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Uncertainty about rainfall remains high
Uncertainty about rainfall remains high

In his latest newsletter on climate and agricultural conditions, Johan van den Berg of Santam Agriculture says the far western and south-western parts of the country are still suffering severe drought conditions...

9 hours ago

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NW MEC commits to addressing farmers' challenges

North West MEC for Rural‚ Environment and Agricultural Development, Desbo Mohono, says she will speedily address farmers' challenges and prioritise the needs of emerging farmers in the province...

8 hours ago

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Black winemaker shakes up industry

Ntsiki Biyela shot to fame in 2004 as South Africa's first black female winemaker, shattering stereotypes about black people's affinity for wine, and she now exports around the world...

2 Feb 2018

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#WorldWetlandsDay: Protecting the world's water factories crucial to the forestry industry

Dubbed 'water factories', wetlands are the most biologically diverse of all ecosystems. The forestry industry regards looking after the land on which trees are farmed as a business, social and environmental imperative...

2 Feb 2018

Agricultural education and training: The landscape, challenges and opportunities
Agricultural education and training: The landscape, challenges and opportunities

Many leading South African farming entities share the common sentiment that agricultural colleges are no longer delivering well-rounded, technically skilled professionals...

By Prof Charlie Reinhardt 2 Feb 2018

Dr Thomas Duve (KfW Director for Sub-Saharan Africa) and Bennie van Rooy (Land Bank Chief Financial Officer) conclude the signing of a R900-million loan agreement to boost development in the agricultural sector. (Image Supplied)
Land Bank, KfW partnership to further agricultural development and transformation in SA

The Land Bank has signed a R900m term loan facility, secured through KfW. The funds are earmarked for agricultural development and will supplement the Land Bank's sources of transformational and development funding...

2 Feb 2018

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Global cereal output heading for a record

Following a better-than-expected harvest, the 2017/2018 marketing season should end with record inventory levels for wheat and maize...

2 Feb 2018

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Mobile app to help pastoralists find pasture is here

Pastoralists in arid and semi-arid areas in Kenya will now be able to use their mobile phones to find pasture and water for their livestock following the launch of a new mobile app...

1 Feb 2018

Could Cape Town see its green waste drop-off sites closed?
Could Cape Town see its green waste drop-off sites closed?

NEWSWATCH: According to a tweet from organic compost producer Reliance Compost, Cape Town could see its green waste drop-off sites closed...

1 Feb 2018

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Zimbabwe offers longer leases to white farmers

Zimbabwe has announced that white farmers still in business after controversial land reforms will be able to obtain 99-year leases, signalling a new government approach to the key agricultural sector...

1 Feb 2018

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Nominations open for the 2018 Africa Food Prize

The prize celebrates Africans who are taking control of Africa's agriculture agenda. It puts a bright spotlight on bold initiatives and innovations that can be replicated across the continent to create a new era of food security and economic opportunity for all Africans...

1 Feb 2018

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First Malabo Biennial Report: More needs to be done to address threats of climate change to farmers and food security

"The future of agriculture depends on the management of climate change. There is a need for national investments that are targeted at efforts that address the threats to food and nutrition security within the context of the changing climate."

1 Feb 2018

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Climate change affecting cotton production

Climate change has been pointed out as one of the challenges affecting cotton production in Malawi. The crop has now been heavily hit by the dry spell...

By Yamikani Yapuwa 31 Jan 2018

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Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries on key initiatives to achieving food and nutrition security

Fisheries management play an important role in reducing hunger and poverty as well as creating jobs and sustainable growth in the southern African region...

31 Jan 2018

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Preliminary area estimates for 2018 summer crops

Less favourable rainfall and warm temperatures in the western producing areas over the past few weeks prevented producers from planting their intended area with summer crops...

31 Jan 2018

Listeriosis outbreak reveals SA's need for a designated food control agency
Listeriosis outbreak reveals SA's need for a designated food control agency

With over 720 laboratory-confirmed cases of food poisoning caused by Listeria in 2017, South Africa is in dire need of a food control agency which can better manage the threat...

31 Jan 2018

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Brexit blessing in disguise for Kenya fresh produce exporters

As the United Kingdom and the European Union finalise on the withdrawal of the former from the bloc, where will the UK turn to replace the market it will lose from the Eurozone?

