...

Abdhalah Ziraba 21 Jun 2019

Health workers from Bwera hospital prepare to transport the body of a fifty-year-old woman who died of Ebola to the burial site in Bwera, Uganda. MELANIE ATUREEBE/EPA
How Africa's porous borders make it difficult to contain EbolaArticle

More than 2,000 cases of Ebola have been recorded in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) since last August. Now, despite authorities' efforts - such as screening millions of travellers moving between the DRC and its neighbours - the disease has spread...

Mosoka Fallah 18 Jun 2019

Image source: Gallo/Getty.
More work lies ahead to make Africa's new free trade area succeedArticle

After being ratified by the required minimum 22 nations, all the member states of the AU are now legally bound to allow African goods to be traded without restraint throughout the continent...

By Frank Mattheis and Ueli Staeger 7 Jun 2019

Pendulum is swinging towards creeping restrictions across Africa
Pendulum is swinging towards creeping restrictions across AfricaArticle

Freedom is weakening across Africa and more worrying is the considerable willingness to accept government restrictions on individual freedoms in the name of public security...

Peter Penar and Carolyn Logan 3 May 2019

Human milk banks collect, pasteurise, test, store, and distribute donated breastmilk. NataBU/Shutterstock
Kenyan hospital opens human milk bank - a rarity in sub-Saharan AfricaArticle

Kenya's first human milk bank has opened at Pumwani Maternity Hospital. Moina Spooner, from The Conversation Africa, spoke to the team spearheading APHRC's research efforts in the establishment of Kenya's first milk bank....

Elizabeth Kimani-Murage 23 Apr 2019

Why buildings keep collapsing in Lagos and what can be done about it
Why buildings keep collapsing in Lagos and what can be done about itArticle

There's been a spate of building collapses in Lagos, Nigeria. In some cases, people have died. In one instance a building had been marked for demolition at least three times...

Ndubisi Onwuanyi 28 Mar 2019

Mozambique rescue effort. Credit: 
IPSS Medical Rescue, South Africa.
Poor coverage of floods in southern Africa? Blame the media bossesArticle

South African media has been criticised on social media for its initially superficial and underwhelming coverage of the massive floods in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi in the wake of the devastating Tropical Cyclone Idai...

Glenda Daniels 27 Mar 2019

Dutch vessel, Willem van Oranje, harvests sand off Kenya’s coast. CORDIO
Why Kenya must take control of sand harvesting off its coastArticle

Kenyans have taken to social media to protest against what they claim is illegal sand harvesting off Diani beach, one of the country's most popular coastal areas. The Conversation Africa's Moina Spooner spoke to David Obura about why this is an issue.

David Obura 26 Mar 2019

Why science matters so much in the era of fake news and fallacies
Why science matters so much in the era of fake news and fallaciesArticle

Democracy and social progress die without science and fact-based knowledge. Science and facts are the foundational basis for rational and logical disputation and the possibility of reaching some truths. Fake news, on the other hand, is a calculated assault on democratic freedoms...

Tawana Kupe 25 Mar 2019

The entrance to Fespaco’s main venue, Cinema Burkina. Credit: Pier Paolo Frassinelli.
Showcasing African films on the continent for 50 yearsArticle

Africa's top film festival celebrates 50 years: what's to celebrate, and learn...

Pier Paolo Frassinelli 19 Mar 2019

What a major offshore gas find means for South Africa's energy futureArticle

Many South African politicians, economists and specialists in the energy sector are celebrating the news that a promising show of natural gas has been discovered in deep water south of Mossel Bay...

14 Feb 2019

There’s no painless way for South Africans to deal with the power utility crisis. Shutterstock
Explainer: why South Africa's energy generator is in so much troubleArticle

Eskom is by far the largest of South Africa's many state owned companies. This near monopoly power utility is in crisis. It's the single largest threat to South Africa's economy...

Rod Crompton 13 Feb 2019

The Master of Science in Global Health Delivery Class of 2018. Photo by Jean Christophe Kitoko for UGHE
Rwanda university sets out to teach doctors medicine and managementArticle

A new university of health sciences is being launched in Rwanda. The University of Global Health Equity is being touted as a centre that will "contribute to addressing the critical shortage of health professionals" and "ensure they remain committed to the continent"...

Agnes Binagwaho 6 Feb 2019

Helping teachers get better at 'how' to teach as well as 'what' to teach
Helping teachers get better at 'how' to teach as well as 'what' to teachArticle

It's always difficult to step out of your comfort zone. This is true for teachers too; research has shown that many educators are resistant to change...

Yashwant Ramma and Ajeevsing Bholoa 28 Dec 2018

Study sheds light on scourge of "fake" news in Africa
Study sheds light on scourge of "fake" news in AfricaArticle

African audiences have low levels of trust in the media, experience a high degree of exposure to misinformation, and contribute - often knowingly - to its spread...

Herman Wasserman & Dani Madri-Morales 26 Nov 2018

'Fake food' in South Africa: myths, misinformation and not enough data
'Fake food' in South Africa: myths, misinformation and not enough dataArticle

Owners of small shops in South Africa have been accused of stocking counterfeit food and food that's past its sell-by date...

Jane Battersby and Gareth Haysom 19 Sep 2018

Lithium batteries offer renewable energy electricity power storage. Shutterstock/Immersion Imagery
Explainer: why lithium ion batteries could be a game changer in AfricaArticle

Renewable energy resources - such as wind, water or solar solutions - hold great promise. They could provide energy while overcoming Africa's infrastructural challenges...

19 Sep 2018

Zero-rated VAT items: how South Africa is going about expanding the listArticle

South Africa is processing a new report produced by an independent panel that reviewed the current list of items exempted from value added tax (VAT)...

28 Aug 2018

A major cause of flooding in Nairobi is inappropriate building on riparian land. Flickr/Ubadheer
Why Kenya's demolishing 4000 buildings in NairobiArticle

Drastic action is being taken in Kenya's capital, Nairobi, with 4000 buildings set to be demolished...

Sean Avery 20 Aug 2018

Analysis of Zimbabwe's "online propaganda war"
Analysis of Zimbabwe's "online propaganda war"Article

"A vicious online propaganda war that includes fake news" was being waged in Zimbabwe ahead of the elections on 30 July...

Dumisani Moyo 2 Aug 2018

Explainer: How competitive is South Africa's private healthcare sector?Article

After a four and a half year probe initiated by South Africa's Competition Commission, a panel of independent experts released their preliminary report into the country's private healthcare market.

31 Jul 2018

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