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ConCourt judgment clarifies contractual fairness
ConCourt judgment clarifies contractual fairnessArticle

An issue, which has been shrouded in uncertainty in South African contract law, is when courts may refuse to enforce valid contractual terms on the basis that it considers that enforcement would be unfair, unreasonable or unduly harsh. The Constitutional Court in the case of Beadica 231 CC and Others v Trustees for the time being of Oregon Trust, has finally offered some clarity...

Rishal Bipraj 11 Sep 2020

It's time to work together, apart
It's time to work together, apartArticle

The past few months have seen many changes in how we live, work and interact. The corporate space in particular has been hit the hardest with regards to operations, logistics, human resources and remote work capabilities...

Issued by Adverb 17 Jul 2020

Contractors beware of new clauses in road tender deals
Contractors beware of new clauses in road tender dealsArticle

Sanral's recent tenders for the upgrades to the N2/N3 are worth millions, which is is great news for contractors in a sector that is in slump. But, law specialists warn that amendments to Sanral's standard contract make it much more difficult for contractors to deal with disruptions...

30 Jan 2020

How a cleverly prepared contract can save millions
How a cleverly prepared contract can save millionsArticle

The recent matter of The Commissioner for SARS v Reunert Ltd highlights the importance of possessing an intimate understanding of contractual principles when drafting an agreement...

Christopher Renwick 6 Dec 2017

Executives need social media contracts
Executives need social media contractsArticle

Executives have cited reputation as one of their top risk factors according to numerous reports. Fake news, fake social media accounts and cyber security are increasing the reputational risk in the digital world...

24 May 2017

Security in the network environment
Security in the network environmentArticle

Threats to network security are escalating dramatically. Technology advancements in social media, mobile devices, WiFi and cloud services are increasing a company's vulnerability to attacks. Cyber risks and cyber threats are a major concern for large revenue generating organisations.

30 Jan 2014

Rufaz Marufu Mavure
Skills transfer best for productivityArticle

In today's business world there is cut throat competition and playing fields have changed. Gone are the days when people would stick to their systems and process for years. The only constant we face in business is change itself.

Rufaz Marufu Mavure 6 Jun 2012

Will Hollywood turn Blu?Article

The latest salvo in the war between the Blu-ray and HD DVD camps over which high definition format will replace the ubiquitous DVD may be little more than pop and flash - but effective nonetheless. Sony's Blu-ray and Toshiba's HD DVD formats have various technology industry supporters behind them, but the biggest backers come in the form of the Hollywood studios.

Chris Maxcer 9 Jan 2008

Making celebrity endorsements workArticle

Celebrity endorsements have become the very foundation of many brands' success, and the relationships between campaigns and celebrities grow ever more complex. The commercialisation of professional sport in South Africa is likely to increase significantly in the run-up to 2010 and beyond, so just how should local businesses choose the right celebrity partner for their marketing campaigns?

Gerrie Swart 11 Sep 2006

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