By Tim Chesire 30 Jan 2018

Tenisnaps via . Cassava farmer arranges his tubers in line while he waits for buyers.
Protecting cassava from disease? There's an app for that

Cassava is vulnerable to viruses and other plant diseases. A lack of infrastructure and engagement by trained plant disease experts with farmers means the farmers are not trained to recognise them in their early stages. That's why we set out to create a disease-recognition app...

By Amanda Ramcharan 30 Jan 2018

January disease kills 2,000 cattle
January disease kills 2,000 cattle

At least 2,000 cattle have died in Zimbabwe of January disease, also known as Theileriosis - a tick-borne disease common between December and March...

By Elita Chikwati 30 Jan 2018

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ACB dialogue puts spotlight on emerging issues for smallholders and seed diversity in SA

A dialogue on current revisions to SA's Plant Breeders' Rights Act and Plant Improvement Act raised concerns about the exclusive commercial focus of the Acts and the marginalising impact they have on farmer seed systems and on agricultural biodiversity...

30 Jan 2018

Listeria is jumping the system
Listeria is jumping the system

The outbreak of listeria highlights the responsibility of the red meat industry to provide proper and improved hygiene during the production, processing, packing and preparation of red meat and red meat products...

By Elmarie Helberg 29 Jan 2018

Crop munching pest in Africa raises hunger threat
Crop munching pest in Africa raises hunger threat

"There are roughly 35 million hectares of maize planted per year in Africa and if (the worm is) not in all those maize fields now, it will be very soon..."

By Thin Lei Win 29 Jan 2018

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No link between Listeriosis outbreak and SA apples

A report being circulated on certain WhatsApp groups refer to an incident dating back to 2015 in California, in the USA, when Listeria was found on caramelised apples...

29 Jan 2018

Why farmers should consider drip irrigation
Why farmers should consider drip irrigation

Drip irrigation increases oxygen level at the root zone by more than 100 times aiding plants in absorbing nutrients and water. The crop to be grown is the first thing to consider when going into drip irrigation...

By Safina Buhari 26 Jan 2018

Overview of the current agri environment
Overview of the current agri environment

Entering 2018 will require some slight adjustments due to changes that took place along the way, both politically, economically and in the agricultural environment...

26 Jan 2018

Tail end of Churchill dam. Image source:
Kouga Dam down to last

With the Kouga Dam down to 7.7% of capacity on Wednesday, 24 January, a team will start testing water quality this weekend to help gauge any future contamination if fish start dying...

By Guy Rogers 25 Jan 2018

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Zimbabwe tobacco under threat

Zimbabwe's largest foreign currency earner is under threat after main international buyers resolved not to accept tobacco cured using coal, citing environmental concerns.

By Livingstone Marufu 25 Jan 2018

BizFin Focus 2018 - Attract more interest
BizFin Focus 2018 - Attract more interest

Find out how to invest in your company's presence on the biggest multi-industry B2B news website in Africa and attract more interest from 328,000 decision-maker audiences across 18 industry sectors...

Issued by 25 Jan 2018

SA maize: Possible exportable surpluses
SA maize: Possible exportable surpluses

One of the biggest questions in the market is what the impact of fewer plantings, as well as various yield possibilities, will have on the approaching season, since the possibility of large transfer stocks at the end of the 2017/18 marketing season...

By Luan van der Walt and Dr Dirk Strydom 25 Jan 2018

Making traditional food fashionable again will boost nutrition and food security
Making traditional food fashionable again will boost nutrition and food security

Smart food crops, so named because they are good for consumers, good for farmers and good for the planet, are at the heart of many strategies worldwide aimed at beating malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies...

25 Jan 2018

New minimum wage for farm, forestry employees
New minimum wage for farm, forestry employees

The Department of Labour says the new minimum wages for employees in the farm and forestry sectors are set to increase by 5.6%.

24 Jan 2018

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Water crisis will have a significant impact on Cape wine industry

The wine industry, for the time being at least, is not facing a certain Day Zero. When the taps go dry in the Mother City, the vines won't die (at least, not overnight) and there will be years worth of maturing stock to sustain wine producers...

By Michael Fridjhon 24 Jan 2018

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