Vaughan Patterson
Print could help build the credibility of SA's e-commerce giants

Print could help build the credibility of SA's e-commerce giants
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[Vaughan Patterson] There's a growing opportunity for South African digital businesses to harness the power of print to build their credibility, says Vaughan Patterson...

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Jacques van Wyk
Interactive print is crucial to direct marketing, says white paper

Interactive print is crucial to direct marketing, says white paper
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[Jacques van Wyk] Mobile elements in marketing campaigns are becoming an industry standard, which is not surprising considering that PwC predicts 88% of South Africans have mobile Internet access...

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Louise Marsland
[TrendTalk] Print needs to be 'sold' differently

[TrendTalk] Print needs to be 'sold' differently[Louise Marsland] If brands prize reaching consumers across all touch points wherever they are, why do media still have to justify using print to do the same?...

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Dries Badenhorst
Folding box board is changed forever

Folding box board is changed forever[Dries Badenhorst] Sappi Speciality Papers have announced the introduction of 'Atelier', a new concept in folding box board (FBB) that broadens Sappi's offering in both width and depth of virgin-coated fibre boards for the packaging market...

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Caron de Fortier
Centralising print services for more effective printer fleet management

Caron de Fortier[Caron de Fortier] Despite a move towards printing less, the reality is that with growing volumes of information, organisations are actually printing more than ever...

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Andrew Griffith
Why paper could be the downfall of compliance

Andrew Griffith[Andrew Griffith] Organisations wanting to toe the compliance line when it comes to regulatory requirements linked to PoPI and FICA, must factor paper-based documentation into their governance, risk and compliance strategies, or run the risk of non compliance...

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Louise Marsland
[NewsMaker] Tandi Potgieter

[NewsMaker] Tandi Potgieter[Louise Marsland] Tandi Potgieter, the new MD of Printstagram, a personalised photographic printing company, hopes to transition the business from a purely web-based enterprise to have a bricks-and-mortar retail footprint in partnership with photographic outlets nationwide...

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Leon Minnie
Enhancing your printing solution to work smarter, easier and more profitably

Leon Minnie[Leon Minnie] The printing industry has changed, with many established printer providers, as well as new companies, adopting digital printing solutions to meet the demands of the print market.

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Craig Green
What it takes to transform your print business

Craig Green[Craig Green] Organisations of all sizes are looking at every part of their IT infrastructure in an effort to find additional cost savings. Believe it or not, the print infrastructure is still one place most haven't looked - and it's a huge opportunity for resellers.

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Anthony Swart
Marketers should make the most of their resources

Anthony Swart[Anthony Swart] While the digital sphere explodes with both content and marketing options, print is still a major component of the marketer's arsenal. In fact, it is estimated that print comprises approximately 40% of a company's marketing budget.

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Gary Davies
Print partnerships assist in a shifting landscape

Print partnerships assist in a shifting landscape[Gary Davies] The print industry is in a state of evolution, sometimes putting pressure on companies, printers and all those involved in the sector.

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Patrick Lacy
Impact of outsourcing print management

Impact of outsourcing print management[Patrick Lacy] Responding to media claims that outsourcing print management will have a beneficial effect in beating the recession for print buyers, the Printing Industries Federation of Southern Africa has responded that the long-term effects will result in dire consequences.

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Anthony Swart
Print management in 2013

Anthony Swart[Anthony Swart] I believe that this year will prove to be positive for the both the print and print management sector as I see a number of beneficial trends emerging.

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Heinrich Pretorius
Evolutions in the printer industry

Heinrich Pretorius[Heinrich Pretorius] Printer technology has by no means remained static over the years, even though the concept of the paperless office may never have materialised, and printers still form a vital part of day-to-day business. Computers, processors and the latest gadgets often get all of the publicity, but behind the scenes the humble printer has continued to evolve.

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Ernest Leong
Why solid ink is better for your business

Ernest Leong[Ernest Leong] With the huge volume of printer use in an office environment, companies are starting to reassess how to keep this reliable and make it more efficient. Traditional printing methods, such as laser printing, have dominated this space for many years, so the move to a different, more innovative solution is often seen as a slightly uncomfortable jump for any business.

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Jennifer Duke
Jennifer Duke
[Printing] congrats to all the Loeries Winners!!!!
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Gill Moodie
Something's going on underground

Something's going on underground[Gill Moodie] The divide between the increasingly white-collar journalists and the more blue-collar production, sales and distribution departments is growing and, increasingly, people like you and me understand less and less about the nuts and bolts of the business of publishing. So mention "the presses" and I picture a gang of ink-stained men in overalls slaving away in a subterranean maze of machines and gigantic rolls of newsprint.

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