Boris Dzhingarov
When is it time to hire a fulfillment service? - Monetary Library

Boris Dzhingarov[Boris Dzhingarov] A fulfillment service will take up the slack on all of your unprocessed orders and quickly get you up to speed so that you can take in new orders and ship them out in a timely fashion...

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Jonathan Herbert
Building local supply chain aids food franchises

Building local supply chain aids food franchises[Jonathan Herbert] While it may be tempting for big food franchises entering South Africa to import their goods from suppliers in their 'head office' country, there are many good reasons to set up a strong, effective local supply chain...

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Graeme Pitt
Intimately understanding the supply and demand chain in Africa

Intimately understanding the supply and demand chain in Africa
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[Graeme Pitt] The Africa rising business paradigm has lost a certain amount of traction due to plummeting oil prices and economic pressure globally, with many businesses shifting focus to their local operations. There is, however, still immense potential for business growth on the African continent, but companies do not have the same scope for a trial-and-error approach and have to get it right the first time. This is where business-driven market research really comes into its own...

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Grant Marshbank
Supply chain trends for 2016

Grant Marshbank[Grant Marshbank] Supply chains - the series of events needed to get goods and services to customers at the right place, time, quality, and price - face a number of impending challenges in 2016...

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Neville Melville
The ombudsman cometh

The ombudsman cometh[Neville Melville] Has the culture of non-compliance and non-payment that is increasingly prevalent amongst the general population spread to businesses? If the recent experience of the office of the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud (CGSO) is anything to go by, it may well have done so...

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Danette Breitenbach
Supplying locally with global quality

Supplying locally with global quality[Danette Breitenbach] In the UK, the debate raging is about the end of seasonality, with many young people not knowing when the season ends for a particular produce...

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Kate Stubbs
Emerging markets key to SA's growth

Emerging markets key to SA's growth[Kate Stubbs] The annual supplychainforesight survey, conceptualised by Barloworld Logistics and based on independent study by international research firm Frost & Sullivan, has released its 2013 results.

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Tiffany Markman
Tiffany Markman commented on Challenging big business to help small business practically
As a freelancer and freelance coach, I am constantly amazed by the hoops presented to small businesses, in return for work delivered on deadline, to brief and within tight timelines. So much so, in fact, that I'm currently co-writing (with Jo Duxbury of Freelancentral) an article for the FL market on getting paid. Thanks for the insightful piece.
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Govt urges role players not to raise food prices

[Vivian Warby] All role players in the food industry should work together with government to ensure that food prices do not continue to skyrocket.

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