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Professor Carolina Pohl-Albertyn, NRF SARChI Research Chair in Pathogenic Yeast.
Ignored fungal infections kill more people annually than HIV and malaria combinedArticle

Recently published estimates put the burden of disease due to fungal infection in South Africa at more than 3 million cases per year. These figures are especially shocking given that prior to 1980, fungal infections were not a major health problem...

Carolina Pohl-Albertyn, Issued by University of the Free State 10 Sep 2020

Gaffi draws up 'essential' list of diagnostic tests
Gaffi draws up 'essential' list of diagnostic testsArticle

Experts from 27 countries have developed consensus on which diagnostic tests should be deemed 'essential' by the World Health Organisation...

12 Apr 2018

Life-saving drug out of stockArticle

A shortage of a life-saving drug used to treat people who have cryptococcal meningitis has left hospitals scrambling to find alternative treatment for their patients.

28 Jun 2011

Industry news: Pfizer tops global list as largest corporate donorArticle

For the third year in a row, Pfizer, the leading global pharmaceutical company, has been listed as the largest corporate donor in a survey conducted by The Chronicle of Philanthropy, a publication for non-profit organisations.

Issued by Magna Carta 12 Dec 2007

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